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Here Are 2 Male Psychology "Mind Hacks" To Emotionally Trigger Men’s Mind To Feel Love... Find Out What They Really Want

male psychology in relationships

I get far too many emails from women asking “Brandon, can you talk about male psychology in relationships and dating and what they really want?”


There is no doubt about it…


When it comes to relationships and love, The psychology of men’s mind and behavior baffles most women.


And I’m not just talking about men’s stupid, boneheaded behavior!


Meeting men? Most women wait for the right guy to enter her life and have no clue how to trigger an emotional connection with him. 


Keeping a deep connection beyond sex or friend vibes? 

Making him fall in love for your heart? STAY in love? 


The lack of knowledge too many women unfortunately have around male psychology in relationships understandably makes them feel frustrated, lost and unloved.


Most women get lucky if a man wants to spend time with her (often initiated by physical attraction) and don’t know how she made him like her.


Before she knows it, he’s acting bored, distant and losing interest.

Why Most Women Don't Understand Male Psychology In Relationships

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Most women understand very little about the psychology of men’s mind in dating, relationships and love… even though many women believe they know what men want!


They’re confused about why men do things like pull away, lose interest, get bored, stop giving attention or even fall out of love and leave.


They end up believing it’s men’s fault for not caring enough. And while men do a lot of dumbass, brainless, caveman crap, his emotions don’t lie.


So, we’re at a pivotal point where today’s women must know how to trigger a man’s psychological attraction and love so she can enjoy having a man completely in love and not worry about growing older alone.


There’s nothing wrong with wanting that!


Many women fail to both trigger an emotional connection (beyond sex or friendship) and keep that flame alive into the future.




Because many women are triggering the wrong things in a man’s psychology. When you understand how a man’s mind works in a relationship, you’ll never second guess yourself.


You will start to get the attention, affection and connection you deserve.


So today, I will share with you two powerful secrets about…

The Closely Guarded Secrets Of Male Psychology

I will demystify men and make them EASY to interact with… But I ask something important from you: Keep an open mind!


The inner world of men is a closely guarded secret because of how the world rejects men’s true feelings.


Don’t believe me? 


Just look at how men are continuously told to “be a man” and not be a “wussy”.


Men hide their deep emotions because they know society won’t understand.


Men are not even honest with themselves about their feelings!


It takes someone like me to expose what’s really going on because I dropped out of that system.


So today you’ll learn male mind hacks to the basics of male psychology in love – what drives men emotionally, how and why they fall in love, how to make them stay, and how to control interactions with a man.


If you’re like the thousands of women I’ve coached over the years, you want to know how to:

  • Spark more interest and attraction from men
  • Make a man fall in love or STAY in love
  • Stop men from being "hot and cold" and non-commital while dating
  • Inspire men to give more attention, affection, and intimacy

So, let’s jump right in.

Understanding Male Psychology And What They Really Want Secret 1

The Psychology Of Men's Behavior: Falling & Staying In Love

The obvious truth about male attraction behavior is...

Men fall in love for very different reasons than you do as a woman.


Male psychology about love and attraction differs greatly from female psychology.


I’ve discovered from coaching many different men and women that men fall in love for very different reasons than most women think.


Many women believe men fall in love primarily based on looks… and stay in a relationship for… well, many women aren’t sure why men stay.


They’re constantly worried he will meet a new woman and leave.


Most women lose attractiveness through a relationship and end up with a man who’s distant, cold and pulling away… and never learn how. They reduce him to being “heartless”. In reality, he’s distant because he’s not getting what his male essence craves from a woman.


So, what causes men to want to date and fall in love with certain women and avoid others when we’re talking about male/female attraction psychology?


And what causes men to initially be attracted to a woman and later “check out”?

Here's what most guys want but will never tell you...

The big difference between female and male psychology when it comes to dating and relationships is most women fall for a man’s Yang masculine essence.


Things like:

  • Confidence
  • Strength
  • Leadership
  • Presence
  • Dependability

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When men lack these qualities or loses them in a relationship, women typically lose attraction.


These qualities are so important for men to have that a woman’s essence has no choice but to be turned off by men who don’t.


Even though some women stay in relationships with men who lack Yang masculinity, it doesn’t mean she’s emotionally engaged by him. 


So, does it follow that men want the same qualities in a woman? No!


Most men fall for a woman’s Yin feminine essence: 

  • Softness
  • Open-heartedness
  • Color
  • Vibrance
  • Vulnerability
  • And even dorkiness!

If a woman lacks these qualities or loses them through a relationship, a man’s essence has no choice but to lose attraction.


I think many women understand this at some level, so let’s go deeper.


Many women today are independent-minded and focus on studying, working, and securing a future.


In the public eye, most men say these are good qualities for a relationship.


But the reality is, what most men SAY they want, and what men triggers men emotionally are two very different things. 


This is great for women’s rights, but when it comes to triggering men’s mind to feel emotional attraction for women, this leads to the end of many potentially great relationships.


Psychology, emotions and millions of years of evolution don’t care about what society says men “should” want.

Here's the trick...

Psychology Of Men’s Behavior Secret 2

The Psychology Of Why Men Stay In Love With Some Women & Not Others

how to get your ex-boyfriend back

Most men split women into two categories in their male brains.


1. Women who they would consider falling in love with


 2. Every other woman


That may seem harsh, but remember we’re dealing with the limited computing power of the male brain after all.


But seriously, the reality is men are psychologically attracted to specific emotional qualities that only some women have and most don’t.

But the good news is as much as men ogle women’s “physical assets”, the truth is they are far more psychologically triggered by women with specific emotional qualities.


The reason why men seem to focus on beauty is because it’s so freaking rare for men to meet women who trigger them emotionally.


If you learn to increase what I call “Yin feminine” energy, you can become addictive to men on a psychological level.


The great news is, MOST woman can learn how to do this.


It doesn’t matter how a man has seen you in the past.


With your understanding of male psychology about dating, you can change how men perceive you today and make a man fall deeply in love with you – if you start making the right changes.


I’m about to tell you a secret about male psychology in relationships and dating that flies in the face of what most women believe.

Most women don't understand a man's psychological process when choosing to be in a relationship. Many women believe men choose women based on their looks, age or social status.

And there’s some truth in that..


Yeah, men can be dumb caveman idiots sometimes.


But we find that guys will chase women who are not particular good looking, rich or popular.




Here’s the hidden male psychology secret about love that you probably didn’t know. 


Men have a subconscious “screening process” for who they stay in love with and who they don’t.


I say “subconscious” because typically it’s below his awareness… In other words, it’s not something he thinks about… it’s something he feels


Many women fail this screening process because they trigger a man’s psychological process of losing interest and attraction. They don’t understand the psychology of how and why men fall love. 


And this is a huge reason why many of today’s men choose the single life over a relationship.

Psychologically speaking, men stay in love for THIS reason...

Most men are looking for a specific, ongoing emotional experience with a woman.


Most women simply don’t give men this experience.


When a woman gives him this special experience, he will cross oceans slay dragons to be with her. 


It doesn’t matter if he’s busy, not “ready”, not “feeling” it, has life drama… whatever.


When a woman gives him this specific emotional experience, that’s when you see men fully commit, grow warmer everyday, or give you his full attention.


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