A Secret "Energy" To Save Your Relationship With Him

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by Brandon Martin

by Brandon Martin

Author of the best selling Become His Goddess

If you’re like many of the amazing women I’ve coached…

Your man has been pulling away physically, emotionally and energetically.

Your gut knows something is wrong.

You’ve been trying to regain control of the relationship.

But he no longer:

You know…. Like he used to.

Look, I know this may not be your proudest moment.

But the thing, is I bet…

He Used To Be Completely Addicted To You

Aren’t I right?

He always made plans to see you and couldn’t get enough of you… Not just physically but emotionally and spiritually.

And why wouldn’t he?

You’re a beautiful and sophisticated woman.

(I know because I attract the best students in the world!)

And it wasn’t just his love that made you feel so blissful.

It was also the feeling of control over your life and knowing friends and family admired you (or were secretly jealous).

But He Changed

That amazing connection with him suddenly started slipping away.

I bet if you tried talking with him about it, he gave you excuses or acted like you were “nagging” him.

Did you know?

Behavioral scientists recently found that men repress emotions more than women.

Hmm. Took them this long to figure that out?

But seriously, saying it’s “difficult” emotionally to handle a man like this is an understatement.

Especially when you’re left always guessing why he’s acting like a jerk or what to do about it.

Many women end up making excuses for men, like:

Does this sound familiar to you?


I think if you’re really honest with yourself… 

Save Your Relationship Now

Beneath your strong exterior, you have a scared sinking feeling that comes from not knowing how to get the love from him you really want and deserve.

Even if he is acting like a jerk.

You’re worried your “energetic” emotional connection with him is fading.

Your gut knows something is wrong.

You’ve worked hard on this relationship making it “perfect”.

You tried helping him open up about his feelings… but he got defensive.

Now you’re left feeling lonely, hurt, confused…

And worried that your bond with him, and the bright, secure future he offered you is slipping away.

You’re frustrated that everything you try to bring back that special connection hasn’t really panned out.

Maybe your friends have said “you can do better” .

But no matter how frustrated you are…

He's your “one and only” & means everything to you

Secretly, you’re worried you’re doing something to make him pull away.

Well, the reality is…

If you don’t do something to re-ignite his loving bond with you,

And know how to drive him wild with passionate desire for you and ONLY you…

He’ll likely grow more distant until he eventually leaves.

I’m not trying to scare you, but the reality most women don’t know how to keep a man deeply in love long into a relationship.

BUT (a big but[t]).

If you use this priceless secret I’m about to share with you about male psychology and “energy”, you can dramatically amplify your man’s level of commitment, love and ravenous desire for you.

This secret (most women don’t know) will immediately put YOU back into his focus and give you back the sexual confidence you may have felt you’ve been losing.

If you’re skeptical, good, You should be!

You must be your own “guru”.

But with that said, I think you’re about to learn something incredibly valuable.

The question I pose to you is this:

How do you KEEP a man in love like the fairytale beginning long into the future?

Without the games, headache or heartbreak?

The answer is…

If you could understand why he emotionally bonded with you in the first place

And the inner mechanisms of his mind, heart and masculine soul…

I can virtually guarantee you will instantly shift your man’s “energy” into deep love, closeness and affection for you…And even get him “addicted” to you more than he’s ever been with any woman before.

Why His Emotional Distance Is NOT Your Fault

If you have been blaming yourself for his distant energy, you don’t have to.

You deserve as many cuddles as you can handle (until you literally kick him off when you’ve had enough, like a cat).

This relationship “soup” you’re in is the result of many factors.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little love and to enjoy a deep heart connection with the man you love.

But the good news is this.

I’ve coached literally tens of thousands of women often in “can’t believe how bad that is” situations with men.

I have traveled the world teaching women these secrets to filled rooms.

And I’ve been showing women how to regain control of their love lives by getting their men more deeply in love, available, communicative and affection than even the start of a relationship.

I don’t mean to “toot my horn” (too much), but I’ve seen miracles many times.

Don’t believe me just yet. I want you to SEE it for yourself.

Who am I?


My name is Brandon.

I may look young (my secret is mangos. Lots of mangos).

But for the past 14 years I’ve taught women from housewives, surgeons to rockstars, how to get a man emotionally connected, affectionate, devoted and head-over-heels in love.

Even if he’s pulling away emotionally…

Or has gotten cold, distant or always “annoyed”…

Even if there’s another woman.

I’ve learned it’s possible for ANY woman, no matter her age, color or creed to get more love, energetic connection, and attention than they’ve ever known.

Even in messy situations where a man is pulling away, or falling out of love and there’s “no way” to bring him back…

With the right information.

I have seen unbelievable transformations.

His Emotional "Great Wall"

I bet you’ve been thinking a lot about:

Many women blame themselves if a man pulls away, shuts down or gets distant.

That’s because they end up getting responses from men like:

Or worse – he’s meeting another woman.

You end up broken and feeling out of control repeating his words in your head for days, or even years.

But I believe your situation is about to take a dramatic shift for the better starting right now.

Let’s talk about that “secret” I mentioned before about re-igniting his love, openness and commitment for you and only you.

The Secret “Energy” To Re-Ignite His Love For you

I’m going to reveal to you the secret energy that will instantly grab your man’s attention back.

When you show him this special energy, it will leave him no choice but to start giving you his love again, and you’ll feel loved to your core and in control of how men respond to you.

Most importantly, you’ll feel proud of yourself for getting the love you deserve.

After you consistently use it, you’ll draw more attention, affection, calls, texts and sparkling, loving glances from your man.

No matter your situation.

I call this secret Goddess Energy.

Many women think they need a magical, jealousy triggering “technique” that’ll make his jaw drop.

This is a classic mistake that ends up sparking more fights and less love and can even make a good man leave.

The truth is, I believe a holistic approach that fixes each relationship issue from the core will free you from this painful situation.

Goddess Energy is all about reclaiming your sexual power by showing him how things will now be because you fulfill the core reasons he longs for love in his heart.

What I call a “Goddess” fulfills a man on his biological, psychology, emotional and spiritual levels.

This allows him to open up & "let go" to loving you Deeply

Most women have sprinkles of Goddess energy early on but eventually lose it.

They were unaware of what they were doing right!

Instead, they end up getting confused by all of his behaviors, and start over-analyzing everything he does asking:

“What does it mean when he said this? What does it mean when he did that?”


This is where most women end up hurt, confused and start making mistakes.

Look, I believe your man still loves you no matter how it may seem.

I know what you’re thinking.

He’s stupid if that’s true…

But seriously, the reason why he hasn’t been giving you his full heart is because he’s keeping it hidden.

Men do this when they find themselves with a woman who stopped being the “goddess” he thought she was.

Look, I know you’re a smart, desirable woman.

That’s why you deserve this guy’s intense love every day you’re together.

But to get that, you must make these specific changes to your approach to him or you never will.

Most women, unknowingly communicate to men they’re not “girlfriend material” by making subtle mistakes in the moments that shape a man’s feelings about a woman.

Many men end up seeing qualities in women that make them “run for the hills” (as my guy friend so delicately puts it).

But then there are extremely rare, “Goddess” qualities most women aren’t aware of that men are hypnotized by.

The secret to becoming a Goddess with your man is to create an ongoing positive emotional experience with him.

Many women think they already do this.

But without knowing it, they never do the things MEN are looking for energetically.

Instead, many women do what they think men want but that men don’t actually emotionally crave.

In fact, she may start displaying behaviors that give him a negative emotional experience.

It IS Possible To Save Your Relationship With him

There’s much more you must know about making your man fall deeply in love again, and long into the future.

What you really need to make this happen is a full education of male psychology, emotions and “energy” in relationships.

AND what inspires men to give the love, attention and connection most women want but struggle to get.

What I’d like to do is send you an incredibly valuable, completely free report I’ve created called:

Inside Your Man’s Mind

My gift to you. 

Inside, you’ll learn how to make your man deeply emotionally attracted and bonded to you and only you.

And avoid specific mistakes 98% of women make that motivate men to pull away.

I guarantee my secrets are THE most enlightening secrets about men you’ll find anywhere.

Imagine what it’s going to feel like having that much love in your love life?

I’m not here to waste your time. I’m here to show you the path.

In a matter of weeks, you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds.

Unfortunately most “experts” have no clue about about these.

All you have to do is tap the pink button and enter your first name and email so I can send it to you right now.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side

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