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Relationship Advice From A Man To You

Some call me a “relationship expert”.

I won’t pretend like that doesn’t flatter me… but I don’t really like calling myself an “expert”. 

I don’t think of myself as some “big shot”.

I try to live an ordinary life. I’m just a guy who happened to learn a few things about the relationship between men and women. I’ll allow you to be the judge of that last statement.

I’m just a love and freedom lovin’ Sinatra kind of guy who happened to have found practical methods that seem to help women with men judging from the responses I receive everyday.

It is hard sifting through the massive amount of “advice” out there and trying to find something that actually answers the pressing problems with relationships and men many women face.

What Makes My Advice Any Different From The Next "Guru"

I’d like to tell you something strange about my life.

It’s this strange thing that perhaps is responsible for my somewhat “unique” perspective on love and relationships.

I was raised by five women; my single mother, her three sisters and my grandmother. I was thrown into the feminine world at a very early age.

As you can imagine, a boy doused in a feminine world… he starts asking some questions!

Feminine world, male perspective.

Like most people, I’ve always been a curious little bugger when it comes to the relationship shared between men and women.

But one thing I started noticing was that no one around me seemed to really “get” what relationships were all about.

I would see things happen between my mom and the guys she would date, and it just wouldn’t make any sense.

There were always so many problems, and so much confusion.

“This isn’t right” I would think to myself. “It shouldn’t be this way”.

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I eventually learned that the way most people go about relationships is from an emotionalized, unrealistic and ego-centric viewpoint, which I found to be the cause of many relationship problems to arise.

Most relationships, were actually quite UNloving. 

I discovered at the roots of most relationship problems today to be an immature rivalry between men and women.

I’ve been a feminist, a fighter for women rights and even all that has opposed it.

I don’t subscribe to any dogma, I only subscribe to what works in favor of love and truth, and I’ve seen most material and advice that doesn’t work.

As a teenager, I started learning meditation, gave up meat and at the age of 20, and with the help of my master at the time, I dove head first and merged into the chaotic, emotional realms of the feminine world.

To attempt to communicate my truth about men to women… all to establish unopinionated, undoctored truth about relationships, love and men.

In the past, I’ve been in every type of relationship imaginable… even some types of relationships that offend many of people, maybe even you.

But from all of my experience, I gained a sharp sense of compassion for women… one that changed the canyon that separate women from men into a bridge.

I’m one for getting what I want QUICKLY… that’s what my methods are all about. The QUICK way to love and happiness! Whoever thought that the road to love should be hard, long and winding was full of crap… give me the QUICK way I say!

My whole goal with all of my relationship products and programs is to clear the way for you in your relationships with men with my “machete of truth”, instead of you having to trek through a never-ending jungle alone.

Relationships are one of the most awesome and COMPLICATED things in our lives, and if you want yours to give you fulfillment, happiness and LOVE without effort, you must know what you’re doing with men.

How I Started Helping Women Create Their Ideal Love Lives

Even though many women like to think they understand men and even put up an image that they know men, I started to see just how confused women really were about men.

I came to realize that only some women truly understand men and how to make men feel attraction and love anytime they want while most women struggle and get disheartened because they think they’re not pretty enough.

It was at that point that I decided I had enough of seeing this struggle and wrote my book “Become His Goddess”.

I began helping many women and continue to this day to help women across the globe with my free relationship advice and products and programs.

Why "Should" You Believe I Can Help You?

I’d like to introduce an important concept. It’s called “be your own guru”.

There are too many people out there telling you to believe them.

I don’t expect you to believe my ideas and concepts, at least immediately.

Actually, I’d like you to be a bit skeptical.

But I’d also like you to remain openminded.

My advice isn’t going to resonate with everyone and may even offend some stuck in the victim mentality.

You will start to trust my vision when you use what you learn (that feels right for you) and see with your own eyes the new, positive, loving responses you get from men.

That relies on:

1: Your open minded to my ideas and concepts and

2: When you’re ready, your decision to commit to applying the ideas and concepts with men

As the Buddha once said, I can show you the door, but it’s up to you to walk through it.

And as Jesus once said, knock on the door and it shall be opened.

Not everything I say will work for you.


Some of my students take my word as “gospel”. While that’s flattering, what I really want is for you to find what works best for you, whether that’s from me or anyone else.

If some of what I teach about men and relationships helps you, then that’s all I could ask for.

But if not, that’s okay and you may need to go on your path and find a new teacher.

It’s all about finding what works for you.

One of my goals is to “shock” you into thinking for yourself, so you have the ability to take the actions that you need to take and are less scared and confused about your love life.

All of the tips, techniques, step-by-steps, insights, male “cardiology” and dynamics are all to hand you back your own power.

I’m here to make you a champion of your inner Yin feminine energy to make your love life filled with… love!

I want you to grow into the woman you were destined to be.

It’s a matter getting in touch with your inner magic that’s inside, perhaps hidden away, and bringing your love life to a flowering.

Why I Teach Women (And Not Men)

When it comes to relationships, dating and love, women have never been shown how to take positive action in their love lives.

Women hold the “short end of the stick” with love.

I’ve seen many women watch as their relationships burn to the ground and do nothing.

It’s hard, but many women have been shown by mom or grandma or their friends to be passive and to put themselves second in the relationship.

Other women have been taught counterproductive strategies from friends and family to always put themselves first while ignoring the guy’s needs and feelings.

This is a dangerous thing.

Thing is, you have an 89% better chance saving your love life by taking it into your own hands.

It’s sad to say, but some of the things I’ve heard people teaching about relationships today…. it’s like the blind leading the blind.

One second you’re feeling angry, the next your feeling optimistic, the next your feeling worried about your future. etc.

I’m not saying that you’re a weak, emotional fragile woman.

Likely, you’re very strong if you’re reading this and are attracted to my message.

But I have the insight and experience to help you through where your emotions are clouding which direction you’re supposed to take.

"What Is 'Yintegrity' & How Can It Help My Love Life?"

Yintegrity is “Yin” energy plus “integrity”.

Yintegrity is my word for a quality in a woman that men find HIGHLY desirable. A quality that makes men fall at her feet.

The harsh reality is, most of today’s women lack both Yin energy and integrity.

This is one of the reasons I started Yintegrity; to show women how to bring forth this quality within themselves and turn themselves into incredibly emotionally attractive women who keep men with ease.

Yintegrity breaks down a man’s walls between you and him bring a LOVE back into the picture.

I’m not talking about mere pleasure, I’m talking about LOVE.

Let me ask you something.

Have you ever wondered if there was a reason why men seem to stop giving affection, turn cold and distant in relationships…you weren’t ever 100% positive of whether it was him making it that way or whether it was you?

Let me put it simply.

When you live with Yintegrity, it doesn’t matter because you’re in complete control of your love life situation.

As you’ve probably seen in your relationships, curious things happen in men…especially if he presses the “off” button on the communication lines and on his emotional connection with you.

I’ve seen too many guys turn into “rocks” with good-hearted women and it drives me nuts when women have no idea what to do to get in with him to connect with him at the heart…and feel too embarrassed to admit.

Thing is, there is nothing more amazing than love, so when this kind of stuff happens, it’s painful… I for one know from personal experience, and I know you do too.

You get into a relationship with a man and things turn from green to yellow to red, and he doesn’t seem to care that things are going down hill.

Things stale out, an undercurrent of frustration, pain and fear arises and love goes straight out the window.

How is a woman supposed to heal this?

There must be a balance brought back, a balance that doesn’t involve emotional TORTURE in a relationship.

We forget that relationships are meant to make us more HAPPY, but we lose ourselves in the pain and forget about it.

We lose perspective.

That’s where Yintegrity comes it.

Look, Yintegrity isn’t for everyone and it’s not always going to make a man into the dream man you’ve always wanted.

Sometimes it can only get a man mildly intoxicated with you or sometimes.  You never know.

So I’m not making any false promises.

But if you read my free eLetter, articles or try my products,  like thousands of women who do, I know you’ll find peace of mind with men and relationships.

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