How To Make Him Chase You: 5 Brutal Mistakes To Avoid

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Learn How To Make A Guy Chase You By Triggering Him Emotionally With Attraction & Avoiding These 5 Huge Mistakes That Other "Experts" Aren't Talking About...

I’ve just spend the last few hours reading many “how to make him chase you” guides on the internet… and my god.

My heart really goes out to you ladies having to sift through all of that “advice”!

Look, playing jealousy games, wearing red dresses, using  male psychological to “trick” men and “focusing on you” won’t make him chase you. Period. 

There IS a way to make him chase you, but tricking men ain’t it.

So, you might be wondering who the hell this guy is who thinks he knows everything about how to make men chase you…

Well, my name is Brandon (that’s my photo at the top) and I’ve been teaching women for the past 10 years how to get unlimited attention, intimacy, connection and make men stay in love for life.

I look young, but I’m 34. I eat mangos. My secret is mangos.


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But seriously, how can I teach you to make men chase you.

Well, I’m the guy that women chase. 

And please, I’m not boasting or even “proud” of that, because I’ve hurt many women in the past…. I was a jerk.

But, I’ve seen everything women do firsthand that makes men either pursue a woman or makes them stay casual, non-commital or even scare men away completely.

And now after having spent ten years coaching women from around the world with men and relationships, I’m in a unique position.  I can show you the big mistakes you’re probably making with men and why you’re chasing men and not the other way around.

The Sobering Truth About How To Make Him Chase You

Today, I’m going to show you “secrets” of how to make men chase you most women will never know. By the end of reading this article in its entirety, you will know how to make men chase you.

I’m going to get REAL with you about making him chase you unlike others.

I Don’t Want You To Trust Me Yet, I Just Want You To Be Curious.

I’ll tell you this now: there is no “magic trick” to make a man chase you.

If you really want him chasing you… 

You Must Change Your Underlying Approach to Men & Dating. . . That's How To Make Men Chase You

The reality is, men can be quite stupid, dumb, cavemen idiots and have archaic ways of thinking. Many guys are flat out idiots!

Look. Men aren’t even honest with themselves about this topic. And they’re afraid to get attacked by women for saying the truth about male feelings.

But you’re here wanting to know how to make men chase you, so keep an open mind.

Deal? Okay. You’re onboard.

So without further ado, let’s get into how to make a man chase you!

Big Mistake 1: Playing "Temporary" Jealousy Games To Make Him Chase You

Many suggest making men jealous by having other men in your life.

I’ve even heard someone say “men need to feel jealousy to chase and love you”. This person was a “relationship expert”. Go figure.

The truth is, you will LOSE men by doing this. Here’s why.

After years of interviewing countless men, I’ve discovered if a guy is already attracted enough to talk, sleep, and date you, he already knows other men want you.

What Most Guys Will Never Tell You About Making Men Chase You

The reality is, many men distrust women up front.

Many women have problem with guys opening up, chasing her and committing for this reason.

That may make men sound stupid, but men fear getting involved with someone who will potentially cheat, manipulate or hurt him.

Many women think, “I’m not a cheater, I just want to temporarily make him jealous to make him want a relationship”.

But you’ll never get a relationship if he doesn’t trust you.

You’ll stop getting messages from him, have fights or he will say something like “let’s just be friends” and not hear from him again.

Most good hearted women I’ve coached don’t want to play games anyway… and find the fact that “experts” advise it disheartening.

The good new is, there are far more powerful ways to make men chase you and give you the love, attention, affection and connection that you deserve.

Exclusive Male Psychology Secrets

Big Mistake 2: Getting Overly-Emotional & Starting Drama

Most men won’t chase a woman who they feel stressed to be around.

Look I get it. Men can be cold, rude and insensitive. I can go on and on about how ignorant men can be!

But a woman who creates drama and emotional conflict because she’s not getting the love she wants will eventually make men grow distant even if she’s a model.

When you get overly-emotional, start drama, or demand attention because you feel ignored, this can push men away fast and you’ll never get him chasing you.

In fact, you will start feeling like you are chasing him… because he will start withdrawing, looking “bored” and pulling away.

If you want to create the magic of emotional, psychological and spiritual attraction which is necessary to make men chase you, you must take a higher approach. 

Keep reading to learn how.

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Big Mistake 3: Over-Analyzing His Behaviors

When a man doesn’t give a woman the love, attention an affection she wants, it can create an obsession in her mind over making him chase her.

You obsess over every detail, every little thing he does and ask “what does it really mean when he did x/y/z?”

You must learn to let go of the obsession… because fixating on his behaviors will lead to you thinking that the negative things he does is only about you.

The truth is…

Most Of What He Does Isn't About You. . . It's About Him

You need to focus on “farming” instead of “hunting”. You must take care of the soil, water and make sure your “plants” get enough sunlight. Allow the plants to grow on their own instead of stressing out trying force them to.

You must know how to grow your inner attractiveness and let men chase you.

Most women don’t how important “inner game” really is. They focus on being more beautiful, stylish, sexy etc. thinking that will make men chase them.

But let me ask you this. If you put a guy in a room with ten gorgeous women and tell him he can only have one, who will he choose to chase? The answer is, he will chase the woman who he connects with emotionally.

And there is a way to make men feel that YOU are the woman he wants to chase and emotionally connect with.

Gosh, haven’t you ever seen an episode of the Bachelor?

Big Mistake 4: Pressuring Him Into Commitment Won't Make Him Chase You

Something I’ve discovered about most women is that they are afraid to grow older alone and are driven to make men commit.

Men act like dumb animals sometimes, but women who are too thirsty for commitment turn men off emotionally.

Have you ever tried having “the talk” with a guy? You wanted to take your relationship to the next level only to have him say things like:

As if being “busy” precludes having a relationship! Give me a break.

But the truth is, when a man says these things, he doesn’t want his freedom taken away… and he feels that if he gets into a relationship with you that will happen.

Even if you’ve never had the “talk” with him, he will still sense your vibes of fear and desire for commitment.

If he’s not ready for a relationship, this will only push him away, and make him feel stressed being around you.

That can either be because of bad past experiences he’s had with other women that has nothing to do with you.

Or… it can be because you’re pressuring him for commitment and putting out vibes of frustration, fear and loneliness.

Here's A "Secret" Most Men Will Never Say About How To Make Men Chase You

 Men value freedom above all else… even above love.

Most women don’t understand this about men and make men feel pressured.

When you interact with men in a way that shows you understand he values freedom, you make him feel GOOD when around you, and open up the chance he falls in love with you.

You set yourself apart from all other women. 

If you want to know how to make men chase you for real, you must learn what men find magnetically attractive, emotionally speaking.

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Big Mistake 5: You Enjoy Chasing Him

Let’s face the facts, many women are guilty of enjoying chasing men and when he’s distant.


Think about it…. What’s the alternative?

A guy who is all over you and you have no doubts about how he feels about you.

I have come to discover that while on the surface this seems desirable, most women get BORED with men who they know 100% their feelings.

Most women find mysterious, distant men much more appealing and interesting even though it’s bad for them.

What can you do about this mistake? Simply be aware of yourself and then men you tend to pursue.

It’s not “bad” to desire a distant man, but you must understand your role in the situation!

There is a special way to pursue mysterious, desirable men.

Big Mistake 6: Hoping Sex Will Lead Him To Chase You

Most women women are guilty of trying to use sex as a way to advance their relationships with men.

Many women will give sex as a way to hopefully secure a connection with him.

The reality is, sex is a privilege to both parties. You are not “rewarding” him by spreading your legs. If that’s true, then he’s equally rewarding you with his little submarine with sea-men!

When you do this with the hopes it makes him fall for you and he doesn’t, it will make you feel used, resentful and like you’ve been pushed back on your heels and don’t know what to do.

In that space, you will act not your true self around him, emotionally closed off, insecure and even needy.

That is the major problem, because if you act like that, you will never establish emotional and energetic attraction. You will never create the fire in his heart that makes him want to make you all his.

Many women get stuck in casual situations or “friends with benefits” precisely because of this reason.

Now that you know these mistakes, here’s how to…

Create Intense Emotional Desire In A Man To Where He's Literally Chasing You Down The Street

The next step of learn how to make men emotionally respond to you, create deeper levels of connection and making him fall in love with you for a long time into the future involves commitment on your part.

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Do that now, and thank you very much for reading today. It’s been a pleasure!

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