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3 Ways To Know If You’re High Maintenance In A Relationship

How To Know If You Are Too "High Maintenance" For A Guy In A Relationship & What To Do About It...

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Many women  secretly ask themselves the question “Am I too high maintenance in relationships?”


When a man calls a woman “high maintenance” it carries a pretty negative connotation, doesn’t it?


But what does it really mean when a man calls a woman high maintenance in dating and relationships? Is it important to pay attention to?


The answer, quite simply, is yes.




Because most men avoid relationships with “high maintenance” women at all costs.

And they will even pull away from a woman right in the middle of a relationship once he realizes she is high maintenance…. even if he was initially very attracted to that woman!


For most men, “high maintenance” often describes a woman who men feel stressed about making happy.


The raw truth is, most men prefer to meet and stay with women who are low maintenance.


Today, I’m going to show you if you are too high maintenance in relationships, how and why men avoid high maintenance women and what you can do about it.


So, if you want the very most love, attention and affection from the man you love, then you absolutely must pay attention to what I’m about to say.

1. Men Can’t Relax & Be Themselves In A Relationship With A High Maintenance Woman

Many “high maintenance” women feel never truly satisfied with the amount love, attention, and affection a particular man gives.


So, how do you know if it’s you or him who is really at fault?


The answer is in how you act on those feelings.


A high maintenance woman has little problem thinking that the guy is the problem.

From there, she will likely:

Basically, this allows high maintenance women to blame him for her bad feelings.

Relationships can be tough, especially when a guy isn’t giving you the love, attention or appreciation that you really want.


But if you allow yourself to do these things, you will eventually push the guy out of your life.


All of this allows a high maintenance woman to blame the guy for her feelings… regardless if she’s actually right or not.


The problem is, this causes men to never feel like they can truly relax around you in the relationship.


They feel like they’re walking on eggshells. They’re always prepared for what you will next be upset at him for…. regardless of whether he actually screwed up or not.


So, you’ll find yourself “forcing” him to give you love, attention, appreciation etc. as if he doesn’t really want to.


Fact is, most women blame guys believing he “must not care enough” without realizing the pressure she is putting on him.


Look, men CAN be very inconsiderate idiots at times. I get that.


But, when you put pressure on a man to give you love and attention, you’re setting yourself up for a failed relationship.


This will lead him to feel like he doesn’t “match” with you and pull away… or even leave.


And he will start to think things like “I don’t know if I can make her happy.” or “She might be better off with someone else.”


So, if you ever hear a guy say things like this, watch out because it’s “code” for “I’m checking out of this relationship”.

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2. “High Maintenance” Is Neediness Disguise, Which Is Unattractive To Men

At the core of a high maintenance woman is neediness for attention and insecurity.


Hear me out before jumping on me for saying that!


How high maintenance women tend to cover up their fears is by focusing on getting the attention of a man. Basically, she hopes he gives her unconditional love and attention.


If she doesn’t get that attention, she may blame him… for not loving her enough and take out her frustration on the relationship.


This is actually a sign of neediness.


But the problem is, most men find neediness emotionally and psychologically unattractive.


Look. Many women appreciate their own beauty, success or status. But *very few* love themselves unconditionally regardless of appearance or accomplishments.


It’s okay to want approval from your man. But the problem is overly-needy women often blame or antagonize their boyfriends for not caring enough about her.


I get it. Men can often act aloof or distant in relationships.


But I’ve actually heard men say they will “run for the hills” when they see neediness.


So the point is, you must understand how to deal with your insecurities with men or you could end up pushing him away without even knowing what happened.


That is, if you want to make men really crave a relationship with you, you must learn to let go the neediness that many high maintenance women have.


Thing is, it’s not as difficult as it may seem if you go about it in the right way. 

3. Why Most Men Prefer Low Maintenance Women In Dating & Relationships

Here is a psychological fact about most men versus most women.


Many women are willing to sacrifice their time, money and energy to have something amazing… like a beautiful new dress, new car or a specular romance with a man who adores her.


But this is not necessarily true about most of today’s men.


On the contrary, many men prefer something that works smoothly, is “cost effective” and takes little time, energy or money to maintain.


This is why many women are attracted to a new Mercedes while many men are happy with a truck.


Or some guys are quite content put-putting around in a junker they’ve had for 20 years!


This logic very much applies to how men feel about relationships and women as well.

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Most men are looking for a low maintenance woman who doesn’t require excessive energy to make happy.

The reality is, if a man feels that a woman takes too much time, energy or money to make happy, he will likely feel “tired” from the relationship and grow distance.


He may even start “shopping” for a new girlfriend at that point.


And this is where you will hear some guys say things like “I don’t know if I can make her happy.”


If you have ever heard a man says this, he felt that you were too “high maintenance” for him and was feeling more stress than love from the relationship.


So, it would behoove you to learn how to be a “low maintenance” woman.


The truth is, ANY woman can learn how to do this even if she’s been high maintenance for her entire life.


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