How Communication Works For A Man

Communication With A Man

The "Great Wall of China" has nothing on the wall a man can surround himself with.


Why is it so difficult to communicate with a man in a relationship... on a psychological, emotional and even physical level?


Why is it so difficult to have him listen to your feelings, and have him tell you how he feels and connect on a deeper, more "together" like level.

Are most men just broken in this department


The answer is... not most.


But seriously, most men are perfectly capable of communicating...they just decide not to.


The answer is... not most.


But seriously, most men are perfectly capable of communicating...they just decide not to.


One reason why communication stops (or never starts) has a lot to do with a man's past relationship experiences, but there's another answer that has to do with a very special thing most women fail to create with a man.


We'll talk about that in a second.


Here's the reality if your man is not communicating.


If he is not communicating and opening up with you, you're only in half a relationship with him... and it has little, if anything, to do with something going on outside of the relationship. 


It's not because of his job or his friends or family or anything else going on in his life.


Limited or no communication is a symptom of a deeper problem going on.


Usually when a man is not open or communicating, it's because of something going on inside the relationship.


Nine times out of ten it has to with this special ingredient that most women don't know how to create in a relationship.


That ingredient is trust.


When I say "trust", I don't mean your fidelity.


The literal translation of the word trust is reliance on the integrity, strength, ability of a person or thing (pulled from


Now, let me ask you a few questions, and try to be really honest with yourself.


Do you ever get overly-emotional, upset or needy with him?


Do you ever demand things of him?


Do you feel the desire to control your relationship... that things will fall apart if you don't?


Can you truly say that your man feels a deep sense of reliability in your integrity, strength and ability to handle him?


Does he honestly believe that he could reveal his deepest darkest secrets to you and nothing would happen to the relationship except that a deeper connection would form with you?


These are tough questions to answers.


We both know that you would absolutely, without thought, be his "rock", but does he believe that?


Chances are, if he's not communicating with you, then the answer is "no".


Where most women go wrong is assuming that he "should" know that because she loves him.


But more often than not, men are not what you would call "mind readers".


In fact, most men can be a little more than dense. Ha ha.


Truth is, most women never learn the right way HOW to communicate their trustworthiness to a man so that he understands it and opens up.


The way MEN understand things is much different than woman.


You have to treat a man like a man, or he won't get the messages.


You do that by understanding his psychology, emotions and heart.


If your man isn't communicating with you, then it's time to start building trust with your man (before it's too late) by understanding his PSYCHOLOGY.


A distant, non-communicative man is a sign that a relationship is in danger.


The question is, how do you make a man trust you so much so that he's communicating openly and even allowing himself to unleash his "inner dork" with you?


The "trick" is to create an atmosphere of trust with him so that he feels absolutely SAFE being around you.


When your man has a DEEP level of for trust for you, he will open up to you on his own.


When he starts communicating with you, you have to be ready to talk with him the right way so that he continues to open up and even deeper.


If you handle a man's truth in the wrong way like most women do, you risk slamming the door shut on his communication for good.


No matter how much both you and I know that you're a trustworthy person deep down inside, this is more about communicating this to him in the RIGHT way so that he understands.


You must learn how to bridge your "female world" with his male world.


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