If Your Ex Boyfriend Is Ignoring Your Texts, Then he Could be "Shopping" For A New Woman

How To Make Him Miss You & Come Crawling Back For Another Chance

Hey, Brandon here, and I’d like to show you the exact texts to help you get your ex boyfriend back.

The secret to getting an ex back isn’t about looking “hot”, getting him jealous, or even telling him that you’ll love him forever.

It’s about understanding why men leave relationships and resist coming back, and knowing how to instantly trigger him to remember the love he’s buried inside for you.

These days I have thousands of students, but I recently coached a woman who’s “soulmate” left after 3 years. 

After trying to get him jealous on social media, he finally stopped talking to her completely!

She was shattered

And left alone obsessing over:

Or if she’ll see that *sparkle* in his eyes when he looks at her again.

When she talked to him, he said things like:

And worse, she heard he was talking with someone new.

Does any of this sound familiar?

So I told her to say a few things and within minutes he was texting her “I miss you” and wanted her back.

Keep in mind, this guy gave no indication he wanted to come back.

But she got him back, even though he was an “eligible bachelor” and had every opportunity to find a new women.

Now, other women in breakups:

And end up missing their ex for weeks, months or even YEARS and wind up with nothing.

The question is, what did my student say that made him come back so fast?

And how did I figure this stuff out?

Now, I know you want your man back. Every woman in your situation does.

The confusion, pain, uncertainty and regret can be unbearable.

But what do most women do about it?


They let sadness consume them and unknowingly make mistake after mistake until he’s gone for good.

Sure, once in a while a woman will get “lucky”, but this rarely happens on accident.

In fact, most women eventually give up and never get their man back.

They settle for being “friends” (whatever that means)… constantly break up and get back together… 

Or worse… they settle for no man at all.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This!


You deserve to be in your man’s loving, caring arms again.

Just like driving a car or reading, getting your ex back is a skill that YOU can learn.

After you read this article in it’s entirety, you’ll feel clear about how to make him want to wrap you in his arms again.


Save this page in your phone now and read it at least five times. 

You don’t want to miss the secrets I’m about share with you. 

Right now will be the moment you’re going to look back on as the point you took your power back… and things shifted in YOUR favor.

Why You're Not To Blame For The Breakup

If you have been blaming yourself for this breakup, you don’t have to. 

A breakup “soup” is the result of many factors, and knowing what to do or say can be overwhelming.

I’ve coached literally thousands of women in breakups, and I know the universal reasons why men leave and don’t come back.

Most woman think their situation is “unique” and are filled with regret over “screwing up”.

4 Steps That Guarantee You To Get Him Back

9/10 times, this is an illusion created by pain.


You deserve love and to be with the man you truly want.


If don’t know what most women do that literally STOPS men from coming back…

Or how to break the idea in his head of “why you two don’t work”…

Then getting him back will be difficult.

But the GOOD news is, I’m going to show you what to say to get him back as fast as possible.

Why He Still Loves You

Before we go on, there’s something you MUST know about your ex:

He still loves you.

How could I possibly say this given that I don’t even know the details of your breakup?

Firstly, I already know you’re smart and desirable just because you’re here seeking answers…. believe it or not, this automatically puts you in the top 20% of women.

Secondly, the reason why many men stay “friends” with their ex is because they’re sh*t scared to lose her completely. BUT… they don’t want to be in a relationship and risk feeling the pain and frustration that made him leave in the first place.

Staying “friends” keeps her around, but he doesn’t have to deal with the pain he felt in the relationship. A “happy” medium (for him).

Thirdly, many men will keep a seed of love for an ex even YEARS later despite a nasty breakup. That’s because we typically look at the past with “rose-tinted glasses”.

And last but not least, most men do, think and say the same things in breakups.

No matter how bad or “unique” your situation seems, or how much damaged you think you’ve already done.

Most men never let on that they miss their ex.

And this is a BIG reason why he’s pushing you away.

But the fact that he’s cold has seized you with self-doubt, confusion, insecurity and fear.

He’s pushing you away BECAUSE he has feelings for you.


For reasons that have to do with why he left, he’s trying to avoid feeling vulnerable and hurt.

But if you talk to him about this directly, he’ll DENY it and push you away.

Many women unknowingly talk to their ex in a way that talks him right out of coming back.

So the question is: how do you talk to him the RIGHT way that will make him open up about his love, appreciation and admiration for you?

First, let’s talk about a big mistake most women make that causes men to shut down after a breakup.

You’re probably wondering who I am, and if I can really help you.
Brandon, author of the Relationship Advice For Women eLetter

My name is Brandon.

I’m 36 (I know I look young. My secret is mangos. I eat so many mangos), and for years I witnessed as women close to me ended up shattered over losing the guy they loved.

It frustrated me, so I decided to show them how to get their ex boyfriends back.

Soon,other women started coming to me. And now after thousands of students, I’ve done just that with remarkable success.

I get emails every day from women who have read my email newsletter, used my program or got my personal coaching to get their man back.

I don’t mean to toot my own horn… BUT

I’ve learned it’s possible for ANY woman to get a man crawling back for another chance with the right information.

How "Innocent" Texts Kill Attraction... And what to Do

What I found after years of talking to many different guys about breaking up is this:

If you know how to make your man remember the feelings he felt when he first met you, you can get him back.

And it’s not complicated.

So, what makes men remember that bond?

Well, it’s NOT what most women think – being “hot”, making him jealous, or even telling him you’ll be there for him forever – it’s all about your energy and “vibe”.

Many women don’t understand why their man really fell in love in the first place.

Most women trigger love almost by accident and assume his love is mostly about his physical attraction.

The truth is, most women STOP doing the things that attracted the guy in a breakup… and START doing things to actually make him get colder.

Here’s an example of a conversation many women have with an ex:


Hi, how are you today?



Where are you?


Why are you doing this? Please find it in your heart to text me back. It hurts me when you don’t reply. I miss you so much.


I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have said that, i’ve just been stress about my mom, and my dog bit a porcupine and x y z


What are you doing? I miss you.


I’m so hurt you are being like this. I think we shouldn’t talk anymore. Goodbye. I’ll love you forever.


I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean that.


Oh hi. Sorry been busy.

Be honest, does this look… familiar?

The point is, you text and text and get nothing back.

Here's how to avoid getting cold responses from your ex.

You must know how to get him comfortable with the idea of going back on his decision to leave.

This means a few things. It means:

If you approach your ex with the right “energy”, you’ll watch in amazement as he opens his heart to you and wants to restart the relationship.

how to get your ex husband back

How to Spark Emotional Attraction Through Text

Before we rush to the “script” to send your ex boyfriend, we must set the proper frame with him.

That means knowing how to trigger him EMOTIONALLY to respond.


When you text your ex boyfriend, you must make what you want explicitly clear.

You need to make this “grey”, blurry breakup situation “black and white”.


Because it sets up the situation to YOUR favor and puts the pressure on HIM, which you want because until now the pressure has been on you.

A huge reason breakups hurt so much isn’t just because he’s gone – it’s also because things are so unclear and you left things unsaid which you should be expressing.

Are we friends? How do you feel? Do you still love me? What are we?

But you must do this the RIGHT way – in a way that prepares him to receive your message, process it, and not trigger him to reject it.

This will cause the love for you he’s been trying to bury to start bubbling to surface.

The Breakup Reversal Texting Technique

I call this the “Breakup Reversal Texting” technique because it:

This text appears not special, but in between the lines are “emotional triggers” that bypass his logic & target his male feelings.

NOTE: This text is very power and can be used to “brainwash” men and put a lot of pressure on him, so please use ethically and not just to “win” the breakup. I’m trusting you.

This message might be out of nowhere, but I’d like to level with you. This breakup has been hard on me as you can see. But I’m ready to let go of fear now. I love you unconditionally, whether we are together or not. I’m sorry for [if have never apologized for your mistakes, make sure you apology briefly here] I would like it if we can be friendly to each other.

Why this simple, honest text is so powerful has to do with demonstrating that you are the “girlfriend material” he mistook you for not being.

Many women think they need some magic jealousy triggering text that’ll make his jaw drop.

This is a classic mistake that makes many good women lose their ex for good.

You want to demonstrate attractive qualities he wants – like emotional balance, maturity, self-awareness, unconditional love, low ego, honesty and a deep understanding of men.

You do all of this while making this blurry breakup situation crystal clear, making you feel grounded again.

What you should be doing is getting to the core reason of why you want this relationship to begin with…. unconditional love and growth…. not just because you want the pain, worry and fear to stop.

Ultimately, this breakup has ended up in your life to help you grow into unconditional love.

But here’s the thing.

Learning What To Text Him Alone Can Make You Lose Him

Listen closely.

Let’s say you text him and he has a change of heart about leaving.

But after being together a few days, you go back to the old ways and do the things that you didn’t know made him lose attraction, trust or respect for you in the first place.

You’ll wind up breaking his trust and respect for you, and will likely lose him for good.

That’s why you must approach your breakup cautiously and be extremely thorough with how you approach getting him back… or it could all blow up in your face.

I’ve seen so many men, women, books, articles, programs and so called “experts” out there giving “advice” that has made many women never get their man back.

Look, I get that you want to know what to text him because it’s low-risk.

But the reality is, there’s MUCH more you MUST know if you want to get your man to come back to you.

Here's What Will Really make You Get him back

You need a full education of male psychology & emotions in breakups & what will inspires men to BEG for another chance.

Unfortunately, many women will make mistake after mistake until he’s gone for good.

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