Are You Making These Easily Avoidable Texting Mistakes With Your Ex Boyfriend That Will Push Him Into Another Woman's Arms?

Hey, Brandon here, and I’d like to show you the exact steps to help you get your ex boyfriend back.

If you’re like the thousands of good women I’ve coached through devastating breakups, you’re feeling shattered and alone right now.

A breakup is the most excruciating experience anyone can go through.

Not just because your man – your “one and only” – left and you feel lonely.

But you’re left obsessing over: 

Or if you’ll ever see that *sparkle* in his eyes when he looks at you (and ONLY you) again.

Many women feel to blame in a breakup.

And feel it’s “impossible” to get him back.

That’s because when they talk to the guy about the relationship, he shuts down & says things like:

Or he’s not even responding to your texts.

I could go on and on.

But what you need to know is your story is about to change for the better.

At the end of this article, you’re going to feel clear about how to make him want to wrap you in his arms again.

Why This Breakup Mess Is NOT Your Fault

If you have been blaming yourself for this breakup, you don’t have to. 

This “soup” you’re in is the result of many factors.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting love and being connected with him.

But if you don’t avoid the mistakes most women make in breakups that literally STOP men from coming back…

And don’t know how to reverse the idea in his head of “why you two can’t work”…

The 5 Step Formula To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

Then getting him back will be impossible.

Sure, some women get “lucky” and get their ex back, but this rarely happens by accident.

The good news is, I’m going to show what to do and what not do to get him back as fast as possible.

I’ve coached literally thousands of women in sometimes nasty situations to successfully get their boyfriends back in love like when they first met.

Who am I?

Brandon, author of the Relationship Advice For Women eLetter

My name is Brandon.

For the past 14 years I’ve taught women around the world how to get their ex-boyfriends back.

Even if he isn’t returning texts…

Is cold or distant

Or even if he’s met a new woman.

I don’t mean to “toot my own horn” BUT…

I’ve learned it’s possible for ANY woman to get a man crawling back for another chance –

Even in unique breakup situations…

With the right information.

I have seen amazing transformations of women regaining control and getting him back in their arms.

A Secret About His Emotions he doesn't want you to know

Before we go on, there’s a secrets about your ex that you MUST know:

Your ex-boyfriend still loves you.

I know this could seem hard to believe.

How could I possibly say this given that he’s left you alone, isn’t returning texts or is cold? 

But I can virtually guarantee it is true.

Firstly, I already know you’re an intelligent and desirable woman simply because you’re here seeking answers.

Secondly, this has everything to do with male psychology in breakups.

Most men think the same way in breakups.

No matter how “unique” a situation.

Most men never let on that they actually miss their ex girlfriends badly and want to be with her again.

Appearances can be deceiving.

But many women end up doing things that stop men from feeling their true feelings.

The problem is, behavioral scientists have recently discovered that men repress their emotions far more than women.

Not that we needed SCIENTISTS to tell us that… 

But seriously, if you talk about the breakup in the wrong way, he’ll end pushing you away.

Which, I bet has been happening to you.

So the question is: how do you talk to him in a way that makes him remember the feelings for you he has buried in his heart… if he’s closed off emotionally?

Well, there’s a RIGHT AND WRONG way to do this.

First, let’s talk about the BIG mistakes most women make in breakups that get cold responses from their exes.

"Innocent" Texts That Kill Attraction

Most women unknowingly text their exes in a way that sub-communicates she’s not “girlfriend material”.

I’ve discovered this after years of talking to guys about how they feel in breakups. There are qualities men universally find attractive in women post-breakup and qualities they find unattractive.

If he broke up, there was a loss of emotional attraction and connection happening in him regardless of what he SAYS is the reason for leaving.

And many women make a breakup worse by texting specific things that kill his emotional attraction and interest.

Here’s an example of a typical conversation many women have with their exes:


Hi, how are you today?



Where are you?


What the hell?! I’ve been texting you all day and you didn’t reply to me at all!


I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have said that, i’ve just been stress about my mom and x y z


What are you doing? I miss you.


Omg i’m so angry you are being like this!!!! You are a jerk. I’m never talking to you again. This is the last straw. You’re out of my life for good. I deserve much better than this s&*%. Goodbye.


I’m so sorry


Oh hi. Sorry been busy.

Be honest, does this look… familiar?

If you’ve had an exchange like this, it hurts trying so hard to make things work while he acts like he doesn’t know you exist.

Here’s the first “secret” about communicating with your ex.

The reason why men stay with some women and not others is because of something I call “emotional attraction”.

If you want your ex back, you must re-ignite his emotional attraction and AVOID hurting it.

One thing that destroys emotional attraction in men is when women (understandably) get “overly emotional”.

You must stop getting overly-emotional with him because this will kill his attraction.

It does NOT make him feel sorry for you, still connected with you or that he should start over with you.

It just creates a negative experience for him that causes him to look elsewhere for love.

how to get your ex husband back

How to Text Him To Instantly sparks Attraction

Before I give you the exact “script” to send to your ex boyfriend, we need to talk about the framework of HOW to text him.

When you text your ex boyfriend, you must avoid the “emotional hangups” that caused him to want the breakup in the first place.

For many women, this means avoiding getting overly-emotional, angry, jealous or needy.

You must communicate with him in a way that shows you are a desirable woman.

Here’s my very best tip to make this work.

I believe you must SLOW DOWN your conversations with him.

It’s likely you message him on rapid fire.

But now is the time to start slowing everything down against what your anxiety might saying.

And no, he’s NOT going to forget about you if you don’t message him enough.

In fact, just the opposite will start happening.

He’s going to start THINKING about you more.

He’s used to towing you around by the nose.

But right now will be the moment you remember as the point which you took your your power back and things started shifting into YOUR favor.

Exactly What To Text Him

Here is the “bulletproof” texting strategy to get him back with embedded SUBLIMINAL messages.

This message might be out of nowhere, but I’d like to level with you. This breakup has been hard on me as you can see. But I’m ready to let go of fear now. I love you unconditionally, whether we are together or not. I’m sorry for [if have never apologized for your mistakes, make sure you apology briefly here] I would like it if we can be friendly to each other.

What’s so special about this seemingly simple text and should you send it?

Some women think they need a “magic” jealousy triggering text that’ll make his jaw drop.

This is a classic mistake that makes many women lose their ex for good.

Truth is, gentle is best

There’s more to this text than meets the eye.

Let’s breakdown this text to reveal the SECRET “subliminal” communication underlying it.

“This message is out of nowhere”


Most men need to be prepared for an “emotional” message or he’ll get stressed when he gets a text from you.

Saying this sets a CONTEXT for his mind to “process” your text, it shows him you’re in control and for reasons I can’t quite explain, it wedges open his heart for a split second.

Super powerful.

“I’d like to level with you”


Not only are you going to be calm and honest as the phrase implies, but you’re also saying you’re EQUAL with him, level.

You’re about to say how things are now going to be and it “levels” the power dynamic.

“This breakup has been hard on me…”


I love this phrase because you are showing you UNDERSTAND his perspective and have self-awareness.

Most women don’t know how they come off and don’t understand men’s deeper feelings.

Just this alone can make him feel like you understand him and feel open to reconnecting with you.

You’re not fighting, you’re his teammate.

“I’m ready to let go of fear”


This demonstrates emotional maturity and honesty, which is attractive.

First, saying “letting go” will catch his attention and make him curious and tense about losing you.

Second, you say “of fear”.

Men value bravery.

And when they see a woman show this quality they admire her instantly.

“I love you unconditionally…”

99% of men have never been told “I love you unconditionally” by any woman.

Unconditional love is the most POWERFUL energy in the universe – 

That you will love him whether he’s in your arms or 5,000 miles away.

I’m sorry for____________”


Apologizing levels the playing field. 

If he’s felt “better” than you for walking away first, apologizing levels this out.

But don’t over-apologize.

And you have know what to apologize for

This can be tricky and takes a deep understanding of male psychology.

“I’d like to be friendly with you”


This is a sneaky sentence…. and powerful to set the relationship back in motion.

Notice how I said “friendly” and not “friends”.

It will give him the feeling that you simply want to be nice to each other, which believe me, is what you NEED to get him back.

Below is a message a student received from her boyfriend, and next, I’m going to show you how YOU can get a message like this from your ex.

Can we please talk?  I’ve been thinking and I’m missing you so badly right now. I can’t stand to be without you anymore. I don’t know what I was thinking! I’ll try calling you again. I’ll spend the rest of my life making all of this up to you.

It IS Possible To Win Him Back

I know you want your man back.

Every woman in your situation does.

But what do most women do about it?


They soak in pity, sadness and make mistake after mistake until he’s gone for good.

Now sure, once in a while a woman will have a little luck, but this rarely happens on accident.

In fact, most women give up and never get their man back.

They settle for being “friends”, only getting close during sex… or worse… no man at all.

I’m here to tell you it does NOT have to be this way.



Just like driving a car or painting your nails, getting your man back is a SKILL that ANY woman can learn.

Now, I’d love to keep talking about texting, but the truth is texts alone aren’t enough to get an ex boyfriend back.

There is far more going on in your breakup that you must understand.

What you really need is a full education of male psychology & emotions in breakups.

AND what motivates men to beg for another chance after a breakup.

I’d like to send you a completely free special report I’ve created called:

Inside Your Ex-Boyfriend’s Mind

Inside you’ll learn how to make your ex miss you and avoid mistakes 99% of women make in breakups that stop men from coming back.

Unfortunately most “experts” aren’t talking about these secrets.

What I need you to do to get this special report is tap the pretty pink button & enter your name & email. 

This isn’t just another spam email in your inbox. Okay?

You’re going to get inspiring knowledge that is going to give you relief and set you on the path of getting him back.

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Inside your ex-boyfriend's mind

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See you inside!

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