If Your Ex Boyfriend Is Texting You Less, & You're worried He'll Find Another Woman, Do This

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by Brandon Martin

by Brandon Martin

Author of Relationship Goddess

If you’re like many good women I’ve been privileged to guide through breakups, you’ve got a 10 gallon tub of ben & jerry’s you’ve been absolutely demolishing.

But seriously, you probably feel like your ex boyfriend is pulling away further and further with every text you send him, and you feel devastated and alone.

He’s your “one and only” and means everything to you. 

But for some reason he’s becoming distant and has changed emotionally, physically and spiritually.

You’re blanketed in a fog of confusion trying to figure out: 

Some women regret their actions with their ex and feel to blame for the breakup. They feel he’s rejected her and it’s “impossible” to get him back.

You may have found that when you talk about the relationship or try to “convince” him to give you another chance, he shuts down. 

Maybe you’ve had the misfortune of being at end of his dagger-like words, like:

You end up broken from repeating his words in your head for days, months or even years… and petrified at the thought of him finding a new woman.

But all of that is about to change.

After reading this article in it’s entirety, you’ll feel crystal clear about his feelings and what you must do to be in his loving arms again.

You’re going to feel totally in control of this breakup situation and feel accomplished when you get your ex-boyfriend back.

But you must act quickly. Time is a big factor with breakups.

Why It's Not Your Fault He's ignoring your Text Messages

If you have been blaming yourself for this breakup, you don’t have to. The post-breakup “soup” you’re in is the result of many factors.

There is nothing wrong with just wanting a little love and enjoying communication with the one you love.

But you must understand how love really works for men… especially after a breakup.

I’m talking about the secret inner world of men that most women never know exists.

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I’ve had the privilege of meeting thousands of unique, intelligent women in my seminars and coaching sessions.

And what I’ve learned is it’s 100% possible for ANY woman to turns the tables and get a man crawling back for another chance with the woman.

Even in “unique” situations, and even if he’s already dating another woman.

But you need the right information.

If you allow me, I’d be grateful for the privilege of teaching you these secrets as well.

You don’t have to believe me yet, just keep an open mind.

Discoveries about his emotional "Energy" post-breakup he'd Prefer to Keep secret

Before we go on, there’s a secrets about your ex that you MUST know.

The secret is, your ex-boyfriend still loves you.

How could I possibly say that given he’s left you all alone, isn’t returning texts often and is cold? But I can virtually guarantee it’s true.

Firstly, I already know you’re an intelligent and desirable woman simply because you’re here seeking answers.

Secondly, this has to everything to do with male psychology in breakups.

Most men have extremely similar psychology in breakups and never let on that they deeply miss their ex in a breakup.

Appearances can be deceiving!

Behavioral scientists have recently discovered that men repress their emotions far more than women.

Not that we needed scientists to tell us that, but seriously, he’s trying to push his love down.

The problem is, if you try talking to him about it directly, he’ll push you away.

So the question is, how do you get him back if he’s closed off emotionally?

The answer is, you must know how to reawakening the dormant love that he still has for you, but there is a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to do this.

"Innocent" Texts That break His connection with you

Most women unknowingly text their exes in a way that sub-communicates she’s not “girlfriend material”.

I’ve discovered this after years of talking to guys about how they feel about different texts after a breakup. There are qualities men universally find attractive in women post-breakup and qualities they find universally unattractive.

This is true even for the most caring men.

Look, if he broke up with you, there was a loss of emotional attraction and connection happening in him.

And many women make their post-breakup situation worse by texting specific things that kill his attraction, interest and love even more.

Let me give you an example of a typical conversation many women have with their exes.


Hi, how are you today?



Where are you?


What the hell?! I’ve been texting you all day and you didn’t reply to me at all!


I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have said that, i’ve just been stress about my mom and x, y z


What are you doing? I miss you.


Omg i’m so angry you are being like this!!!! You are a jerk.


I’m so sorry


Oh hi. Sorry been busy.

If you’ve had an exchange like this, it’s excruciating trying so hard to make things work and he acts like he doesn’t know you exist.

Here is the secret to text communication with your ex.

You must avoid becoming overly-emotional with him after this breakup because it kills his attraction.

It does NOT make him feel sorry for you or feel like he’s still connected with you or that he should start things over with you.

When you talk to your ex, you MUST AVOID coming off desperate, needy or angry or you will end up contributing to an ongoing negative emotional experience… which is likely partly why the relationship ended in the first place.

how to get your ex husband back

How to Text Your Ex-Boyfriend in a way that Instantly reignites Love

Before I give you the exact “script” to send to your ex, we need to talk about HOW to text him.

When you text your ex-boyfriend, you must avoid the “emotional hangups” that caused the breakup in the first place.

You must communicate with him in a way that shows you are a desirable woman.

Most women have an idea of what “desirable” means. But to men, that definition is something completely different.

Here’s my very best tip to make this work.

I believe you must start SLOWING DOWN your conversations with him.

It’s likely you’ve been messaging him on rapid fire.

But now is the time to start slowing things down.

And no, he’s NOT going to forget about you if you don’t message him enough.

In fact, he’s going to start THINKING about you more.

He’s used to your messages and seeing you in a sad state.

But right now will be the moment you remember as the point that you took a big step in taking your power back and things shifting into YOUR favor.

Exactly What To Text Him

Here is the “bulletproof” texting strategy to get him back.

This message might be out of nowhere, but i’d like to level with you. This breakup has been hard on me as you can see. But I’m ready to let go of fear now. I love you unconditionally, whether we are together or not. I’m sorry for [if have never apologized for your mistakes, make sure you apology briefly here] I would like it if we can be friendly to each other.

So, what’s so special about this text, and should you really send it to him?

Some women think they need a “magical”, jealousy triggering text that’ll make his jaw drop.

This is a classic mistake many women make in breakups today that ends up making her lose him for good.

Gentle is best because now his attraction, trust and respect for you is hanging by a thread if you’ve been acting overly-emotional with him.

This text simply says how things are now going to be and levels the power dynamic.

He sees that you understand him, what he wants and that you love him even if he has someone new, which will make him feel on one hand good, and on the other hand nervous and curious.

That’s because you are taking back you’re power, but being nice about it.

He’s likely never been told “I love you unconditionally” by any other woman (excluding mom). This is a very powerful statement.

Most women never do this and make the mistake of giving their power away, acting desperate and getting consumed by FEAR.

And notice how I said “friendly”. He won’t think you want to be only friends! He will think you simply want to be nice to each other, which believe me, is what you need to get him back.

You must know what to do next to handle him in a way that makes him start to miss you.

It IS Absolutely Possible To Get Him back . . . But you must act sooner rather than later

I’m going to send you exact text message templates that you can literally copy and paste and send to him.

But the truth is, texts alone won’t be enough to bring him back.

Texting properly will help, but what you really need is a full education of male psychology and emotions in breakups and what will emotionally inspire him to come running back and wrap his arms around you. 

And the faster you act and start learning about his mind, the better. Breakups are very time sensitive.

Waiting too long to make the right changes could make the difference between getting him back or not.

What I’d like to do is send you an exclusive 24-page report I’ve created called: 

“Inside Your Ex-Boyfriend’s Mind”.

This is completely free, my gift to you. 

Inside you’ll learn how to make your ex think  miss you… and avoid mistakes 99% of women make that stop men from coming back.

Unfortunately most experts aren’t talking about these secrets.

All you have to do to get this report is to please tap the pretty pink button and enter your name & email. Then you’ll be taken to a page where I’ll show you the 7 deadly mistakes that can literally stop your ex in his tracks from coming back to you.

This is all free, but you must act fast.

inside my free report you'll learn:

Inside your ex-boyfriend's mind

After seeing exactly how the pieces fit together, your fears, confusion and pain will start to turn into empowerment and love.

You’re about to know exactly what you need to do to get him back once and for all.

Act now. Don’t let your situation get worse.

It just takes 2 seconds.

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