Why Most Women Struggle To Get Their Ex Boyfriend Back

How To Make Your Ex Miss You & Come Crawling Back For Another Chance

Hey, Brandon here, and I’d like to show you how it’s absolutely possible to get your ex boyfriend back.

Even if your situation is “beyond hope”.

In my opinion, a breakup with your “one” is the most painful event there is.

But the secret to getting an ex back is not about:

It’s about understanding male psychology in breakups. 

And how to quickly trigger him emotionally to miss you and regret leaving… even if you made big mistakes.

These days I’ve had literally thousands of students, but I recently coached an ex beauty queen who’s “soulmate” left her for another woman after 3 years.

After first fighting with him, then trying to get him jealous on social media and later begging for him back, he finally blocked her.

She was in extreme pain and worry over:

Before blocking her, he said:

So I told her to do a few things and quickly, she heard her phone buzzing, picked it up and saw a text from him saying “I miss you” and wanted her back.

Keep in mind, this guy had stopped messaging her completely! What a gentleman….

But my student got him back, even though he had his eyes on that new woman.

Now, other women:

And end up missing him for weeks, months or even years and end up with nothing.

So, the big question is: 

What did my student say that made her ex instantly want to come back?

And how did I figure this stuff out?

Now, I know you want your man back. 

Every woman in your situation does.

The uncertainty, agony and regret can be unbearable.

But what do most good women do about it?

Unfortunately… nothing.

They let sadness consume them and unknowingly make mistake after mistake until he’s gone for good.

Sure, some woman get “lucky”, but this rarely happens by accident.

In fact, most women eventually give up.

They settle for being “friends”, friends with benefits…

Or worse… they settle for no man at all.

It DOES NOT have to be like this.

You deserve to be in your man’s arms again no matter what happened between you two.

Just like driving a car or reading, getting your ex back is a skill you can easily learn.

After you read this article in it’s entirety, you’ll feel clear about how to make him want you back.

Save this page in your phone now and read it at least five times.

You don’t want to miss the secrets I’m going to share with you. 

Right now will be the moment you’ll look back on as the point which this “breakup” shifted in your favor.

Why You're Not To Blame For Him Resisting Returning

Many women get pumped full of regret over “screwing up badly” in a breakup.

If you have been blaming yourself for this breakup, you don’t have to.

That’s true even if you happen to have done something terrible to push him away.

A breakup “soup” is the result of  many factors, and knowing how to make a ex come back who’s not giving you anything can be frustrating and painful.

I’ve coached tens of thousands of women in breakups, and I’ve discovered why men leave relationships and don’t come back.

4 Steps That Guarantee You To Get Him Back


You deserve love and to be with the man you truly want…. and that is 100% possible for you.


If don’t understand exactly what most women do that literally stops men from coming back.

Or how to break this idea in his head of “why you two don’t work”…

Then getting him back will be very difficult.

But the GOOD news is, I am going to show you exactly how to do this and win him back easily.

Why He Likely Still Loves You, Even If You "Screwed Up"

Before we go on, there’s something I want to make clear to you about your ex:

Let’s say worst-case scenario: there was a ton  of drama that caused the breakup.

Or maybe he walked away and looked indifferent.

I believe your ex still loves you.

First, I know you’re smart and desirable just because you’re here seeking answers…. this puts you in the top 20% of women.

Second, many men purposely push women away because they know they’re still in love with her.

But with their limited, emotional world view, he thinks “better her than me” or “It’s for the best” and starts shutting himself down.

But the love IS still there. Don’t believe otherwise!

Many guys actually stay friends with their ex because they’re scared to lose her. BUT… they don’t want to deal with the frustrations they had in the relationship.

Most men will keep a seed of love for their ex even years after even a nasty breakup.

That’s why I often coach women who haven’t talked to their ex in years and they’re still able to get him back.

A lot of it comes down to knowing how to deal with male psychology.

And the other part comes down to knowing how to move past the emotional barriers he’s erected and touch his heart again.

I’ve discovered after talking with hundreds of guys that most men do, think and say the same things in breakups.

And most will men never let on to their ex that they miss her a lot, and will in fact push her away.

Look at the situation like this:

He's pushing you away BECAUSE he still has feelings for you.

But he’s trying to avoid feeling vulnerable.

When he says things like “I don’t love you anymore”, what he REALLY means is he doesn’t love you at this very second.

But his feelings are subject to change at any moment you start doing what makes him feel attracted to you again.

His feelings can change at the snap of a finger.

But, if you talk to him about all of this directly, he’ll likely deny it and push you away.

Most men have little egos after all!

Many women unknowingly talk their ex right out of coming back.

They talk and act like they’re still in the relationship. 

But in HIS mind he’s “trying to move on”, and this can come off like you aren’t honoring his choices… even though his choice is your pain.

So the big question is: how do you get him to open up and FEEL the feelings he still has for you?

You know, for years  women close to me would tell me “Brandon, I’m devastated, I lost my one true love and don’t know what to do.”

What frustrated me was the silly, game playing “advice” they were being fed that was killing their chances of getting him back.

So I decided to help them.

Soon, other women started asking, “Brandon, can you show me how to my ex back?”. 

And now, I get emails all the time from women who read my free email newsletter, listened to my programs or who I coached 1-on-1 to get their man back.

I don’t mean to toot my own horn… BUT

I learned it’s possible for ANY woman to get a man crawling back for another chance with the right information.

Now, I’d like to talk about the big mistake most women make that causes men to pull away after a breakup.

How Most Women End Up Kill Their ex's Attraction... & How to Reverse it

Most women don’t understand WHY their man really fell in love in the first place.

The truth is, most women stop doing the things that attracted their ex in the first place… and start doing things in and after the relationship that block his attraction.

So, what can you do about this?

Is his attraction gone forever?

Well, what I found after years of talking to different guys about breakups is this:

If you make your man remember the feelings of when he first met you, you'll ignite a fire inside him that causes him to come running back.

Unfortunately, most women do and say things that make their ex FORGET why he wanted her in the first place.

Many women tell their ex that she’ll always love him and be there for him.

But desperation and feeling crazy without him doesn’t inspire emotional attraction in men to WANT you back.

And that’s the trap most women fall into and never get out of.

Here’s an example:


Hi, how are you today?



Where are you?


Why are you doing this? Please find it in your heart to text me back. It hurts me when you don’t reply. I miss you so much.


I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have said that, i’ve just been stress about my mom, and my puppy bit a porcupine and x y z


What are you doing? I miss you.


I’m so hurt you are being like this. I think we shouldn’t talk anymore. Goodbye. I’ll love you forever.


I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean that.


Sorry been busy.

Honestly, does this look at all familiar?

The point is, you give and give and get nothing back from him.

And this goes on without end.

If you you actually want to spark an emotional reaction in him to WANT you back, you’ve got to start interacting with him in a completely new way.

What Your Ex Really Wants

There are two parts to making your ex want to come back.

First, your ex wants the cool, relaxed, FEMININE woman he fell in love with when he met you.

His emotional attraction for this woman is like a super magnet.

The next part is making him FORGET why he wanted to leave in the first place.

This happens NATURALLY when he starts to feel enough attraction and trust in you again.

It’s not about “convincing” him to come back.

If you approach him in this unique way that most women don’t, you’ll see him open up to you and want you back… even if he’s already “moved on”.

That means setting up the situation NOW to give you leverage and put the pressure that you’ve been feeling all onto him.

how to get your ex husband back

The 4 Step Formula To Reversing Your Breakup

What you really need to be doing to get your ex boyfriend back is:

There are actually 4 steps to getting an ex back:

Step #1: Prepare The Groundwork By Getting Emotionally Balanced

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I bet you’ve been feeling sad, blaming yourself, and pessimistic about your future.

I totally get it, and you have every right feel that way.

But trying to get him back with all of THIS going on in the background is like swimming with 100 pound led weights strapped to your ankles.

Negative emotions are the biggest things stopping you from getting him back.

They make you act in ways that are repelling your ex, because your ex wants to experience your healing, feminine energy.

He doesn’t want to be experience your pain, fear, worry and anxiety… this is likely at least one of the reasons he left in the first place.

Step #2: Become The Desirable Woman He First Met

He left because he mistook you for being a woman he doesn’t want.

You must learn how to release your inner “Goddess” he’s always felt inside of you but that you we’re expressing.

You must know  what makes him ATTRACTED and TRUST you and then interact with him from this place.

This will trigger him emotionally, and it’s easier than you think.

Step #3: Demonstrate Your "New You" To Him

Once you simply ARE what he wants and you can read his behaviors and psychology as easily as you’re reading this article, you must learn how to demonstrate it correctly.

This means you must know how to communicate with him and express the attractive qualities he really wants to see from you.

Step #4: Implement The Strategy For Your Unique Situation

This is where every previous steps converges to form a beam of light that will attract your man back like a magnet.

You implement the strategy specific to your situation.

In fact, ALL breakups fit into 12 categories, no matter how “unique” a breakup might seem:

Each of these situations has a specific strategy that you must implement to get him back.

Here's What You Really Need to Get Him back

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