What A Man Finds MAGNETICALLY Attractive

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How Can A Woman Make A Man Magnetically Attracted To Her?

If you want men to be magnetically attracted to you, you must create what I call “polarity”.

Polarity is the magnetism, the passion, the “spark”, the attraction that happens between a man and a woman.

My article 12 Things a Woman Does That Men Find Irresistible caused a lot of commotion.

But there was something thing tons of women were missing that I noticed from many discussions, blogs and boards.

Most women don’t understand essentially WHAT attracts men to women.

And it doesn’t really surprise me, but this is one of the main reasons why many relationships today fail.

The answer is the energy that is created from two polar energy coming into contact… the same way that when positive and negative ions come together in the atmosphere, the result is lightning.

Polarity is when a woman assumes her yin femininity in a relationship and a man assumes his yang masculinity.

The deeper the polarity, the more opposite the energies, the more intense the attraction. 

The more “Yin” feminine a woman is, the more high quality attractive men will be MAGNETICALLY attracted to you.

Another was: “This stuff is common sense!”

Common sense is dangerous  because once it’s “common sense”, you can become less critical of that idea, which  could turn out to be completely wrong.

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Then times change and new information becomes available but you don’t change with it.

You become stale and stiff like a corpse.

That force is polarity.

Opposite energies attract.

Instead of accepting and embracing this idea, many women become jealous, disguised and anger when they see a couple with polarity. But all the negativity makes it impossible to see past the cloud of anger to see what is really going on.

Polarity is more important than having common interests. It’s odd but true in my experience with coaching many women around the world.

A man and woman can have NOTHING in common, but if they have strong polarity, they can’t resist each other, even if everything else isn’t working.

I just recently heard about Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morissette divorcing and thought “How were they even together in the first place?”

It seems like they have nothing in common.

Ryan is the Frat Boy preppy type and Alanis is the man hating rebel with an attitude, yet still they managed to have a relationship for some time.

If you have the frame of polarity and masculine feminine energy, you can see the secret.

When you are laughing, you are vulnerable. You are feminine for a second and not masculine.

When you a focused, you are unemotional and masculine in that second. For a man, the feminine qualities come AFTER he gets all his “manly man” stuff taken care of, other
wise he’ll be out of whack.

In my article The History of the Sexual World, Part 1, I explain that the sexes are in a phase of revenge conscious against each other.

Relationships with men would be easy if they were common sense!

Instead, most women live their love lives in FEAR, not love. And the first item of “non-common sense” I’d like to bring to you is that a woman living in fear makes men lose polarity with her.

I wouldn’t call it common sense, but I would say it’s supposed to be natural and effortless.

You know, It’s crazy what people can get away with saying on the internet. A 759 pound balding hermit physically glued to his chair with no authority on a subject can give his opinion on weight loss and hair growth.

IMPORTANT: The core of the masculine is fundamentally OPPOSITE from the core of the feminine.

While femininity rides on play, fun, love, feeling, and emotion, relationships, masculinity runs on confidence, meditativeness, strength, direction, purpose, understanding.

And everyone has their own balance of masculine/feminine inside, but you are either more masculine or more feminine.

If you want to see polarity in action, visit a high school football game.

The dainty cheerleader and the macho quarterback just can’t resist each other. It’s like some force “hypnotizes” them to pull towards each other. That force is so undeniably powerful.

In today's world, more and more women are taking up the "yang"... the masculine role

In today’s world, more and more women are taking up the “masculine role”.

Women have become more dominant and men become more submissive (more on this in my post The History of the Sexual World, Part Deux! for more on this). Women have been repressed for centuries, and now post second wave feminist movement, post sexual revolution, they have become more free… and more pissed off.

Watch an average TV sitcom today and you’ll see that men mess up everything.

50 plus years ago it was women who were “screwing up” everything in Hollywood.

Just take a look at the classic sitcom “I Love Lucy”.

The times have moved on from men repressing women to a post sexual revolution world… one that involves revenge against men.

The “polar roles”, instead of macho men being dominant to their submissive housewife, have become more equal.

Perfect, finally everybody is finally happy… aren’t they?

On the surface it’s a great thing, but look deeper and you will see that relationships are DYING.

There’s endless arguing, bickering, cheating, lying, hatred etc. etc.

Today’s relationships are a worse disaster than Hurricane Katrina, no joke.

In an episode of Sex and the City, Samantha ends up in a lesbian relationship which fails… Maria: You call this a relationship?

Samantha: Well, it’s tedious and the sex is dwindling, so from what I’ve heard, YES!

Most dead relationships are rooted in dead polarity, and dead polarity causes relationships to become tedious… and… well… dead.

Polarity is what you need to cause the spark of passion.

Did you ever use to play with those little circle magnets the size of coins? What happens when you have two of those little circle magnets with an equal charge? They would just sit there. They wouldn’t do anything like push away from each other or suck together. There’s no MAGNETISM.

And when you have the same charge, + and + for instance? They push away from each other. Two leaders together are repelled by each other. Two followers do a little better but there’s still something missing.

When you flip one over to -, and the other is still + they suction together.

Positive wants negative, masculine wants feminine.

But on the other hand, most men have never been so terrified of women!

Women should just loosen up and relax with their Yin nature instead of always trying to accomplish what comes unnatural to them. And men should find their confidence and find their yang nature.

The polarity, the attraction, the passion, the absolute magic comes rushing in when the polarity is right. If you’ve hear of the Law of Attraction, this is it at work.

Now if we want polarity, one person in the relationship has to be the leader and the other the follower, otherwise you will find endless power struggle.

Now listen, I’m not saying we go back to the 1950’s. The 50’s are long over. The relationships of the 50’s were totally unconscious. The relationships of today are unconscious. So, we move forward.

We move relationships into CONSCIOUSNESS.

We take what we’ve learned from history and move out of domination, revenge, possessiveness and move towards that thing that relationships are supposed to be about…

Relationships are mostly about two things, love and growth. Everything else comes second.

Even polarity is just a stepping stone along the way to love.

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