How To Get Him Back If You Hurt Him & Now He’s Pushing You Away

Many women want to know how to get their ex-boyfriend back after they have hurt him in some way.

For example, she cheated on him, emotionally manipulated him, broke up with him or otherwise made HIM feel like he lost you.

They haven’t exactly been needy or emotional and have been cool after the breakup for the most part, but this has done little to get him back.

They know there is something they must do.

The problem is, no matter what you try to make him get back into a relationship with you, nothing seems to be working.

What can a woman do to win back a man’s heart and make him open up to her again?

Let’s talk about some powerful tips and understandings right now.

Why Men Push Their Exes Away

Men often push away an ex when she is putting off one or more negative emotions which he is picking up on.

You don’t think you are?

The scent of guilt, neediness or desperation that you’re probably putting off right now is pushing him away further than you realize.


You would think that if you feel guilty or wrong, he would feel that you know what you did and will change, right?

That should make him feel more comfortable, but actually it doesn’t.

Most likely, he’s thinking you just want to get back in his good graces so that YOU can make yourself feel better.

This is the big fear that most men have about a woman who is trying to get him back after breaking up with him, cheating on him etc.

Many women do this in breakup situations, and many men know about this.

The sad truth is, many women simply want the guy to not hate her anymore so that she can feel good about letting go of the situation and move on.

The problem is, men often know when a woman is doing this and will push her away even harder out of spite.

The first thing you absolutely must do is to FORGIVE YOURSELF for what you screwed up while you were with him.

Don’t look for forgiveness from him.

Why is this so important?

The quickest and easy thing you can do move your situation forward is to SINCERELY apologize for your mistakes.

The second thing you must do is, ask yourself if you truly want him back, or if you’re just looking for consolation.

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