by Brandon Martin

If you could take all the perfect body language of women who men find incredibly attractive because of their body language from across the planet and put it into one person, Paris Hilton is the closest you will come.

There have been women who have given the female sex a “better name” (like Susan B. Anthony or Angela Davis for instance), but one thing Paris Hilton can give you is beautiful body language that men find HIGHLY attractive on a gut level. It’s not something a man has to think about, it’s something that is triggered in his subconscious.

Have you ever thought about what “body language” actually is anyway, and what it has to do with sparking the emotion of attraction in a man?

Body language is in the BIOLOGY of human relationships. From an evolutionary standpoint, it tells us very quickly how powerful someone is, how weak someone is, and if that person would make a desirable mate.

Behavioral psychologist agree that 55% of all signals we communicate with one another is based on body language (38% based on vocal tonality and only 7% on the words).

These body language “secrets” don’t have to do with physical looks or even an emotional connection. They have to do with body posture that sub-communicates attractiveness to men on a gut level, and they can change how a man perceives you when first meeting or even if you’ve been in a relationship with him for years.

Here’s what you want your body language to communicate about you: relaxation, confidence, happiness, you’re a sexual being… and that you know all of this.. When you have the right body language, men instantly recognize you as a desirable woman. It’s wired into his genes.

If you don’t take your body language seriously, becoming desirable to men will be an uphill struggle. That is until you start taking in these important and fundamental truths about what NATURALLY attracts men at the core.

Alright, let’s get to it.

Body Language Secret# 1: Communicating You Are A Catch

Communicating that you are a catch has everything to do with the SPEED of your moments.

Most women walk and move too fast.

Most women believe moving that they are need to appear busy and like they have things to do. And while it is important to communicate that you are confident and are living life to the fullest, this is not the way to do it.

When you walk and make your actions too fast, it sub-communicates that you live in tension, fear, are always rushing and that you’re not in control of your own life and are living on somebody else’s schedule, not your own. It also sub-communicates that you are not in the flow of life, you’re closed off and unapproachable. This is simply not what men are attracted to.

Start moving more slowly, consciously and deliberately as if you know exactly where you are going and have plenty of time getting there instead of moving tensely and feeling rushed.

Secret Body Language Tip #2: Communicating You Are Sexual

Most women are afraid to communicate to the world that they are a SEXUAL being. They feel like it’s weird or embarassing.

Communicating you are a sexual being has everything to do with the sexual parts of your body and how you are presenting them.

The biggest part of this is the hips and pelvis. When you walk and move, the hips should be pushed forwards a bit. You almost want to walk as if your hips are leading you.

You want your hips to be the leader of your body. Most women lead with their head first. What happens when you lead with your head is your shoulder hunch, your hips close off and you end up looking like a neanderthal.

There are certain body language signs that destroy male interest, and Paris Hilton NEVER engages in these things, and what you must understand if you want to become highly attractive to men is how to AVOID doing these things.
And if you don’t understand what destroys a man’s interest, most men will see right past you.

When you hunch, walk without grace and gentleness, walk with flat feet, hold your head down, move around “too much” like you had too much caffeine, and don’t smile, you send a definite message off that says “I don’t like myself.  I don’t want to talk to you and I wouldn’t know what to do if I were around you” whether this happens to be true or not.

Body Language Secret #3: Communicating You Are Happy & Confident

Most women communicate to the world that they are unhappy with their lives and feel pushed around by the world, and this shows up in their body language.

This goes even for “bad-ass” men. They still want a happy girlfriend, because when a woman is not happy, there is no man on earth that doesn’t get freaked.

All men want a woman who is happy with the life she has chosen for herself. Men don’t want to sweep a woman off her feet if she is unhappy.

Obviously this means SMILING. Smile!

You’d be surprised how many women don’t smile and look unhappy, and you might even be surprised at how often you yourself are not smiling. One of the most desirable qualities a man looks for in a woman, consciously or unconsciously, is that she be happy.

Anthropologists say that smiling is one of the OLDEST forms of communication in human existence and translates across racial, ethnic, cultural and national boarders. Everyone on earth knows how you are feeling when you smile.

Body Language Secret #4: Communicating Mystery & Intrigue

Men want a woman who they is unpredictable and hard to put a finger on. This creates a sort of challenge for him.

Communicating mystery and intrigue has everything to do with eye contact.

Psychologists say there is a certain extent to which it is socially “okay” to keep eye contact, about 3 seconds. That’s when we usually break eye contact before one or both of the people relating with each gets uncomfortable.

If you look in normal communication, you will notice that people often talk while looking away at something.

When you can fearlessly and gently make direct eye contact for an extended amount of time, a kind of eye contact with a twinkle in your eye that says “I know I’m a catch”, that’s the type of woman men are looking for.

The second part of this is knowing when to break eye contact. I would say to make eye contact for five to ten seconds at a time and then slowly breaking eye contact as described in the first secret.

All of these secrets come down to seeing yourself as an attractive, desirable, irresistible woman.

Most women value other’s opinions so strongly that they push down their true desires, beliefs and feelings. But men desire a woman who doesn’t have this issue.

Start putting these lessons into practice, and it will take some time because your “body language memory” will have to adjust to the new postures, and don’t be surprised if it feels weird at first and you feel self-conscious. That’s perfectly normal.

There is much more to understand to spark attraction and love in a man.

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