Learn The 4 Secrets Your Ex-Boyfriend Will Never Tell You To Get Him Back In Your Arms Fast

Even If He's Rejected You Or Has Another Woman

by Brandon Martin

by Brandon Martin

Author Of Relationship Goddess

“He broke up with me and I want to know how to win him back and get my boyfriend back fast!”

I get hundreds of emails like this every week from devastated women wanting to know how to get their ex-boyfriends back.

If you’re in a breakup with the man you love more than anything, it’s one of the most confusing, painful and aggravating situation a you’ve probably ever gone through.

I bet it seems like no matter what you do or how hard you try, you can’t win him back.

Maybe he’s cold, distant and he’s making it seem like there’s no chance of getting back into his arms.

A breakup situation can feel hopeless.

But the million dollar question you’re probably asking is, how do you get your ex-boyfriend back fast after a breakup?

Well, the good news is:

There IS a way you can get him in your arms again - even if you "screwed up" badly.

This is true even if he has moved on with a new girlfriend or is dating someone new.

This may sound “impossible”.

You don’t have to believe me yet. I just ask: be a little curious about what you may learn today.

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You’re probably wondering who I am. Where are my manners?

My name is Brandon. 

I’ve spent more than 10 years teaching women around the world to successfully get their ex-boyfriends back. I have seen thousands of women thriving gaining knowledge that opened the door to getting their ex boyfriends back.

I’ve spent years researching the psychology behind breakups, why men leave relationships, why they choose certain women and not others, and what you can do to make your man come crawling back for a relationship again… even if you’ve made big mistakes.

I spend my life coaching women to get their ex-boyfriends back in their arms and give them the “keys” to lasting love with men.

If he's Acting Cold, Then He's Probably Trying To Move On

I need to tell you something...

I want to show you how to get your boyfriend back into a relationship as fast as possible. I want to show you how to win him back.

But I won’t “B.S.” or console too much.

Look, I know you’re in a tremendous amount of pain and confusion in this time in your life.

But regardless of what’s happened with him up to now, now you and I must focus on getting you back into a relationship with him and wrapped in his warm arms.

Regardless of how much you whine, “He broke up with me and I want him back,” don’t expect me to coddle you!


But seriously, that’s a promise.

Why It's Not Your Fault He Left & Won't Come Back

Have you been in a conflict with yourself about whether you should try to win him back or move on like your friends, family and others may be telling you?

The fact is that it’s not your fault he’s broken up with you.

In fact, there are many factors that contributed to this breakup that have nothing to do with you, no matter if you think you screwed up.

The fact is, it’s easier than you may think to make him feel that “spark” again and want to be your boyfriend again… even if he’s said something as brutal as “I don’t love you anymore”. 

I’ve seen it with my own eyes many, many times… often in unique and “messed up” situations.

But the thing is, you must change your approach to him to make him come back and not keep getting the coldness you’ve been getting.

You’re an intelligent, driven woman with admirable qualities because you’re here seeking answers, and that’s one reason he once chose to be with you.

And he can just as easily choose you again if you know how to demonstrate the right qualities he wants while avoiding showing the qualities he doesn’t.


Men experience love in a completely different way than you do as a woman.

It’s important to learn about your ex-boyfriend’s desires and what will cause him to fall in love again.

This misunderstanding is the source of all of your frustration.

When you have the right knowledge, your actions will flow automatically.

The reason, by the way, why men say things like “I don’t love you anymore” or “I love you as a friend” has nothing to do with how he really feels.

This is his logic speaking.

If you can target his EMOTIONS instead, you can surprise him about how he feels towards you.

But you must avoid the common “traps” most women fall into that prevent men from coming back. And you must know what to do to spark his interest in restarting a relationship.

The techniques I’m about to share with you are powerful, so please use them carefully.

1. Why Trying To Convince Him To Come Back Is Pushing Him Away... And what to Do

Here’s a widely misunderstood fact about male psychology.

Most men subconsciously desire challenge. 

It’s such a deep and powerful drive that it goes below his conscious awareness into his subconscious mind.

After years of studying psychology, I’ve discovered that on a deep subconscious level, he never wants to “win” completely.


It’s basic male psychology that men VALUE that which is harder to get.

Many men will deny this. They consciously believe they want an easy, relaxed life.

But if you look at what men DO rather than what they say, you will see men don’t respond emotionally to women who don’t challenge him.

If you watch what men ACTUALLY respond to emotionally, you’ll find something very different.

If you’re not challenging him, he’s likely to lose interest. 

That’s because he’s already told himself he doesn’t want to be with you.

Here's what he REALLY wants...

He wants the chase, the mystery, the excitement.

This is one reason why he wants to be “free” right now.

You must know how to properly plant a seed of mystery in his mind.

If he knows you can’t live without him, then you’re letting him feel COMPLACENT.

If you start to become slightly less available to him in the RIGHT way, you will see a BIG shift happen in his attitude towards you.

BUT… if you do what many women do and play “hard to get”, jealousy games or hope he feels sorry for you, you could wind up pushing him away completely.

In my free 27 page “Ex-Boyfriend Psychology Report” eLetter I’l show you the “how to’s” of doing this perfectly.

2. What To Do If He's Getting More Cold & Distant Everyday

Men become cold, distant and resistant to coming back when they know what’s going to happen.

If he knows what your next move will be, he will becomes bored, uninterested and cold.


Let me ask you a question.

Why do you think he wanted to bring you into his life in the first place? 

It’s because you were a wild, unpredictable feminine energy.

Beauty is skin deep! He fell in love with your energy.

He was hoping you would bring adventure, excitement and unpredictability into his life.

In your breakup, you became predictable by becoming needy, overly-emotional and obsessive… all of the same qualities that ultimately helped the breakup to happen in the first place.

But being unpredictable can create a psychological OBSESSION about you in his mind.

That’s because you’re acting differently and he doesn’t know what’s going to happen.

But you must understand how to be unpredictable in your situation. 

That’s what my completely free “Ex-Boyfriend Psychology Secrets” report will show you how to do. More details later.

3. why Telling Him Your Feelings Is killing His attraction & what to do instead

A HUGE mistake you may be making with your ex-boyfriend is trying to establish the same level of intimacy they had before the breakup.

When you were together, you probably told him all of your feelings, what happened in your day and your favorite breed of hamster.

And I’m willing to bet that you’ve been telling him how much you miss him and hurt and how much you want to be together again hoping it will change his mind.

Look, I know you love him with all your heart and want to be with him forever.

You DESERVE to be with the man you love.

The problem is on an EMOTIONAL level, telling him those things right now is a level of intimacy he currently wants to avoid.

He may be a great guy, but you want to avoid making him feel bad for you. This is not what will inspire attraction inside him. 

In fact, it will do the opposite and push him away further causing him to lose attraction for you.

He doesn’t want a needy desperate girlfriend. He wants a girlfriend with inspired confidence.

You must know how to properly give him a feeling of uncertainty about your feelings – WITHOUT going too far – to get him wrapping his ams around you again.

It’s not difficult with the tools I will show you in my free “Ex-Boyfriend Psychology Secrets” eLetter

4. Being Needy Is Pushing Him Out Of Your Life - Here's Why & What To Do About It

One of the biggest qualities that can make your man resistant  to coming back is needing him badly and showing that to him… ESPECIALLY if he broke up with you.

When you have a scarcity mentality and believe things won’t work out for you unless you have him, that’s when you’re least likely to get this guy back in your arms.

Listen, I get it.

Right now, you’re probably sh** scared of losing him completely and fears are running through your head like…

But I believe you must start thinking positively about your situation.

When he sees that you are relaxed and confident in your future and senses you know you deserve love, he will start trying to get YOUR attention instead.

You will gain a positive perspective when you know you are start taking the RIGHT approach to get him back.

This does 2 things.

a. When you talk with him, you're now relaxed, happy and carefree... instead of tense, worried or afraid.

On a subconscious level, us guys INSTANTLY sense where a woman’s “energy” is at in a breakup situation… even if her words contradict it.

To stand a chance of getting this guy back, you must avoid fear and become spontaneous, unpredictable, happy, light-hearted, feminine again.

You can’t be those things if you are fear losing him.

b. You're allowing him to truly rethink his feelings about you.

I’m willing to bet he hasn’t thought about things AT ALL yet.

You’ve likely been pressuring him to think about the relationship too much.

Perhaps not with anything you’ve said directly. But your “energy” has said it loud and clear for you.

The more you have “I miss him so much” on your mind, the more you’ll stop him from truly rethinking things.

Instead, he will become stubborn about his decision to breakup.

It’s like asking your boss for a raise over and over again until she/he shuts down and avoids you at the water cooler.

It becomes a reflex. The boss isn’t even thinking WHY they are awkward and avoiding you.

The reality is, you will get the raise indirectly by being good at your job and accomplishing goals.

Then when you ask for the raise, it will come naturally.

So, how do you do this with your ex?

Well the thing is there A LOT MORE you must must understand about his psychology, emotions and desires if you stand a chance of winning him back.

That’s why I’ve gone ahead and created a free 27 page report called “Ex-Boyfriend Psychology Secrets” that I would like to send to you. 

Inside, you’ll learn many “secrets” about your man that unfortunately most women will never know & other “experts” won’t tell you.

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