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Why Most Women Struggle Keeping Men Devoted...

here's How To Make Men insatiably in love, Forget About other women & commit forever

Read on to learn how to get your man head-over-heels lovesick for you & make an unbreakable bond he’ll want forever.

Dear Lovely New Friend,

Being with a man who’s stopped giving love is not only frustrating, it hurts.

I feel the raw emotion in my students who have men who got cold, distant or pulled away.

The question many women seek me out for is:

"Brandon, how can I be irresistible to my man longterm?"


“How can I make him love me again and want to give me the attention and connection I need without forcing him to?”

Well, to answer these important questions, I’d like to ask you a few honest questions. 

Try to look inside and answer these questions as honestly as you can:

Have you ever had a man suddenly get distant?

Brandon, author of the Relationship Advice For Women eLetter

He stopped showing clear interest in you or giving you the attention and affection you really wanted. This gripped you in panic, because no matter how hard you tried to get him close again, nothing really worked. His calls and texts became infrequent, two-word replies hours later and you had no idea what he was thinking or how to change him.

Have you ever gotten overly-emotional with a man?

Brandon, author of the Relationship Advice For Women eLetter

He stopped giving the attention & security you really wanted. After obsessing about his unloving behavior for awhile, you finally voiced your problem. Instead of reassuring you, he got defensive or acted like you were a “nag”. You ended up “lashing out” emotionally. He pulled away. You felt let down and like the love you wanted wasn’t possible.

Did you feel instant love with a guy who got "hot & cold" after sleeping together?

Brandon, author of the Relationship Advice For Women eLetter

He initially showered you with love and attention… but soon what you fear might happen DID happen: he got distant. You wouldn’t hear from him for days or weeks. Then he’d reappear and act like nothing happened. You felt lonely and like you had no control over what was happening. You loved him, but when you got close, he pulled away and said “I’m not looking for anything serious.” You didn’t “get” how to make him get exclusive.

Have you ever dated a man who began acting "hot & cold"?

Brandon, author of the Relationship Advice For Women eLetter

One minute you’d be in bed together sharing amazing love, and the next you wouldn’t hear from him for several days or weeks. Then he’d reappear and talk as if nothing had changed. This caused you to feel torn. You liked him (or even loved him), but if you tried telling him you wanted to see him regularly, he looked uncomfortable. You couldn’t figure him out or how to get him to get exclusive with you?

Have you ever wanted to move a to the next level with a man, but he was resistant?

Brandon, author of the Relationship Advice For Women eLetter

You wanted to become  more exclusive: post photos together on social media, move in together, or even get engaged, but he never brought up these conversations… or even avoided talking about it if you brought it up… when he finally did say something he said things like “I need more time” or “I’m just not ready”. You were left feeling stuck in no man’s land and feeling like your future insecure.

Have you ever tried making a man jealous to get his attention?

Brandon, author of the Relationship Advice For Women eLetter

You were always told guys respond to “looks” and to play “hard to get” when he pursues you… and you were told the best way to make him purse is to make him jealous. But in those times when tried that, you got weird, angry or even violent reactions from him, and it even caused him to walk away. You were left feeling “Why does everything that ‘should’ work on men not work?”

Has a man ever lost the "spark" in his eyes when he looks at you?

Brandon, author of the Relationship Advice For Women eLetter

When you started dating him, you’d catch him gazing at you with smiling eyes – like he was proud of you. But at some point, he stopped giving you the love you really wanted. You felt unattractive to him. You were having less great sex and worried he was growing “bored”. You tried to get back that “spark” of love, but things got worse. You felt alone.

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then…

You have to learn how to give men the type of ongoing emotional experience they secretly long for.

And AVOID making common mistakes most women make that break men’s emotional bond with a woman.

Or you risk men making him fall out of love.

I’m not trying to scare you… 

But diagnosis is half the cure.

The reality is, many women unknowingly push the wrong buttons that cause men to do brainless, stupid things in relationships, like:

At this point, many women find themselves asking why they try so hard in relationships just for men take her for granted.

Most women feel like they try “everything” with men and fail.

There’s nothing more exhausting – especially when he’s being a jackass.

But he won’t open up about his emotions or admit he’s wrong about certain things.

The good news is this: 

If you learn what I’m about to share to drive a man wild with desire… so much so that he can’t sleep at night at the thought of how lucky he is to have found you… you can get him hopelessly in love and devoted for life.

I’m not here to waste your time.

I believe this is 100% true for any woman.

The question we should be asking is:

How can a "normal" woman get the head-over-heels love, on-demand attention & "forever" commitment she deserves?

Here is THE answer:

If you understand what men think, feel and want in a relationship – and what “energy” respond to emotionally & energetically – he’ll love ONLY you unconditionally for life.

The Real Reason Why Women Struggle With Today's Men

The million dollar question is: 

Why do so many women today struggle to keep men in love?

And why are men dropping out of relationships more than ever?

The statistics show marriages are DOWN 40% since the 1960’s…. even though the population has more than doubled.

What’s going on here?

Well, right now I’d like to take you inside the secret world of the male heart most women will never see.

But first, we must talk about something that is causing most women to fail in love.

Why Today's Men Are More Difficult Than ever

In today’s society, women are being given many ideas about men that are false.

Look, this isn’t your fault. You’re the victim.

But one of these ideas is that men only value women’s looks… and will leave when they get “bored” and want a new girl.

In the great movie Someone Like You (2001), the main character played by Ashley Judd develops a theory that embodies many women’s worst fear about men.

She calls it “New Cow Theory”.

She believes that male bulls find a new cow after they “spread their seed” as she puts it.

The bull moves on to new cow after new cow.

And she concludes that men are the same way and makes many other women believe it too.

Why am I going on about bulls “spreading their seed”?

I won’t lie. 

Some Men act like heartless "bulls" with Some women

But with other women, men feel an overwhelmingly emotional response to commit for life.

Most women are frustrated and lonely because they simply don’t know how to make a man feel like this.

Most women sort of “hope” that a man eventually feels like that for her.

But the amazing thing is…

Any woman can learn how to make Men feel intense love

And so gain control over her own love life.

In fact, I see this happen time and again with my students.

Many women act agreeable, pretend to like what he likes, go with the flow or be the “perfect” girlfriend, but he still starts acting like an asshole (excuse my french).

They fear the outcome is always the same: men want women for their looks and will eventually get bored and move on.

Well, after interviewing hundreds of guys, I’ve discovered the truth is that:

Most Men Are Dying To Be With One Special Woman...

Who has the ability to spark a deep, emotional, energetic bond with him.

But most women are frustrated with HOW to do that.

They already feel like they try so hard.

Well first, you’ve absolutely got to understand that…

The dating "landscape" today is much different than even a few decades ago.

Look, men are increasingly staying SINGLE.

Even though men’s pea-brains got them thinking like this on the surface, remember that most men truly want one woman who makes him feel that “soulmate” bond.

But I’ll be blunt with you.

98% of women have no clue how to make men feel this way and unknowingly make missteps that encourage men to lose love.

What women are taught as little girls about men was for another era that doesn’t work with today’s men.

How most women try to attract or keep men is what grandma used on grandpa.

Get what I’m saying?

Today’s women are at a loss with what men truly want from women.

Here’s a revelation that will open your mind forever.


How most women interact with men today actually causes men to become resistant to commitment and love.

Of course, most women don’t want that to happen… or are even aware that it’s happening.

It’s happening because of misinformation.

Today’s women are being taught negative ideas about men and manipulative tactics.

The double-wammy is, most men with any experience with women know this.

It plain DON’T work.

For example, many women run into men who don’t call/text enough.

So, she may say something like: “If you’re too busy for me, maybe we should just stop”.

Secretly, she hoped he’ll say “No!!” Don’t leave!!”.

But instead, he says “OK, if that’s what you want.”

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Most women are taught these kind of tactics by media, friends, other women etc.

Most tactics women are taught today are based on distrust of men and belief that men are loveless, heartbreaking, sex maniacs.

So, it follows that most women are never shown how to bond at deeper “energetic” levels with men (if men are “heartless”).

Some women come to resent men because they believe men don’t want love.


Most men are dying to be with a woman who knows how to connect at his deep energetic, emotional and spiritual levels.

If a woman just learns how to “speak his man language”, she’ll never worry about men losing love. 

She will know how to connect with men on a different level than he’s ever known.

It’s possible to evoke any man’s powerful, passionate AND thoughtful side for you, even if he has “emotional blocks”.

I believe ANY woman can.

I mean every word.

I’ve seen, shall we say, “aesthetically below average” women end up with attractive, down to earth men completely in love.

You just have to know how.

Who Is Brandon, & How Can He Help You With Men?

Over the last 15 years, tens of thousands of my students around the world have revitalized their love lives from my teachings.

Even in terrible relationship situations.

When I get success stories from students describing how they now feel complete love, energy and attention from their man, their minds are changed forever.

Look I get it.

Strange guy on the internet you’ve never met… you SHOULD be skeptical.

And always be your own “guru”.

I’d like to just to keep an open heart to teacher Brandon.

I think you’re going to be surprised by what you discover.

Creating a wildly romantic, longterm love with a man who’s emotionally addicted to you and wants to give you love everyday is easier than you think.

The wall between you and that dream is paper thin… and I’m going to tear down that wall for you.

You were born to experience the highest peeks of love. That’s your birthright

You just need to learn how to get it in today’s world with today’s men.

The Energy Men Respond To

I think we can agree that many women fear getting used, rejected or forgotten by a man they care about.

Some women get stuck in “friends with benefits” situations with a guys they’re in love with.

They want to stay close to him, but they’re afraid to lose him… so they stay in a heartbreaking situation.


Because they don’t know HOW to make him want more and are just hoping that he will eventually ask to get exclusive.

It almost never happens.

Other women are in relationships with guys who have become distant, cold, angry, non-communicative and don’t act like how he did at the beginning of the relationship.

Many women find a down to earth guy they feel instantly connected to who later pulls away even though she put great effort into the relationship.

Painful challenges like these come as a result of not understanding what “energy” men emotionally respond to 

And they also come from making certain mistakes in your approach to men.

If you ignite that special energy inside him and align your energy the RIGHT way and AVOID making these mistakes, you will instantly make him want to wrap you in love, affection, compliments etc.

The question is, what mistakes do most women make that stop men’s love? 

3 Mistakes Most Women Make That Make Men Pull Away

I’d like to talk about three common and deadly mistakes I see most women make with men.

I know you care about him deeply. You are an intelligent, loving and beautiful soul because you’re here seeking knowledge.

The problem is, many women think they’re doing the right things when in reality they’re making mistakes they’re unaware they’re making.

Most challenges in love come from not being aware of our big mistakes.

1. Becoming Overly Emotional

A huge mistake most women make is confronting men about a behavior she doesn’t like in an upset, emotional state.

For example, he:

This happens when a woman sees these hurtful behaviors from a guy but never tells him…
Or doesn’t tell him in a way he understands.

This causes women to obsess over those behaviors and “what they means”.

Rejection breeds obsession.

She’ll go through cycles of feeling upset followed by thinking “I shouldn’t feel this way.”
She saw the same behaviors like the last guy and doesn’t want to feel that pain again.

Eventually, the frustration of him doing it again and again makes her boil over.

Many women will then “talk” to the guy about the problem but with (understandably) tense, negative emotional energy.

Without realizing it, many women back men into a corner causing guys to get defensive.

She hoped he’d reassure her but instead he shuts down.

Most women take missteps in their “strategy” to cope with a man’s bad behaviors… and drive themselves crazy.

Many women feel they give so much, but men give very little back.

That’s because most women don’t truly understand how to communicate with men in a way that men understand and makes men want to meet all of her needs.

A guy who’s head-over-heels for a you will go to the ends of the earth to meet make you feel loved.

… And will champ at the bit to make you all his.

Men get defensive or act like a woman is a “nag” when he doesn’t want to say the truth that his level of emotional attraction is low.

If that happens, some women start fights or other “drama” out of frustration and a desire regain his attention.

This is the beginning of the end for most relationships.

Most women have no idea how to keep men’s emotionalattraction piqued, and this lack of knowledge is the source of a woman’s frustration in love.

Men want to get involved with women who are relaxed and know how to communicate their needs in a way that men “get”

Many women unintentionally cause men to retreat into themselves by approaching him with energy he has no idea how to handle.

2. "Forcing" His Love

Many women understandably want a man show his love on his own without asking.

The problem is, many women are afraid to allow him to show his love on his own.

They think if they do, he won’t do it.

So instead, many women set up situations  that make him show his love, like if he remembers her birthday or messages her first in the morning.

When he doesn’t do what she hoped, most women become frustrated.

This problem escalates because every time he DOES genuinely show his love and affection, she doesn’t know if he’s doing it because he really wants to or if it’s “fake”.

She feels like she has to force him into giving love and then distrusts what he gives because she worries it’s not genuine.

What you really want is for him to wrap you in his arms day and night on his own will.

That means you must “prepare the soil” of your relationship by knowing how to inspire his love.

You got to know what men REALLY want and deliver so that this problem never begins.

3. Making Men Feel Misunderstood

Many women act in ways that make men feel she doesn’t truly care about him.

I can hear you thinking “yeah right”, but it’s true!

This often happen when you focus too much on your own feelings.

Women can be very sensitive, and when they start feeling sad about a guy, it can consume her and make her blind to the guy’s real feelings.

This is especially true when women believe they understand a guy, but actually may not.

The bottom line is, if you don’t understand men and what they truly need to be happy in a relationship, you risk him feeling cut off from you and that will lead to him pulling away.

Grab Your Love Life "By The Balls" & Become His Goddess

Over the past 15 years of helping women get men to stay insatiably in love longterm, I’ve noticed several things that tend to happen to normal, good-hearted women.

These things completely STOP a woman’s chances of success in love with men.

First, many women sabotage their success with men by taking the wrong actions based on FEAR and misinformation about how to handle those fears.

This literally creates a situations where getting the love she wants is impossible.

Secondly, many women convince themselves the guy is the problem and nothing can change him. 

Men surely have big emotionally problems. 

But this is a self-defeating attitude that destroys a woman’s chances of making changes to herself that will make her irresistible to men.

Thirdly, there is a distinct gap between average women and women who are incredibly successful with men.

Successful women with men rarely share their secrets with other women.

That’s because they either:

Fourth, most women never realize there’s a big difference between creating physical attraction and  energetic/emotional attraction.

Looks alone won’t carry you all the way make a man fall in love longterm.

It only gets your foot in the door.

If a man is talking to you or having sex with you, he’s attracted enough for a woman to have the potential to create energetic attraction. Period.

But if a woman doesn’t do that, he’ll never truly fall in love at profound spiritual and energetic levels of his being.

After years of uncovering the truth behind relationships between men and women…

And studying psychology, sociology, sexuality, spirituality, shamanism, sex magik…

And learning under “experts” from Los Angeles, Montreal, Australia and the U.K…

I figured out the answers almost by accident.

If you’re ready to take control of your love life and get your man madly in love with you, inspire steamy sexual chemistry long into a relationship, take that chemistry up to the heart and create an unbreakable bond…

And start building a future together…

I have just finished the brand new second edition of a book designed for any woman to become a “goddess” with men.

The woman who gets love, attention and admiration effortlessly… and never has to worry about men getting cold or leaving.

My book is called Become His Goddess”.

This book is pure inspiration from beginning to end – just flow, fun and a method that is proven to work by many successes from women with the same root issues as yourself.

It’s a method that’s guaranteed to work in today’s real world by the laws of nature and was derived from the knowledge of masters of relationships and love…it’s no crap-fest written by a 83 year old TV doctor living in another era.

This book was written for the woman of today.

Experience has taught me that if you want to heal your love life (a very important thing) you need something powerful.

So with that in mind, I thought it would be cool to show you what a few MEN had to say about “Become His Goddess”.

Brandon, first I just had to say that I’m a guy and I found out that my girlfriend was using your Become His Goddess book with me. When she told me, I have to admit that at first I was a little angry at you, but I looked at your book and saw that it was actually very intelligent information. To give you some background, I was actually thinking about breaking it off with suzie. I felt kindof like i was being tied down and I honestly wanted to sew my wild seed see my options. to make a long story short, i don’t any desire to do that anymore, and it’s because of your heart consciousness lessons. Very interesting stuff. it’s really a great book and i think every woman out there needs to read this book you have here. Because was getting tired of being unattracted to women, not that i’m gay or anything. Anyway, i guess thank you a bunch for giving me an attractive girlfriend back. take care,

Cincinnati, Ohio

Being a man who found out later that my girlfriend had been using the tips in your book, I’m almost baffled that this stuff worked so well on me! I feel kind of used, in the good way! But what I really have to tell you Brandon that I appreciate is that you didn’t give my girlfriend jedi mind tricks to trick me into staying with her. You actually showed her how to be a great woman I want to spend a lot of my time with again, and for I have to sincerely thank you. Thanks again man,

Sacramento, California

As a man, while reading the ebook, it helped me clarify the kinds of qualities and behaviors I want to look for in women. Just reading about the feminine qualities a balanced woman has made me feel more masculine and polarized. Definitively a top 5 must reads for all future girlfriends of mine.

Los Angeles, California

Become his goddess is about transcending ego-centric relationships, and moving onto more heart-centered attraction models. Unlike the previous relationship approaches which tried to be logical and intellectualize attraction, become his goddess offers a more realistic approach for women’s relationships with men. And maybe a little bit for the guys too.

Miami, Florida

The guy at Yintegrity understand the ONLY way to go about relationships and life in general: truth and honesty, starting with yourself. For both women and men, problems finally dissolve and life becomes this amazingly fun and abundant journey it’s meant to be.

San Francisco, California

Even though I have not read the ebook I am an avid reader of the newsletters. The newsletters are platinum so I feel with 1000000% sincerity that the e-book is quadruple platinum. The material should be taught to every woman on the planet… If you want to be part of the next wave of Human Conscientious then Yintegrity is for you. Rise above mediocrity and achieve greatness………. spiritual greatness.

Nottingham, England

“After my girlfriend read through your ebook, I really realised how most women are really being these days. In fact on some levels it really upsets me, and on other levels the ebook really helped me to connect with women on a level I had never known before. As a scientist I had tried to reason with everything in a logical way, as that was the only way I really new and believed in. But through this ebook I jumped to another level, I realised that logic was only half of what I had to learn. I was missing the other half, but at the time I didn’t know this. After this realisation, I was able to connect on a whole different level to what I had previously felt possible. If I had been taught this before at school I would have saved a lot of heartache. Thank you for being such a generous and considerate being.

Northampton, England

Emails from real guys thanking me for teaching their girlfriends how to be goddesses.

Pretty cool, right?

So, here’s what you’re actually going to learn in Become His Goddess

A Few Secrets You'll Discover In "Become His Goddess"

How To Know If This eBook Is For You

As proud as I am about this special book, Become His Goddess isn’t for every woman.

If your have a man who you never worry will leave you, this eBook isn’t for you.

If you never get emotional, jealous or upset over his behaviors… this eBook isn’t for you.

If you make clear-headed decisions in emotional situations that make him love you more, this eBook isn’t for you.

On the other hand, there are chronic issues that plague most women’s experiences with men that don’t just “go away”.

Read through the list below and if you’ve experienced just one of them, Become His Goddess is probably for you.

However, if you find yourself saying “yes” again and again, you need to soak up every page of this book now:

The point is, I don’t really have to tell you if you need Become His Goddess.

If you need this powerful book, then you already know.

There’s a good chance there’s just one sentence in this book that will change how men look at you.

Actually, you’re likely going to read this book and have that happen many, many times.

And I want to you to have those beautiful “awakening” experiences.

Become His Goddess To Make Him Love You

If you’re a “goddess”, he has no choice but to love you.

Once you understand the fundamentals about what causes men to fall in love,  your problems will stop.

Men and women have known each other for millions of years and have these basic issues… weird right?

Now is your chance to change your fate regardless of where your man is at emotionally and what “issues” he has.

You’re just moments away from knowing these powerful secrets and having the ability to make any man give you non-stop affection, commitment, love and attention.

If you read my eBook 5-10 times and practice everything in it, I can virtually guarantee you’ll never worry about men leaving, falling out of love, shutting down or getting upset.

This information is that powerful.

Closing Thoughts

What would you give to wake up tomorrow morning to breakfast in bed, a note on your pillow with instructions for a treasure hunt in the day topped off with a candlelit dinner and loving gazes at night with the man you love?

How much is love really worth?

The fact is, no amount of money can buy love… maybe a valuable organ like a kidney.

What if he would simply look into your eyes and say “I love you so much” and mean it with no BS and be willing to do everything to make things work with you?

Is $100,000 worth just to see your man start to be your dream man?

Seriously. Would you pay $100,000 if you could guarantee endless love in your life?

I know many women that would do it in a heartbeat, and so would I.

Frankly, there is nothing more important than love. Nothing.

The purpose of life is love.

I know when you look back at this confusing time in life and chose empowerment, not only will you not believe how easy men really were, you’ll be proud of yourself.

And of course it won’t cost $100,000… or even a hundred.

So many women blow hundreds of dollars on new outfits or partying trying to forget the pain of losing him.

Or would you rather invest in your own success? And just get happiness from him?

When you speak a man’s heart language, he’ll never avoid looking deeply into your eyes and saying “I love you”.

I’ve priced this eBook package in the past at $49.97 and had many happy customers. 

But now, because I want it to be as easy as possible to read the information in this book, I’ve priced this package at just $27.97 $22.37 (20% OFF LIMITED TIME).

You'll Also Get Free Bonuses Just For Trying My eBook

secrets of commitment

In this bonus eBooklet “Secrets Of Commitment: Turning His Resistance Into Burning Desire To Commit His Heart To You & ONLY You”, I show you exactly why men avoid commitment, what specific words most women use around the subject that send a man packing and what words to substitute to get him liking the idea (hint: one of those words is in the title of this eBooklet!), how to “reframe” his mind to actually start enjoying the idea of committing long-term with you, and the “magic formula” to get him begging to commit his heart to you and stay with you for good, the way he would if you were Angelina Jolie.

Brandon, author of the Relationship Advice For Women eLetter

In this next bonus “The 4 Personality Types Your Man Finds Naturally Attractive” I take you through the different personality types that your man finds NATURALLY and magnetically attractive by the laws of nature, and how to develop your own natural personality to become insatiably desirable and attractive to your man on a biological, psychological, emotional and spiritual level. I also share with you why you attract the type of men that you do, and how you can become irresistible to the man you most desire… which eventually even helping to transform your current boyfriend’s personality into your “dream man”: listening to you, caring for you and adapting a “us against the whole world” attitude.

These bonuses are a $36.00+ value alone, but I’m giving this to you FREE.

When click the pink “Buy Now” button below, you’ll be taken to a secure ordering page where you can enter your credit card or Paypal information.

You’re transaction is completely secure.

After you have filled in your billing preferences and click the “submit order” button, your eBook will be sent immediately to your inbox as an Adobe PDF file.

Download the eBook and bonus materials to your computer or mobile device.

For the next week, start by reading the main material from front to back and when you have finished, spend particular time on the sections that stick out to you.

Most of all, relax and let the material soak in.

The material is designed to work for you, so soon enough your man will be more loving, affection, attentive and will want to be a man for you.

It just takes a minute and you will be knees deep in the secrets of being a goddess with your man.

"Become His Goddess"
Risk-Free Today

I know the second you start reading this book, you’re going to come across a sentence that will make you STOP.

It’s going to be an “enlightenment” clouds-opening-in-the-sky moment.

You’ll say to yourself “I can’t believe I never saw that. That makes so much sense.”

And suddenly, just that one piece of info and men make sense to you.

And you know what?

It’s not just going to happen once – it’s going to happen again and again as you read this book over the next days and weeks.

The confusion is gone.

The info in this book will change how men love you in ways you can’t yet imagine.

Don’t think “maybe later”. Act now before any further problems with him come up.

I’m not here to waste your time.

I know you won’t find a more complete relationship “how-to” manual that this.

When you’re ready, click this button to download “Become His Goddess”:

You’re going to wake up next him in the morning and have him cuddling with you all morning long and actually feel happy waking up.

He will support, respect and comfort you when you’re feeling down…he will want to face off against the world together.

You’re going to feel his love and deep intimacy, something most women will never be fortunate enough to experience.

Or he could leave you for another woman who can make it happen while you end up alone feeling hopeless that you’ll ever find a great thing.

The choice is yours.

What kind of power do you want with men, not just being pushed and pulled by circumstances?

What’s your ideal man if you could simply choose him, like choosing a color for your boudoir?

Do you want him to look at you with that undeniable glimmer in his eye?

Take care of you like you are his to protect?

Will you feel like the woman who deserves it? Will he feel fortunate to have you?

Just click or tap here to get your “Become His Goddess” (no brainer).

You’ll thank yourself later. 🙂



Wishing you the best of luck in your love life

P.S. Don’t allow men fall out of love with you. I can virtually guarantee you’ll have him telling you from the bottom of his heart how much you mean to him and you won’t end up completely alone. This eBook will show you the way to getting that deep emotional connection with a man you’ve always wanted but didn’t know how to get. I say that with 100% integrity.

More Unedited Quotes From Readers…

Brandon! I’ve been trying to send you this email all day! My mind has just been buzzing with so much excitement and joy its been hard for me to do well, anything! ha 🙂

After I got home and I saw him for the first time, things were ENTIRELY different. Just putting my energy in the right place made him worlds more attracted to me!

It was so unbelievable seeing him be so warm around me. Just like when we first met, and just that taste of love, I got from him thanks to you. I just knew I had to keep going! So I began manhandling him like crazy and I don’t know exactly what happened in him but something biggggg changed, and now he’s acting with me more deeply then when we first got together. it’s like heee actually matured!!

Its beyond anything I could’ve ever even imagined, and its only been about three days! I feel like he really WANTS to be with me now, and I’ve never felt so beautiful and relaxed in my entire life!! You’re a miracle worker Brandon! I feel so much hope for our relationship and I feel if I keep up doing all that you have taught me and really dedicate myself to him hat eventually we’ll form a connection with each other that is unbreakable. But for now I’m just going to live in the moment and enjoy every second we have together :). I cant thank you enough for all the time and energy you invested into my relationship, and for really believing in me! Thank You Brandon!! I’ll definitely be keeping in touch with with you to let you know how things are going with Charlie.


Brandon, from the moment I began reading become his goddess, I knew I had found something like nothing else I’ve seen before.. The way you describe men in the manhandling section, i’ve never heard the mysteries of why guys act like guys made so clearly before and why they act the way they do. You finally decoded the mystery for me!
Anyway I don’t want to waste too much of your time, so from my heart to yours thank you.
Brandon, I just want to say that i got you’re book because my boyfriend (now my ex) had left me. I had no idea what I was going to do, and I honestly felt like I was going to die from pain. I hope you know what I mean.
Luckily (thank god) I found you. I can’t tell me how much you and you’re products have saved my life. They have given me a new focus, and really what you’re book did was helped me to become a better and desirable woman.
Now you’ll be pleased to know that I have two men on my plate who are fighting over me to sweep me off my feet (who are much better than mr. ex) and I have to tell you Brandon that I haven’t felt this happy in a long time, and it’s all thanks to you (and me).
I just want to say thank you so much Brandon because you’ve given me another chance at life. 🙂 With all the love, respect and loyalty in the world.

Anchorage, Alaska

Yintegrity gave me a REAL imagination and a VIVID picture of how my role as a woman should be. Getting into this concept felt like coming home from a looong, dismal and abstruse journey.

I bet you know situations when you were confronted with something about yourself and it felt damn uncomfortable. I used to yell “Noooo, you’re wrong! It’s not like that with me!!“ Haha – in 99.9% I was facing an inevitable truth about myself.Maja from Berlin, Germany

Before Yintegrity, I was one of those people who thought that playing jealousy games and lying to your significant other are the only ways to mantain a relationship, thus it was no surprise that I’ve rarely had fulfilling relationships. When I got the eBook, I realised that it had a lot to do with me learning all the wrong things and not loving myself enough so I had a mindset overhaul and now my relationships are loads better and I feel great! Thanks Brandon!

Houston, Texas

This eBook has opened my eyes on so many levels. Afterwards I allowed myself to love me so much more. I had so much self-esteem afterwards that instead of sleeping I was lying in my bed shaking and giggling and jumping around for about two hours…I’m NOT Kidding. If you want to get rid of the self-doubts all the time then go and get this eBook.

Thank you Brandon! I appreciate it so much!”

Fulham, England

I have met Brandon… and I vouch, they seem ridiculously happy….I love this stuff! Though I am a guy, my thing is I tell every girl I am interested in about Yintegrity with the hopes that girl will be willing to sit down, talk about Yin-Yang philosophy. Ultimately, its my goal to find a girl who can dig Yintegrity philosophy and talk maturely about it. I tell all my guy friends to do this too. Having a girl willing to A) actually read a book on my suggestion and B) get into it and discuss it thoroughly is a great sign for me as a guy.

The book itself goes into details and the introduction is extremely eloquently written, and the rest of the book is a huge trip for me… Very interesting read and I know it’s true…

Orange, California

Hey Brandon,GREAT JOB! The book is fantastic, you are amazing!! Seriously, it’s really, really good, and I have read A LOT of books on relationships – this is seriously one of the most profound and helpful I have read.Again, it is EXCELLENT. And huge kudos for a such evolved YOUNG people. You give me (and many, many others!) hope!! My very best wishes… and here’s to better relationships.(Virtually jumps up and down with excitement!)

Love and hugs,

Frankfurt, Germany

Thanks a million! I am sooo soooo sooooooo in love with yintegrity! Where has this info been all my life? Seriously! You are brilliant. I only wish all women could know about this.Thanks also for the prompt reply and checking up on the status of my order. I really appreciate it. The professionalism and the way yall conduct business is just great. I wish you all nothing but success, love, prosperity, joy and peace.
Take Care,


Hi Brandon,It was one of the most amazing things I have ever read. I’m going to definitely ask my partner to read it as we both have big trust issues and get into huge fights about petty things thank you so much.

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Thanks a lot!

What a nice present will that be for my girlfriend tonight ;-)”


Hey Brandon,

I really enjoyed reading your book. Reading it gave me an overwhelming sense of excitement and optimism.

You rock!”


Hi Brandon,

Thanks again for your book… What I like about it is that while being funny, you don’t talk to your readers like they’re losers. YoSu don’t say things to women such as “are you tired of getting dumped/ disrespected.” That’s insulting. I bought the book because I want to advance my knowledge, not because I’m sitting on my bed crying because last week’s one night stand never called me back, and I was too drunk to realize that he never even took my number in the first place!!!

Best of luck,

Atlanta, Georgia


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