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If you read my Relationship Advice Articles, you know that I tend not to go down the direction of games, ploys, manipulation or “tricks”.

The truth is I like to make things really difficult for you…

But seriously there’s a very deliberate reason why I do this.

To heal your love life and relationship, you must first heal YOU.

To make a man attracted to you, you must first become attractive.

Let me explain.

Growing up in this world, I believe nobody has ever taught us the reality of  emotions, love, or relationships.

Some people try, but sadly those people who try to tell us aren’t much more mature than we were, if at all. So they teach us the easy way around the things they too are confused about, and one things that most people in our world are very confused about is the relationship and the opposite sex. We’re only ever been taught the easiest things, the tips and tricks, the “games”, what to say, the manipulation.

It’s hard to teach others, especially children, about something so abstract and intangible as emotions because they are so vague, so nobody bothers to. It’s out of their “jurisdiction”.

It is rare to actually be taught about our emotions: how they determine our love lives, how they transform us, how to take charge of them, and how to be HAPPY.

We all know we want that but HOW… and is it really possible?

What I go on and on about is just that, how to find HAPPINESS AND FULFILLMENT in relationships and love, but it’s TOUGH stuff! It’s easy to use a game to manipulate someone into getting what we want, but we often find we’re not happy afterwards.

It’s only for the ballsy and courageous woman who actually wants to see RESULTS and change in her love life with men. Who actually wants to see a big different in the way men respond to the real her.

The easy tricks and games will never get you lasting results with men… that is until you understand the deeper levels of your emotions and “being”.

The hard stuff is so “hard” because our society has virtually “brainwashed” us into always wanting to take the easiest, most convenient quickest way – Instant Gratification. We like to see results and we want them right now.

That’s why you see fast food, pain killers, and plastic surgery have become an epidemic multi billion dollar business in today’s world.

But those results always and only at best come halfway. We’re never satisfied with those results and we end up pissed and angry because of it.

The deeper, more enduring road must come first, and then later the “step by steps” come. If you try to take a rose and plant it in the desert, it will never stand a chance.

That’s because you’ve ignored the basics.

But, if you have a fertilized, hydrated garden with nutritious soil to plant the rose in with soft sunshine, it will bloom wildly and beautifully.

Your very foundation has to be changed to see any real results in your love life.

Your very Yin Feminine core has to be reworked to happiness and power rather than the weak, guilt ridden, worry state most women deal with.

Where are you going to get to in a weak, guilt-ridden state of worry?

To have LOVE come into your life, you must become more LOVING.

You can’t have love come into your life by feeling guilty, if you blame people for your situation, if you hate others or are angry at men, if you become easily jealous without putting in the work to overcome it. It will never happen! You can’t attract something so magnificent as love by feeling guilt. There is no way.

There is no tip or trick out there that will ever be able to help you with that.

You must learn to become empowered from the inside out, more aware of your emotions, of your situations with men, more intelligent, sharp and more loving. The more of this you have, the more the “games” will not only be of any use.

The games plan must come after everything else. Otherwise, no results will happen in your love life. Happiness must become your state of living, your state of being, your state of breathing and without any reason at all. That is preparing the proper soil for your love life.

Then love and happiness with a man will enter easily.

Just be happy! What have you got to lose?

That is when you will be ready to go deeper into the “rabbit hole” and learn the real game plan.

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