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Needy Paranoid “Boy” Becomes Confident, Attractive MAN…

“Oh my god!!! Brandon! I had just finished your love potion spell book like literally 6 days ago and am already seeing incredible results! My man was being very posessive and soooo needy and paranoid I was at my wits end like I was seriously thinking about leaving him. I couldnt do anything without him knowing, he was that crazy. Like One time i was driving home from work and I live in California so its illegal to talk on your cell phone when driving and he callrd once and i ignored it and then he kept calling like a over and over and over so finally at a red light i picked up and he was entirely convinced that i had been cheating on him, and he wouldnt even hear me out or listen at all he just went on yelling about me having some wild affair and then this cop pulled me over! and he totally gave me a ticket to top it all off! (but dont worry I guess cell phone tickets dont go down on your permanent driving record so im all good  but after the whole ordeal something happened to me in that moment and all of those mushy moments of how happy just came flooding back to me likehow it was when we first met about a year ago all the passion and love.

How he was so sweet and warm and how we would sit at home on friday nights watching jackie chan movies together and I realized how much i really really missed that… so I decided to finally take action, to just DO something about it! I asked everyone i knew for an answer but to no surprise they hadnt a clue so i began searching through out the internet and I tried all these other sites and services ebooks real books and i wasnt really getting anything out of it and i felt like time was running out fast, and things were getting worse and I was right about to give up and somehow as if by magic! I came across your site and I decided what the hell I’ll try his love potion spell book its free and it seemed things were already at the peak of disaster anyways. So I began reading and OH MY GOD it actually made sense!! Everything you said it was just so ridiculously simple and just so easy to do. If it wasnt for the man handling formula I dont even know where we would be. And I also began making positive anchors to myself and I honestly think i may have hypnotized him because he is just entirely different. Through your book I’ve uncovered so many new things about him too like I didnt even know he could be so romantic!

He is becoming so comfortable with me, we can REALLY communicate our feelings with each other so easily and I finally feel heard! Its incredible the amount we understand each other now! like I cant even BELIEVE this is possible! and so fast Like I’m still in shock lately I’ve had to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming haha and hes been giving me so much affection and freedom, and TRUST! ah! we are so in love again and I owe it entirely to you Brandon thank you soooo much you are godsent!!”

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