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Leaving Man Turns Around And Opens Up About His Fears Of Being A Boyfriend And Stays…

“Hello. I just read your love potion spell book.

It happened to come out right at a point when my boyfriend was leaving me. He
was leaving me because he is of a differeent religion and thinks in the long
run we wont end up together.

He says he has never felt this way or never will about anyone else. I was
trying to tell him to live in the moment and to enjoy how much we love each
other because a love like this is rare. I read the spell book and that night he
ended it, well he called me early this morning and we got together to talk.
I was going to use step one: surprise him with his favorite meal. However i
felt this to be a little desperate considering the current situation ( dont
worry, i will use that on him asap) i remembered to stay positive. The trick i
did use was to ask him to honestly tell him anything that he was holding from
me, considering he is generally quite honest with me, he did. He told me
evrything about our current situation, his fears, his religion. Most of which i
knew, he also opened up about his massive ego and how everyone thinks hes a
jackass, he thinks thats who he is but i tried to explain its his ego. Anyways,
after we had a bout an hour long chat, i remained calm and everything. We
decided to stay together and he decided he loves me to much. Well then i asked
him to give me a massage with oil and we had a very intense love making session
that lastd about 2 hours! Oh my oh my. The he actually washed my hair in the
sink it was so cute! I dont know why but he wanted to.

Afterwards he was acting strange, and i asked him why, he actually opened up to
me about his stress about finding a new job and school. I gave him honest
advice. He normally never opens up when its something small like that.
I still feel there is more he could of told me but it didnt happen. I do feel
closer to him…….what do u think? What now? How has this changed things????
I feel very calm and in control and honestly u helped me alot in a time like
this, THIS SPELLBOOK came at the prefect timing, i just kept repeating what i
had read in my head…flowing unconditional love…no judgement….I think it
really helped to keep me calm.
Please use this as feedback!!
With love

(THANK YOU!!!!!!)”

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