Many women have to deal with aggressive guys who hit on them often and won't stop.

Sometimes you try to tell these guys your very best without hurting their feelings that you're not interested, they're not your type, but they STILL persist. They think they're being “persistent” and attractive but you know that they're never going to get anywhere.

And it's especially annoying when you are in a relationship already and you're content with your boyfriend.

Approaching and meeting new people/asking them out on a date shouldn't be anything to be embarrassed about and it should be as simple as walking a dog or riding a bike. It's just another thing.

But the problem is that it DOES get embarrassing. It's embarrassing when a guy comes up to you you're not interested in and you have to shut him down, and it's embarrassing when YOU go up to a guy who you want to go out with who shuts you down.

You feel guilty for standing up for yourself and telling him “No”.

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