I’ve seen a few chick flicks in my day, and while they’re good hearted, they tend to be filled with unnecessary drama. ๐Ÿ˜‰

One movie, which had a particularly interesting piece of information in it was The Wedding Date, in which the guy in the movie (a high-class hooker) says in an interview with a journalist โ€œEvery woman has the exact love life she wants.โ€ I’m not a fan of marriage, but this quote is right on ball.

What exactly does this mean?

It means that whatever your circumstance your love life faces, you are making the choice for it to be that way.

If things are not going so well, you are choosing to listen to fear and hatred.

If things are going fantastically, you are making the choice to listen to love and happiness. You are owning your own power. But whether you listen to love or fear is not the point, the point is that the decision is your’s to choose.

If you begin to pay particular attention to the circumstances in your love life, you will see that somehow, there was a choice that led you to it. It’s hard to hear, but somebody’s got to say it!

But, many women get themselves wrapped up into a victim mentality. A victim mentality is the opposite of making a choices. A victim believes that all of the choices were made for her, and a victim usually lives her problematic life enjoying it.

Women, unlike men to a large extend, feel guilty for all of their problems. Women feel somehow to blame. But this is not true! You are not guilty, you simply have not taken up the responsibility of your love life yet. And there is a VERY fine line between responsibility | guilt.

Guilt looks to the past and to what cannot be undone. Responsibility looks to the future and to what can be created with what you have available to you right now. And let me tell you that no matter how many times you have failed, there is always room to change right NOW.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but women enjoy their problems! They go out to a bar and have a round of martini’s discussing man troubles. It’s a night out. The victim mentality is everywhere and it’s always being shown to you. It’s on TV, soap operas, movies, the theater, your mom.

People are rewarded for being victims and losing at life, being pushed around by the seas rather than grabbing life by the balls and making their own choices about how they want to live.
There is great fear that once she make the choice to live by her freewill, she will no longer feel valued by others.

A woman who takes responsibility for creating her own love life has the love life she has always wanted. Checkout this blog post to learn how to get more in touch with this.

When she lives by choice, validation drops away and instead of the validation once received from others, they become jealous. Most women have crappy love lives and they want you to live it right there with them. We are all selfish and want what’s best for us.

It’s like this: 10% of people grab life by the balls and the other 90% are jealous of them, and the jealousy is disguised in disrespect, anger, insults, rudeness.

But dropping the validation of jealous wannabes for the magnificence of love and happiness is more than a fair trade off ๐Ÿ˜‰

You are no one’s slave: you are a free being. This is simple truth. Even when you decide that you are a victim, still it is a choice to become a victim.

The very first thing to achieving the love life you want is to take responsibility. Nothing can come if that does not come first. Only haphazard events will come, and then you will be 40 in the blink of an eye and all of those haphazard events will cease. Then you will have to take responsibility! There will be no other choice!

A victim never gets the love life she want. A victim is always a half-hearted event. It can never be full of heart, because even she knows that she’s making the choice to fool herself.

It means that your life is your own responsibility and no chromosome, no friend and TV drama show is going to hold you back from making your own choices, and because of that, you are given tremendous power. You no longer have to stand by and watch things happen to you. You have the choice to make things happen for you.

You have the power to make your love life the way that you want it. I would not say it if I hadn’t experienced it myself.

You hold all of the marbles for your own love life. It starts with choosing to be a victim or to grab life by the balls.

With honor,


A relationship is one of the most illogical things. There is nothing wrong with this, in fact, this is one of the many things that make a relationship absolutely beautiful.

The problem comes when a person attempts to make a relationship something logical, something with reason.

Relationships, love, happiness, relaxation are all beyond the edge of reason. You will never know them by staying in what is familiar, staying in what you know and have taken apart and figured out like a Lego set. To be in a relationship, and to actually be happy in it, you have to let go of any kind of logic you are holding onto. You must through away the Lego directions and build whatever it is that is coming from within you.

Here’s a logic that many women are familiar with: “I feel like I need to be doing something right now, and if I don’t I shouldn’t be able to relax. I don’t deserve it. I don’t deserve to relax.” How ever illogical this sounds, it has a very fundamental logic to it. The logic being if she doesn’t do, if she’s inactive at any moment and not stressed to the brim, she is undeserving… but this is a complete irony! Because she does and feels compelled to be stressed, this is why she feels undeserving.

And this logic stems to even more of this kind. It begins to grow like a giant weed in a beautiful garden. Then it’s “I cannot love this person because I am too angry and unhappy” then to “I hate this person because they have wronged me”. The chain can continue to grow like this.

When you trap your love life into the realm of logic, this happens. Just how logic is a dead thing, the relationship becomes a dead thing. Finding love becomes a dead thing, mechanical. Love, the life force of a relationship wilts, dries up and turns to dust. You then find yourself bored and tired and struggling against those feelings of trying or becoming stressed to make this thing work.

To be in love with a lover, and especially yourself (which is most important), you have to forget any kind of reason for anything. There is no reason to feel happy. There isn’t a reason to be in love. Love and happiness are completely without any logic and are completely against it. When the logic goes out the window, then a very interesting thing takes place: one begins to relax finally.

It’s no wonder why science, society and every other logical entity is completely against it. It’s no wonder why our logical society is so devoid of love. That is very important to understand. It’s because love and happiness are of the most fundamental states of our being. It’s no wonder why everyone wants to be happy. They want to feel natural again, the way they did when they were 4 years old playing in a sandbox, escavating for buried treasure for absolutely no reason at all.

You can’t do anything to be happy, in fact it’s quite the opposite. The way to become happy, in love is to stop doing… to become relaxed. Relaxation is when you stop doing. You quit thinking, you give up your obsession of wanting to be perfect, you give up your need for approval from others, you let go of anything and everything your work stresses you about and you simply relax. This is the doorway to happiness.

By letting go, by relaxing, there’s a tendency for a fear to arise: “once I relax, things are going to go south.” You’ll be relaxed and things will begin to go wrong everywhere because you aren’t on edge to see what is going on. The blood vessels in your eyes aren’t bulgy, achy and red enough to watch for danger at every moment anymore. “If I let go, what will my life become?”

This is just another thing to be let go of. The logic has been running the show for so long that it has taken control of your entire being, like a virus. Logic is just a part of you, one that should be kept in its place.

You will see that as you begin to not do, you will begin to accumulate energy. You’re tanks will be filled and instead of running around on empty all of the time, trying to fill up at every moment only to waste what you had by taking the energy to fill up again. You will have a FULL tank.

And because you are full, you bring that same energy into your relationship.

Look, if you still think that relationships have anything to do with the other person, relationships are 80% you and 20% the other. As much as we want to believe that there’s someone out there that can solve our problems, it’s really us, and there will be many layers to go through. You will peel through one layer and then another will come up.

The trick is to just look at it as it does. No reason to do anything, just look at it as if you were looking at a bonfire burning away at night on a calm beach. Look at is as if you were looking at waves crashing as they came into shore. No need to put any effort into the layers that come up, you get more accomplished through not doing anything about it than if you were to try to do something. You don’t peel the layers off, the layers peel themselves off.

If we choose to live only in the logical world, that of rules, your job, streets, time grid, everything around you that can be measured, we will suck the life force out of ourselves, out of our relationships and we will live without love in the heart. We will be living out of harmony with our illogical nature and will continue to carry around a feeling of powerlessness.

If we learn to accept the illogical world, we let go of the need to do and just pull back and do nothing. Then a great beauty sweeps over us without any trying, without any doing. Without even wanting it, it just happens.

With honor,