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How Fear Destroys A Man’s Love For You

Do you ever feel that your emotions overwhelm you and mislead you? Read on to discover what you can do about this…

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Why “Games” Don’t Work With Men

If you read my Relationship Advice Articles, you know that I tend not to go down the direction of games, ploys, manipulation or “tricks”. The truth is I like to make things really difficult for you… But seriously there’s a very deliberate reason why I do this. To heal your love life and relationship, you […]

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Do Men Like Emotional Girlfriends?

Yes and no. In the traditional sense, no. A woman who does not meditate lets her emotions run her entire life. If she does not meditate, her life in in complete flux, 24/7, even while she is fast asleep! She's angry, upset, excited, elated, paranoid, jealous, afraid and loving all before the hat even hits […]

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