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Why “Games” Don’t Work With Men

If you read my Relationship Advice Articles, you know that I tend not to go down the direction of games, ploys, manipulation or “tricks”. The truth is I like to make things really difficult for you… But seriously there’s a very deliberate reason why I do this. To heal your love life and relationship, you […]

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Follow Brandon’s 12 Heart-Centered Tips about How to Be Irresistible to Men

Make Him Fall In Love Forever Learn What Men Really Want Brandon Martin Author of “Relationship Goddess” Follow Brandon’s 12 Heart-Centered Tips To Being Irresistible To Men What makes men feel a woman is psychologically and emotionally irresistible? Why do many women today experience men suddenly becoming disinterested, pulling away or shutting down… and what can you do about it? After […]

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Dating Tips vs. Authenticity

Dating tips, games and tricks boil down to these things: being aloof, playing hard to get, acting like you have a life, not acting needy, demonstrating value. Fact is this: these things work. They definitely work with many, many people. The second you throw out a lure of aloofness, people jump at the chance to […]

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