3 Signs To Know Without Doubt A Man Is Controlling Or Manipulating You…And What To Do About It

Let’s start off with a quote:

“Out of freedom you have come to me, so out of freedom you should be able to go. And, if you want to remain with me, out of freedom you should remain with me.”

We all know most relationships start out with a bang…and later end up getting filled with past emotional baggage, guilt and general distrust, especially when a man becomes emotionally unavailable and you feel you have no say with him.

It’s irritating, frustrating and very painful… especially when he’s being a jerk.

When we feel insecure in a relationship we feel this overwhelming need to control the situation, and that’s a perfectly natural instinct.

I’d like you to do something.

Read the quote at the top again…

Here’s an important thing to look at.