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Dearest Friend,

Relationships with men are neither easy nor fun for most women.

Most women feel powerless and out of control with men and their love lives.

But love can be extremely easy, enjoyable and rewarding.

If you have someone on your side guiding you through your biggest challenges with men and relationships to the love and power you deserve.

What you need is the power that comes from talking with someone who can make you understand your situation totally… and what to do about it.

Who will hold your hand and guide you to the love, connection, romance and joy you were put on this earth to experience everyday.

That takes crystal clear clarity that comes from someone who has an “arial view” of your love life.

That’s what makes relating with men easy, effortless and fun instantly.

The truth is, it’s easy to have the man you want want you back when you have good coach.

And live a blissful life filled deep connection from a man and shock your friends & family with your success.

If right now you’re in pain and frustrated over a man, then you’re at a pivotal crossroads in your life.

You are at a place where you have enough motivation to do something big about your biggest frustrations with men.

It’s only when we hit rock bottom that we realize the steps necessary that will give us massive change in our lives.

And often those steps are much bigger or more expensive than initially thought.

But when you stop to think about it, it’s a small price to pay for the amazing gift of love, freedom from pain and total control of of how much love we get in our lives.

What do most women do when they have pain?

They spin their wheels, fight with it and ultimately resign to failure.

And that breaks my heart.

When you’ve hit a wall with a man, that’s when it’s time to take the leap of faith.


It’s only when we’ve lost everything that we’re free to gain everything.

Whether right now you’re:

I’d like to give you the “inside” view of the specific man your dealing with. 

And show you how to easily shift your approach to make him fall deeply in love with you.

Sp that you’ll feel total power and control in your love life.

Ultimately, getting my coaching equals being able to live your dream love life.

After the many clients I’ve coached around the world, the one thing I’m most sure of is this:

Trying to find answers on your own to deep emotional, and tough issues with men can be nearly impossible.

That was my personal experience trying to figure out relationships, but I was very, very lucky to stumble upon people who were the real deal.

And while I don’t want to come off “conceited”, you truly are in that same position.

You’re lucky enough to have stumbled upon someone who truly knows what he’s talking about.

In a sea of “experts” and “therapists who don’t.

Many women ask me how I know so much about love, relationships etc.

The biggest reason is an intense drive to know more.

And that led me to learning directly under the right people who knew the answers.

The “catalyst” was finding someone I trusted, opening myself up to him and allowing him to lead me.

Unfortunately, the “relationship advice” field is full of people with limited knowledge and plagiarizers.

So it’s difficult to find a teacher you connect with.

As far as I’m concerned, you’re in one of the most safe, healing places for relationship advice right now.

Having a personal teacher is like having the key you need to unlocking your man’s heart.

You gain that much power in your love life.

You don’t need to struggle, cry or seek and search.

Once you find the teacher you trust, the teacher will take care of you.

And as Lao Tsu said twenty four hundred years ago:

When The Student Is Ready The Teacher Will Appear


I know how difficult love can seem. 

But it doesn’t have to be.

I want to make things easier for you by guiding you through it.

Here’s a list of topics I typically cover with my clients:

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After making your purchase below…

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At which point, we will setup a time for our session(s),  you can give me some background on your situation and exchange Skype IDs.

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A Note About Pricing

Many women see these prices and tell themselves  “I can’t afford it”.

Or “I’m not sure if I want to commit this much time/ energy to this.”

Story #1: “I Can’t Afford It”

If women gave up because of money, we’d have literally have no beautiful or successful women.

Clothing and makeup for example. 

This is a multi-billion dollar industry that women spend fortunes on because they believe it will make men love them.

Sure, many women want to look good for themselves. I respect that.

But let’s be real, women want to impress men too.

And they spend thousands on this stuff secretly hoping men take notice and give them the love story of their dreams.

Now, what if you devoted those resources towards something that will give you actual, measurable results in your love life?

If you don’t have the resources, you have to be resourceful. 

Do you consider yourself a resourceful woman?

Enough to make short-term sacrifices for long-term love your number one priority?

Or are the excuses greater than your desire for change?

Story #2: I Don’t Have The Time/Energy To Commit To This Right Now

How much time, emotion and energy are you currently devoting to your frustration in your love life?

If you think you don’t have the time or energy for coaching, it just tells me you don’t want to take on the effort of changing how you use your time and energy right now.

So therefore, what’s going on in your love life now is better than the effort to change it.

It’s all about perspective.

Many women are afraid to commit to their own success because they’re consumed with the “drama” playing out in their own life.

They devote MASSIVE time, emotion and energy to their pain.

Some women literally spend years doing it.

But getting coached, you will rapidly see transformations happen.

And feel empowered with men.

You will feel control over your love life, and how much love men give you.

It happens to virtually ALL of my clients.


Because I devote my total energy to each individual client to ensure it happening.

I’m committed to each of my student’s succeeding.

If that means going an hour over session to ensure they get an “ah ha!” moment, so be it!

Why do I bring that up?

To show you how committed to your success I’m going to be.

You’re faced with two options.

The first is the easiest – do nothing.

Don’t take a leap of faith, don’t invest in my coaching, and settle for what you’ve been getting up to now.

Honest question… How has that been working out for you?

I’m guessing (if you’re like many of my students) it’s been frustrating experience with men after another.

Your second choice is to make a small investment today – and yes, I said small because that’s what it is when you compare it to all of the love, peace and relaxation you get in return.

I’ve found that you can be good at committing to developing your skills with men or making excuses, but not both.

PLEASE READ: Acknowledgments To Be Accepted For My Coaching

Because my coaching involves my personal time and scheduling, there are certain things you must understand before purchasing your session(s):

Testimonial From A Client

Brandon- Ah- exactly- precisely- I sincerely want to thank you – thank you for being a down to earth intelligent and kind soul- you have no reason to help us gals- besides love. I have been through plenty of other break ups and relationships prior to this one- and as you so blatantly and clearly describe- mindless recklessness with tons of layers built upon each other wanting validation but thinking i want love , etc etc= you pretty much describe to a tee the way I have been in relationships in the past.

You wrote about my current situation with my ex- and I was wondering how the hell did you freaken know exactly — every detail that has occured in the past week and a half? I had already begun my meditations on my heart several weeks ago per your advice- and I have come to this amazingly peaceful , calm, and loving place , unneedy, unanxious, – and it is a fucking gem of an idea ! Brilliant! It was so fucking awesome to then actually be able to share this with my ex-

i did not say a word a first- and you are right – exactly- I had to carefully relax and only come from my heart and explain to him the realizations i have been going through and show him that i love him. His mouth dropped when i told him i loved him unconditionally- and that upon my meditations and relxations and simply unplugging of all the bullshit- that my heart is full of unconditional love . He said something i have never known before- he said- “no one besides my family has ever said they love me like that”… I explained how fear, anger, guilt (which is what characterized me when we were togther) cannot exist simultaneously with love- hence my inablitliy to be there and love him throughout our relationship- and indeed like you said- his standoffness did not diminish one bit- and his gut is leery and keeping him locked up tight stilll but even so-

my love was clear obvious and I carefully made no danger to his freedom , which he does love right now…

And- as you predicted- exactly- about a week and half ago- I reached the calmness, relaxed presently good feeling place and this simulataneously caused all neediness and impatience for him to disapear. This disappearance- then quite clearly gave him a somewhat safer feeling about approaching me which lead to the above conversation over dinner–. I really was not thinking in myu heart that he was ever going to approach me .

You rock !

And it is great that we are apart and he doesnt just want to take me back right quick- because nothing would change- and I love the way i feel right now= with or without him-

Thanks so much Brandon!

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