How To Defeat the FEAR, Over-Thinking, Neediness, Self-Doubt & Insecurity That's Killing Your Chances Of Finding & Keeping Amazing Love

Cleanse "Uncontrollable" Emotions & Renew Yourself Into The Goddess All Men Are Dying To Commit To

If You're Ready To Say "Goodbye" To Frustrating Emotions Like Insecurity & Loneliness That Are Keeping You From Enjoying A Loving & Stable Relationship With A Special Man Who Feels Deep Emotional Attraction For You... This Will Be The Most Important Letter You Ever Read.

Dear Seeker Of Truth,

If it’s okay with you I’d like to ask you a few very personal questions. As you read these questions, please try you’re best to keep an open mind.

Do you get easily depressed, lonely or sad over relationships?

Your self-esteem and happiness is linked to your relationships.

And when your love life is not what you wanted, you find yourself becoming lonely, sad and even develop depression.

Maybe he wasn’t affectionate enough, or maybe he did something to upset you… Or maybe he walked out of your life basically telling you you’re not “good enough” for him.

But you develop the feeling that you’re “not enough” or worthy” of getting the love you truly want or perhaps you’re not worthy to get the type of love you truly want.

And this triggered uncontrollable feelings inside you sadness, grief, anger, self-hatred, self-pity and low self-worth.

Do you ever "lose your cool" with men?

Maybe he wasn’t giving you the attention you wanted and that got you upset 

Or maybe he did something else that made you feel emotional, hurt or angry.

So you said things to him in heated emotional state that later you wished you hadn’t.  

You let your emotions take over without any ability to control yourself, which scared him and made him back off?

Have you ever been in a breakup where your emotions were on overload...

You knew it was making you act in ways that made him pull away from you… You couldn’t help it and every time you saw him, you were immediately flooded with overwhelming emotions like fear, grief, regret, and you couldn’t keep cool and be the type of woman he would want back?

Have you ever gotten OVERLY-EMOTIONAL with a man?

You find it easy for men to say or do something that “pushes your buttons” like when they act cold or “stupid”, and you react with pain or anger… you felt frustrated when you try to “control” yourself because the bad feelings got worse?

Have you ever seen a cute guy you hoped to talk to, but he didn't make the first move?

You felt intense FEAR grip you right in your chest at just the thought of approaching him. 

Nothing ended up happening… you felt rejected and regretted not just talking to him, but the fear was overwhelming.

You let him – possibly “the one” – get away?

Have you ever gotten insecure, dependent or constantly angry with a boyfriend?

You were in a relationship with a wonderful man and became emotionally insecure or dependent on him for YOUR own feeling of well-being… to the point where you literally drove him away?

Have you ever gotten uncontrollably jealous with a man?

Every time he didn’t give you enough attention it would create feelings in you like panic, anger and anxiety… It got to the point where he couldn’t take it anymore and pulled away and got distant. You were left regretting getting so jealous with him and feeling like you “shouldn’t feel that way”.

Have you ever overly-obsessed over a problem happening with a guy?

And couldn’t stop analyzing every word or action he said or did? Your mind drifted to WORST CASE SCENARIOS. “What if he’s cheating… what if he leaves… what if he doesn’t love me?” You wish you could just shut off your brain, but your emotions blanked you like fog?

Have you ever experienced any of these?

If you’re like many of my students, you’ve experienced these many times.

What’s the most frustrating part about going through negative emotions?

If you ask me, it’s as the painful situation is happening, you know deep down you’re the common denominator… no matter how much you try to rationalize:

It’s him. 

It’s the situation. 

It’s anything else.

You know just how out of control you felt, and if knew how to control these emotions, you wouldn’t have these (or any) problems with men.

Why Do Women Experience So Many Emotions?

Emotionally balanced happy woman.

You might be wondering… what qualifies me, a *cough* *cough* man, to talk about emotions…. especially female emotions.

Well, let’s get one things straight.

I don’t presume to know anything about your inner world, feelings or who you are.

That would be stupid of me!

My life's work has been to understand the inner world and unlock positive emotions like joy, confidence, love, self-power, relaxation and creative energy.

With that said, I’ve been showing women how to find success with men and relationships for the past 14 years.

My lifelong PASSION has been unraveling the mysteries of emotions, psychology, spirituality and “energy”.

Emotions have always been a passion of mine because I used to struggled with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and being completely overwhelmed by negativity.

I may be a guy, but it’s true!

Since that dark time in my life, I’ve been enjoying unbelievably high emotions and enjoying the fruits (relationships) of those emotions while helping many others to do the same.

What is happening in our love life is a direct reflection of our emotional world.

This is 100% true.

After studying psychology, emotions and “energy” for years trying to figure my own emotions, I realized my experience was a picnic compared to the stormy seas in many women.

Women have intense energy ever moment of every day. 

But, why do women have so many emotions?

Many women believe that men, parents, work and other external factors are the source of their negative emotions. 

But is this really true?

I’ve come to find that there are two main reasons why women experience so many emotions. 

The first is, it’s quite NATURAL for a woman to experience many emotions. 

But that’s an unsatisfying answer.

If that was the end of the story, then there would be no reason read on. 

So, I started to wonder…

Why do women deal with such constant, TOUGH emotions like loneliness, anxiety, fear and pain?

It’s hard enough for women to deal with the demands of their relationships, but women also have to deal with things going on INSIDE.

The answer that started to call out to me was: emotions like fear, anxiety jealousy, grief or guilt are SCARY & CONFUSING.

Pretty obvious answer right? Not exactly.

Most women don’t know how to deal with negative emotions in a way that releases the energy and allows free flowing love, joy, confidence and childlike innocence to return.

We feel powerless in front of fear, we have no control… we don’t even know where it is!

Is this really just a part of being a woman? 

And if not, how do you “get control” so that negative emotions stop?

The answers I discovered are extremely interesting to say the least.

This first is a secret that I believe will help you deal with your emotions immediately.

Transforming How You See Negative Energy

What I learned was when most women encounter a strong emotion – for instance FEAR of a man losing interest – they fixate on that emotion and fight with it. 

For example, if a man starts pulling away, many women seize up with worry and sadness and become “hypnotized” by those feelings.

They then start hating feeling that way and force herself to “control” those feelings.

Some women tell themselves “I shouldn’t feel this way” and are extremely critical of themselves for feeling what they’re feeling.

However, other women dive into a “pity party” not knowing what else to do.

But I’ve come to find that…

In the "emotional world", RESISTING negative emotions only INTENSIFIES them!

In fact as I’ve come to find from mystics, yogis and psychologists, when we reject an emotion, it goes “underground” and affects us from the sub-conscious mind without us even knowing what’s happening.

There are two critical understandings here.

First, rather than reject a negative feeling, ACCEPT it. 

E-motions are energy in motion. 

When we reject an e-motion, instead of flowing they get stuck. 

The second is rather than “forcing” an emotion away, have a strategy that can RELEASE negative emotions and calls forth love, relaxation and bliss.

This make you the MASTER of your emotional world and love life.

But deeper than this lies another issue.

Why Most Women Don't Have Balanced Emotions

There is a reason why most women will never have balanced emotional energy, confidence and true power in their love lives.

No matter how hard they try or “front” that they’re confident.

It comes down to one word: Pride.

Many women are extremely embarrassed over their emotional challenges and don’t want others knowing about it.

Many women get defensive simply if a man says a woman is “being emotional”. 

The EGO sees admitting one has challenges with emotions as failure, weakness, a nobody, garbage.

Look, one of the most difficult things to admit ourselves is that our emotions are out of control at times. In fact, they can be down right crazy.

There’s nothing shameful about this, especially here where you’re completely safe and won’t be judged.

I’ll let you in on a secret… you’re NOT alone.

Most women have extreme difficulties with their emotions – sometimes for their entire lives. 

And those emotional blocks – without even knowing it – are holding them back from every being happy.

In fact, the most sexy, “confident” and beautiful women in the world are often the most insecure or miserable.

I know from having coached many of these women.

All Negative Emotions Come From FEAR

Every negative emotion you experience – like sadness, loneliness, anger, jealousy, insecurity, shame etc. – stems from FEAR.

The deepest fear most women have is ending up alone.

But that fear is too intense to deal with.

So, the ego has a clever trick to stay sane.

It turns fear into blame; blame towards the world and men for making this situation.

This helps the ego preserve it’s self-image… that others are to blame for what it fears.

So fear turns into anger and distrust towards the world.

But the reality is, all anger is SELF anger; self- anger for not being strong enough, beautiful enough, smart enough ect.

Under anger are feelings of unworthiness, self-sabotage and low self-esteem.

If you open up and cleanse the deeper layers, a “domino effect” happens and every other layer clears itself automatically.

Sadly, it’s “normal” for most women… even though fear and every emotion that stems from it is more responsible than anything else combined for destroying a love life and stopping love from being a reality.

Thing is, if we don’t get honest with ourselves about our feelings, they will get bigger and take more control.

And those feelings will create new, bigger problems in life and love. 

If allowed to continue, negative emotions will take control and destroy our love lives.

The Hope Of "Getting Control" Of Your Emotions

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way!

There is A LOT you can do about it that will INSTANTLY change the direction of your emotions and love life with men. 

The question is, how do you get rid of negative emotions… emotions that seem so powerful like fear, guilt, pain and grief, anger or self-doubt? 

In order to get to those answers, we have to answer a BIG question: 

Where do Negative emotions Actually come from?

And where do POSITIVE emotions like courage, joy, pleasure, love, happiness and confidence come from?

The answer is… 

Emotional energy comes from our "Chakras".

The degree to which your Chakras are open is how much you will experience positive emotions. 

What the hell is a “chakra”?

That may not mean anything to you yet, but it is everything and you’ll soon see why. 

But before I unravel the mystery of the “Chakras”, we need to address a big question mark that may be on your mind…

"Can I Honestly Change My Emotions?"

It seems “impossible” to change seemingly ingrained emotions like fear, worry and anxiety.

When these feelings come up, they seem overpowering and like we can do nothing about them.

The phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” comes to mind here. Since you’re a lady, perhaps we’ll change the phrase to “You can’t teach a divine thousand year old goddess who looks 25 new tricks”. Hahaha

In today’s world, it seems we focus on “coping”, “dealing with”  or worse “fighting” negative emotions rather than becoming vibrant, powerful, ecstatic or confident.

Let me give you a parable to help answer the question "Can i change powerful uncontrollable emotions?"

For thousands of years there laid buried a treasure of immense value – millions and millions of dollars worth of gold and jewels.

Excavators and archeologists searched for this treasure for hundreds of years without finding a trace. 

People became convinced the treasure didn’t exist or was a myth.

That was until one treasure hunter found a MAP.

Within HOURS of her finding this map, she found the immense treasure.

So, what’s this story really mean? 

Just because you’re having trouble finding emotional bliss doesn’t mean that it’s not there hidden.

All you need is a sort of “map” directing you past the obstacles (negative emotions) and to the treasure i.e. your inner bliss. 

That’s what I’m going to show you today.

Most women give up on feeling confident and inspired in themselves and become depressed or drug themselves to numb the pain. 

They repeat cycles of self-sabotage in their relationships because they never figure out:

But I’m not really here to talk about depression or how to manage it. 

I’m here to talk about transforming negative emotions like depression into positive energy like joy and confidence.

The Truth About Negative Emotional Energy

What many women never come to be aware of is negative energy and positive energy are the same energy!

This is why crying can so quickly turn into laughter – because laughter and crying are two poles of the same energy.

So, when you FIGHT negative emotions, you’re actually fighting the positive emotions too and stop yourself from feeling bliss.

We must properly process negative emotions through the chakras, and when we do, those negative energies and transformed into positive energies.

Sadness becomes joy. Guilt becomes deservingness. Shame becomes self-appreciation, fear becomes relaxation. And so on.

This is why you should never fight with your negative emotions, and rather start accepting all of your emotions even if they’re unpleasant.

The moment you accept negative emotions, the process of those negative emotions RELEASING has already begun.

I’m not saying to bask in negativity like a pig in mud.

But what I’m saying is to give them a space to exist without pushing them away or judging them.

This acceptance will instantly start transforming those energies and your mental state about how you deal with emotions.

Begin accepting yourself fully as you are.

Because truly, you are acceptable, and you are truly loved by existence. 

Your place in this cosmic universe will never be taken by anyone else. You are completely unique and special.

Undeniable Proof You Can Transform Negative Emotions

And easily without drugs or costly therapy.

So, why do you experience imbalanced emotions like fear, anger or low self-esteem?

Is it the man? 

The relationship? Or something else.

After years of studying the psychology of emotions in women, I found that the answer lies within what a woman needs most at her core…LOVE.

Almost all imbalanced emotions come from an inability to love yourself unconditionally.

Sure, many women appreciate themselves: their unique qualities, beauty etc. but take those things and the love of family, friends or a lover away, and most women feel lost.

I believe there is nothing more important to you than your relationships. And if you feel guilt and worry for causing problems in your love life … you can create PANIC… and THAT panic will ripple into your relationship and cause men to pull away.

The point is, you must learn how to let go of guilt, worry and fear and feel SELF-LOVE before you’ll ever truly have the love of a man.

You must learn how to TRULY love yourself, or you will see men lose love for you too.

Here is the second part.

If you learn to balance your emotional energy inside, your whole love life will become full of love, joy and peace instead of a constant uphill battle.

But with so many different options out there, it gets confusing where and who to turn to.

Your Emotions Create Your Relationships With Men

Men can be quite difficult to deal with especially when they act hurtful, rude or like a dumbass.

But from my experience coaching women with falling apart love lives, it’s almost never her relationship that’s falling apart. 

It’s that she THINKS it is.

In the movie “The Wedding Date”, Dermot Mulroney (the male interest playing a male escort) says…“Every Woman Has The Exact Love Life She Wants”.

I believe he is absolutely right, but what exactly does this mean?

The deeper truth of this statement is, because many women feel unconscious unworthiness of love, they unconsciously choose pain, drama and anxiety.

Many women object when I say this and say “I do feel worthy of love”. 

But I’ve found their “worthiness” based on things like external things, like look, status, friends, family etc. 

Without these external things, most women feel unworthy.

Relationships reveal our soul’s truth the deeper we’re in them.


The deeper truth is, if you create drama, fear, pain and anxiety with the man in life, you will “attract” sour love life.

You must understand this very, very important point.

Most women do this because they just don’t know how to “choose” confidence, power, relaxation and joy because of an unconscious habit to choose pain and drama.

Notice how none of this has to do with men?

The first step is taking responsibility.

The fact is, if you don’t take charge of your emotional health, you won’t see men respect and love you and have a deep urge to want to take on the world with you.

Instead of choosing drama and pain, you must learn how to remove feelings of unworthiness, fear and choose love.

Transforming Your Energy From Negative To Positive

If you’ve ever gotten hurt by a man who was pulling away and asked him “What’s wrong?” you probably noticed he went into “avoidance mode”.

Other than him being a jackass, why did this happen? Here’s the deep layer of psychology in the situation.

Many women in this situation already know why he’s pulling away: because she’s acting needy, overly-emotional or creating drama.

The problem is, he’s not listening to your words, he’s listening to your ENERGY.

Your energy goes on to creates your emotions, body language, vocal tonality, attitude, attractiveness and happiness.

And this all goes on at a unconscious level.

This is why we must focus on the unconscious level, or we’ll continue the same emotional habit and will never keep  long-term change.

The unconscious controls all emotional habits, especially your relationship habits. Your “energy” creates your love life.

But as you probably know too well, making yourself be & stay confident & happy can be confusing & frustrating.

In fact, it seems hard to get your emotional energy right. The good news is I’m about to show you…

The Easiest Way You've Ever Seen To Balance Your Emotions

A woman a few years back came to me for help.

She said her boyfriend was “tired” of her and felt unsatisfied, and she was visibly upset about it.

She said “What is HE doing? He does nothing and never even notices how much I do for him!  And then he pulls his affection away from me?”

She was obviously hurt and just wanted his love, but he was no longer showing that level of interest.Many women have this problem of giving and giving but not receiving.

I said “That’s understandable, but did you stop to think about why you did all of these things for him in the first place? It was for the need of his love and validation. This shows that you value his opinion of you more than you value your opinion of yourself. When he doesn’t notice, because your intentions are not aligned and you’re unable to communicate to him because of resentment. You don’t yet love yourself unconditionally and that is the root of the problem.”

So I introduced this Emotional Balancing System to her and told her to use it every day for 90 days.

At that point, I had never told a student about it and wasn’t sure what would happen, if she would be able to keep up with it, or if men would really respond to the balanced her.

But by the end of those 90 days her and her boyfriend were engaged… she then left him and had two other high quality men ask for her hand in marriage and then deciding to come back to him after realizing she truly loved him.

When your emotions are balanced, “ridiculous” things become possible… in fact unbelievable, strange things like this are possible.

The trick is to go inside and “uncomplicate” things. Here’s one of the things I taught her.

Your Emotions Start With How You Breathe

The Emotional Balancing System is this simple, and yet far more complex and complete.

This program comes down to “deprogramming” your negative emotions, getting rid of the fear, anxiety, guilt, self-doubt and self-hatred that has piled up over the years.

Then opening the emotional system inside of your body up to love, happiness, joy, peace and clarity.

My job is to make this as EASY as possible for you to do, because I know what it’s like to go through very tough, frustrating times emotionally.

And I do that by going into your bodily emotional energy centers called “chakras” and reworking them and healing you.

The bottom line is your energy, emotions and chakras are the CORE of your love life… and if you don’t have balance energy, emotions and chakras, you’ll never have the success with men you want and deserve.

I’ve tried MANY “balancing” techniques, I’m talking hundreds, but none are as effective, successful, easy and POWERFUL and proven as what’s in this program.

The Secret Of Emotional Wellness

As you already know, Chakras are very real spiraling pools of energy in your body that link your mind, emotional states and body all together. And when they are blocked from trauma in life, they cause negative emotions and of course spill over into your love life.

And if you still don’t believe chakras are real, just think of a time before a first date with a hot guy and you had those “butterflies” in your stomach.

Or imagine looking over the side of a 57 story hotel balcony and feel the weakness in your knees go up your spine.

Or when you broke up with a man and you felt as if Hulk Hogan was tightly gripping your chest and an explosion happened deep in your gut in your pelvis.

These are the Chakras at work in the body, and where the emotions arise from.

Now these examples are negative occurrences when the Chakras close, but you’ve experienced the positive ones too.

When you’ve been in love, you felt your heart flutter and soar.

When you’re deeply attracted to someone you feel it in the pit of your stomach.

When you’ve been passionate, you felt a “fire in your belly”.  When you finally spoke your truth to somebody, you felt as if a floodgate had been released from your throat and there was a great sense of relief.

When the Chakras are open and flowing, it’s as if you can become super woman on steroids, and people around you respect, love and appreciate your presence, power and unconditional love.

You speak with clarity, you hold your ground easily, you have a deep, undeniable sense of self-respect and love, you’re sharp and intelligent even in stressful situations and your power is felt without you saying a word.

When I say your confidence begins to rise to “celebrity” status, it’s hard for a lot of women to believe that.

But the fact is the charkas are extremely POWERFUL if you harness and balance them.

But we’ve yet to talk about…

How Do Chakras Fit Into Your Love Life?

Famed psychologist Carl G. Jung once said “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

That’s a fancy way of saying: once your energy touches a man, you transform his energy to yours. 

I believe a woman’s energy is always more intense than a man’s…and depending on the energy, the “reaction” can be good or very bad.

And your energy all comes from your chakras.

Even if men have set you back, if you don’t set things straight now, love will always just be just a fragrance, but not the whole flower.

If your Chakras are balanced, open and fluid, men will respond to you like a fish on a hook.

But if you are getting undesirable response from men, you don’t get appreciation, love or respect, unfortunately it’s not about him, chances are it’s about you having one or several blocked Chakras.

So let’s talk about Chakras.

There are seven Chakras in every body that go from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, and each charka center is responsible for a certain type of energy.

Not sure Chakras truly exist?

We’ve already been through the chakras together in an eLetter I sent you, but again I’ll show you a few ways to figure out if you have a blocked chakra.

Imbalanced Chakra Quiz

Chakra #1: Root Chakra

Chakra #2: Sacral Chakra

Chakra #3: Solar Plexus Chakra

Chakra #4: Heart Chakra

Chakra #5: Throat Chakra

Chakra #6: Third Eye Chakra

Chakra #7: Crown Chakra

The questions you have just asked yourself are intense. If you said “yes” to five of these, you may have many serious blocks in your chakra system that must be healed in order for your energy to flow.

If you said yes to at least one question in each Chakra, you likely have a many blocks Chakra system that are causing you more fear, skepticism, unhappiness, pain and loneliness than you might want to believe. Just one block can dam up the whole stream leaving you feeling tired, afraid, tense and insecure. But if you marked more than five, then you should pay real close attention to what I’m about to say.

Here’s the equation for a love life…

The bottom line (or heart line) of your love life, relationships or dating experience is that if you are balanced, happy, have rid fear from your life and have made pleasure your business you will being able to accomplish things with men and your relationship you never imagined possible.

I’ve balanced my chakras personally and have seen my love life soar.

I’ve taught many of my students the chakras WITHOUT this incredible easy-to-use program, and they’ve seen their relationships become unbelievably fulfilling.

And now it’s YOUR turn.

If you’re finally ready to eliminate fear, anxiety, depression, self-doubt and aggravation in your love life with men…and show men what you’re REALLY made of, I’ve just completed a new program that is designed to do just that from a 3,200 year old chakra balancing system.

That’s why I created my acclaimed program: 

“The Emotional Balancing System”.

The principal of this program has worked for THOUSANDS of years… much longer than what western medicine has come up with. 

It has been kept “underground” until now, and it is guaranteed to work by the laws of your own body chemistry and psychology.

It’s a work of art if I say so myself, and it’s literally like imprinting art onto your subconscious mind and chakras.

This Emotional Balancing System is so sacred that I personally bless each copy that goes out.

It is NOTHING that you will ever see in a therapist office or waiting in line at the grocery store. This is the true, underrated secret to lasting balance that the big companies would sooner not want you to know about.

How Does This Program Work?

This program is broken up into seven guided meditations to balance and restore each Chakra.

In cases you’ve never heard of a “guided meditation”, I’ll explain.

It’s an audio track where you listen to my voice completely relaxed with your eyes closed as I “reprogram” your energy through your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is the master of all emotions. If you change the subconscious mind, you change your life.

Now here’s your part.

Basically, you do NOTHING. In fact, the less you do and the more you completely relax, the faster you will start to see changes.

Lay down in a comfy chair or on a bed, get real comfortable with your favorite pillows and blanket, put on some headphones and maybe a night mask and RELAX and listen softly just allowing my words to pass into your head and enrich you.

And whether you hear my words or not does not matter because your subconscious mind will pick up on them.

Sounds hookey spookey doesn’t it?

Sounds a little too easy doesn’t it?

Perhaps, but the fact is has been proven to work and I have many clients who have attested to this program changing their lives.

All you have to do is be receptive to my voice and allow me to guide your subconscious mind to confidence, self-love, power, clarity and security, and when you come out of the meditation, you will feel revitalized, nurtured and like a completely empowered woman.

It’s that simple.

This is a method that has been proven to work thousands of time by some of the top psychologist, hypnotists and NLP practitioners from the top universities.

It’s even the method that the Germans innovated during the 80’s to dominate the Olympics…which set a standard that all major competitive modern athletes now use.

Is It Safe?

I’ve spent ten years researching neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive-behavioral psychology, meditation, charka work and hypnosis, and I would NEVER put any of my students in danger.

I have used these meditations on many men and women and have never seen an adverse affect from using these guided meditations. So I say with 100% integrity that they are 100% safe. With that said, please check with your doctor if you have any health issues or concerns when using this program.

"How Do I Know If This Program For Me?"

The Emotional Balancing System isn’t for everybody. Let me explain.

If men are naturally in love with you long into relationships without resistance and you don’t worry about him getting distant or leaving, this program probably isn’t you.

If you never get emotional, jealous, angry, or worried over man situations…and you’re sex life is right where you want it, then this program isn’t for you.

If you make clear decisions in stressful situations or arguments that result in a boyfriend becoming more in love with you and leave you feeling more confident with men, then this program may not be for you.

Do you see where I’m going?

On the other hand, there are chronic issues that plague most women’s experiences with emotions and love that just don’t “go away” as much as we would like to believe they will.

Read through the list below and if you’ve experienced one of these situations, I highly recommend the Emotional Balancing System for you. However, if you read through and start tallying up more, you NEED to get this program immediately:

The point is, I shouldn’t need to tell you whether or not you need this program. After reading this letter, you should already have a good idea whether you would benefit from this program or not. There’s a good chance that the one thing you need to heal most in your emotional being will be eliminated by this program.

Balance Your Emotions & Chakras To Make Men Love You

I hope I’ve said it enough times that you truly understand the importance of your emotional energy and chakras.

There’s nothing more attractive to a man than balanced emotions…not even good sex, beauty or money…or Playstation. There’s also nothing more horrifying to a man than a woman with imbalanced emotions… not even death, war or… Rosie O’Donnell.

And there’s nothing that will improve your own feelings of unconditional self-love, confidence, self-appreciation, fearlessness and relaxation for yourself.

But seriously, when I look back at the women I myself have gotten into relationships with, rarely are they the “hottest” girls you’ve ever seen.

Why? Because energy outweighs looks every single time. Rarely do the hot, attractive, powerful high-qualities guys actually COMMIT to hot women just because they’re beautiful. Men only commit to beautiful women when she has the right emotional energy.

They mostly end up in relationships with the “average” looking girl… but that girl has something more than average. She has HIGHLY attractive emotional energy. That’s the reason why I made THIS program with the CHAKRAS rather than any of the other methodologies I’ve been through…

Why This Program Is Different

Before we go on, I’d like to share with you why I believe and know The Emotional Balancing System is completely different and why you will benefit in unimaginable ways from it.

Reason #1: Learn "Emotional Health" to become the woman men need a HEART-CENTERED, UNCONDITIONAL LOVING CONNECTION with.

There’s a ton of “emotional health advice” out there and you’re absolutely welcome to use and discover any of it.

I have been through most of it and I will say I’ve never seen a program that shows how to create balanced emotions specifically for your love life. I have spent years learning from “inner circle” masters of relationships (the type of people who teach almost no one) how to precisely build self-love and confidence easily and quickly… where fear, anger, jealousy, guilt and shame are done with.

I’ve put a lot of time and energy showing how to enjoy THAT experience and leave behind the constant fear that men will leave you or drop a similar bombshell… only to have the same thing happen in the next relationship.

You won’t find anything else that even comes close to this program.

I’ve soaked ALL of the information out there in and refined what doesn’t work and put everything that DOES work into this program.

In a few minutes, I’ll back up this claim and make an offer  that you’d be crazy to refuse.

Reason #2: This program focuses on healing your Relationship Success Issues at the ROOTS.​

Most women don’t understand that their emotions and energy effect men’s behaviors and reactions towards them…and the secret is neither do most men.

The reason why I first created this program was to correct the deepest levels of your being, and push the “delete” button on all insecurity, anger and frustration in you that is compromising your love life.

Much of what I’ve used before tries to glaze over the problem, instead of addressing it. All of my female friends know that the most important thing in their live is their relationship, so why try to avoid the problems?

But so many people over their almost try to “brainwash” women into thinking that their emotions are bad, and that they’re bad for being emotional.

That’s BS.

What I’m saying is if your emotions get undesirable with men, don’t see it as a problem, see it as exactly what needed to happen. But If you glaze over your own energy, you will always fail to bring love into a love life…because then you go into denying your emotions, and many problems come up from doing that.

When you’re working on that level, your man loves and respects you effortlessly.


Simply because you put yourself into a group of women the likes he’s NEVER seen before. You will heal even a lifeless corpse of a love life.

Meditation four, the heart chakra meditation allows you to create a love for YOURSELF that you may have never felt consistently…and there’s no man on earth who can resist you if you have self-love. Once you begin practicing balancing your energy, you get an almost “unfair” advantage above other women.

Reason #2: This program focuses on helping your Relationship Success Issues at the ROOTS.​

On rare occasions, there are lucky women who naturally get how to trigger a man’s deepest layers into falling for her, because her energy is so balanced…and luckily I’ve had the privilege of getting to know some of these women (and even getting into relationships with a few).

These women have a special something that most women have never had the opportunity to have until now.

But all too often women are taught to be someone else to get what they want a.k.a. “be nice, be pretty, be polite, be sweet, put on a smile even though want to cry right now” but this is wrong and doesn’t work. You must go INSIDE, not just put cosmetics on the problem.

When you have all the tools available at your fingertips you can be happy and confident being YOURSELF with the man in your life.

Reason #2: This program focuses on helping your Relationship Success Issues at the ROOTS.​

Even the most established “self-help experts” have certain secrets they don’t like showing the public, and this is why most help doesn’t get you real results… and often make you even more stressed and worried.

It’s hard enough just finding some love in life. And if you don’t have the FULL story, you risk messing things up badly….and that’s why I do what everyone else is afraid to.

I give you the REAL deal. This is no “made to sell” program. This program is a powerhouse of rebuilding your emotional state. I wouldn’t have released if I didn’t absolutely know that with 100% integrity.

Reason #2: This program focuses on helping your Relationship Success Issues at the ROOTS.​

There’s nothing that feels better than being your vulnerable, natural, dorky self around a man and not having a care in the world about something your hiding… for instance that you tricked him into loving you with a tactic.

It’s nice to have “tricks” that get men attracted to you, but we all know it isn’t strong enough to create a REAL bond in an intimate relationship.

I believe that there isn’t a man on this planet that you “have to” trick into loving you, and I believe any woman can attract men without tricks. Honesty and integrity makes you MORE attractive and lovable.

In fact, the most successful women with men I know have honesty and integrity at their gun holsters at ALL times.

And in this program, I’m going to show you how you can develop your own honesty and integrity from the roots up and become the most desirable women he’s ever laid eyes on.

You’ll finally have the comfort of knowing that men are attracted to the real you, and you’ll no longer think “does he really love me for me?”

Reason #2: This program focuses on helping your Relationship Success Issues at the ROOTS.​

If you’re currently dealing with a stressful situation like a breakup or a relationship that is going south, this program was made with you in mind.

If you’ve read popular “relationship” books that have come out recently, maybe you feel that those author’s advice falls short when it comes to making sense of men and your emotions. 

I’m not saying other material is “bad”…some of it’s very good. But sadly, many “experts” think in an outdated way.

The Emotional Balancing System is the way of the future.

I feel that I understand the true challenges today’s women face with men, and that’s why I created this program. It’s time to be a GODDESS with men, and this is the puzzle piece, the blueprint to put you emotionally into that unbelievably powerful state.

Reason #2: This program focuses on helping your Relationship Success Issues at the ROOTS.​

Most of this program hits into the core problems of relationships with men from the emotional view point.

This program is not impotent and doesn’t have “E.D.”. This program was only created with highly potent energy behind it, and you’ll feel that when you lay down to do to the meditations.

I show you exactly what needs to be done at the toughest emotional blocks to get the very most out of your relationship and your man.

This program is only for a woman who is TRULY ready to get her love life handled.

Reason #2: This program focuses on helping your Relationship Success Issues at the ROOTS.​

One of the most common responses I get from readers of my book is how much more relaxed, happy and confident they feel about themselves afterwards.

They tell me they feel better than they have sometimes in years.

This makes me happy because that’s one of my biggest personal goals for the Emotional Balancing System…not only to give you the reprogram you need to be successful with men, but to actually empower you to FEEL GOOD… who would have thought?

This program takes that and quadruples that feeling of happiness.  That’s what it was created to do.

Reason #2: This program focuses on helping your Relationship Success Issues at the ROOTS.​

Men and women come together for VERY SPECIFIC biological and psychological reasons that extend beyond the boundaries of common sense.

Relationships between men and woman extend beyond society and even language into primal chemical sexuality or “polarity”…no human is exempt.

I want you to be the woman you were born to be… who effortlessly evokes a man to BE A MAN. I’m talking about the energy that forces him to be a powerful, yet passionate masculine man for you.

I go in and “rewire” your brain to think confidently and fearlessly around men. You’ll be looking at your own natural femininity with confidence, self-assurance and gratitude.

The fact is there’s only one REAL way of making a making a man want you…the way NATURE intended… plain and simple. I didn’t make the laws of relationships, I just found them and learned how to use them!

Living in a civilized world, we have completely forgotten and lost touch with our sexual nature. Things can begin to get a little EASIER and you don’t have to take a bite of the “shit sandwich” when you have the right information at hand.

When you dive into this program and soak it all up, you’ll no longer be asking yourself “What am I doing wrong?”

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The way we start the journey towards confidence, healing emotions and feeling amazing is by starting to believe in ourselves enough to take a chance for ourselves.

When we start thinking “Yeah, maybe things could be different” and take the risk to step out of our comfort-zone towards achieving our goals, we are already on the journey!

I’ve spent years researching the truth of emotional energy, why they become so terrifying and how to heal them to become CONFIDENT, powerful and fearless.  That’s the only starting place you can have to achieve a fantastic love life.

These Chakra meditations are invaluable. That’s why I teach these meditations to my students who pay me $4,000 per week in our workshops. Because these meditations work to balance your emotions and love life like nothing you’ve ever seen.

I am very, very proud of this program, and I want you to find emotional peace and watch how your life transforms into a paradise.

I don’t want anything standing in your way, especially finances…I originally priced this program at $199.97 and it’s worth every penny because of how much it can change your emotions and love circumstances for the better.

But now, because I want you to be able to use this program easily, I’ve now priced this amazing program at just $69.97.

Download "The Emotional Balancing System" Today

I know this program will change your life. And I know that this program will transform you into the best woman and girlfriend “on the market” and eliminate fear, anger, guilt, self-doubt and anxiety and bring the extraordinary, magical feeling of LOVE back into your love life.

But you must commit to the program and use it every day to get amazing results. I’m so confident in my program that I’m going to let you use it for a full 30 days at MY risk so you can see the results yourself with no risk on your part.

This program will benefit your emotional wellbeing in ways you can’t imagine yet. This program has been proven to work many, many times. I’ve seen with my own eyes how it has transformed women in very tough situations into the woman they were born to be… and it will work for you too.

You’re going to see amazing results in your emotions, dating experiences and relationships.

Click the button below to be led to the ordering page and download “The Emotional Balancing System” right now.

I’m only interested in getting you the very best success in love and your relationships, and I get emails every day from women are using this programs who have transformed their love live

Living Your Love Life With Self Love & Courage. . .

After this program starts working for you, I promise you’re going to feel like a brand new woman within 90 days of using it. But you must commit to using the program every day. That is what I’m asking of you, and that your responsibility to yourself.

I can’t force you to use this program. You have to want it for yourself. I can virtually guarantee you results if you use the program, but I can’t if you don’t commit to me, the program and yourself.

If you want results, you have to put in the time and energy. There is no way around that.

But… you won’t have to wait long to see changes because after going through the program just once, you’ll notice immediately:

Or maybe you are satisfied with the way thing s are now. The truth is, not everyone is truly ready or committed to seeing change. Commitment means sticking to things and not giving up when things seem hard, challenging or even when disbelief comes up.

The choice is completely yours.

But one thing is for sure, when you have the man of your dreams wake up with you in the morning and want to take on the day with you, you’ll look back at this moment and know you made the exact right decision.

The best time to make change is right now, right this moment.

Get your 30 day risk-free trial of the Emotional Balancing System.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have learn a lot and please enjoy the program.

Here’s to your success in love.

Blessings, love and gratitude,


p.s. Don’t let your emotions have a destructive effect on both your relationships with men and your own self. I guarantee you will feel joy, happiness and confidence you may not have ever felt before. And this will transfer into how men respond to you. You’ll have him telling you from the bottom of his heart how much you mean to him, and you won’t end up alone. This program will pave the way to getting that deep emotional connection with a man you’ve always wanted but didn’t know how to get.

I want you to go to sleep with your man happy and wake up in the morning happy ever day.

I want you handle your relationships, men, breakups and emotional situations with ease.

I want to you to be the best woman you’ve ever been and the best girlfriend any man you ever meet could ever dream of having.

And now it’s up to you to make that happen.

Don’t waste another day, make the decision right this second to say “YES” to your love life.

Have the love life you deserve .

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