Moving From Single To Dating To Relationship

If You Know How To Meet & Date Men In A Way That Ignites Unbreakable Emotional Chemistry, You'll Experience The Ecstasy Of The Guy You Really Want Becoming Desperate To Make You His

Dear Friend,


I have a few situations I’d like to run by you, and I’d like to know if you can relate to any of them.

Have you ever found it frustrating to get a man who only wanted to casually date you to view you as girlfriend material?

You had many feelings for this guy, and you know he liked you too, but something seemed to be stopping the flow of your relationship moving forward. 


You had trouble getting him to “pull the trigger” and commit to being exclusive with you. You tried (or thought about) “having the talk” to hopefully secure where the situation was going.


But if you found the courage to have the talk, he probably told you things like “it’s just not the right time” or “I’m busy with life and don’t have time for a relationship”.


You didn’t know what to do to make him want you as his girl… and you also suspected that if he really wanted you, he wouldn’t be making excuses.


You wondered if he saw you as just “friends with benefits”.


You were caught in a “wishy washy” place of not being “just friends” (because you were already having sex and close with him) but not being fully in a relationship.


He gave you “hot and cold” signals and went back and forth between making promises about the future and showing he really cared about you, and then dropping off the face of the earth.

Do you find it difficult when meeting guys to spark an instant, positive, emotional response that cause men to think "wow, she's the one"?

You lack the confidence that comes with knowing you are psychologically and emotionally irresistible to the type of guy you really want to be with.


Maybe you tend to end up with many guy (and gay) friends but not many men (who you really like) who want to date you seriously.


You want an amazing love story with an amazing guy but aren’t sure if he will feel the same way about you.


You feel shy to pursue men and things never go anywhere. Good men walk out of your life, and you miss your opportunities.

Have you ever secretly liked a guy but didn't know how to tell him in a way that would make him want to date you... and not just smile and say "I'm flatter, but I'm not looking for a girlfriend right now"?

You liked a guy, maybe even for a long time. Perhaps he was a coworker, a classmate, or a friend of a friend.


The problem is, you never told him and a connection never started … or if you did tell him,  he said something like “I’m flattered, but I’m not looking for a relationship now” and stopped talking to you after.


Some women can’t talk to the guy they like because they’re too shy. 

Other women are too afraid to mess up a friendship, whether long-term or new acquaintance. 


The problem is, you don’t know how to communicate with him on that special level where attraction, love and romance bloom.

Have you ever wanted to get a handsome or successful boyfriend who loved you as much as you loved him?

Look, it’s not bad to want what you want.


You feel nervous around highly attractive men. You feel that you’re not pretty, successful, young etc. enough for that man. 


Perhaps you’ve dated an attractive guy in the past who used you and threw you away. You didn’t stand a real chance of making a relationship happen with him.


They have always felt somewhat out of reach to you and you don’t know what to do about it.

If You Answered “Yes” To Any One Of These Questions...

The truth is, these “sticking points” in which you often can’t move beyond are happening for specific reasons.


You’re not “doomed” to be single forever.


It’s also not because he wasn’t looking for a relationship, or it wasn’t the right “time”.


For the woman who can penetrate a man’s heart quickly and naturally, he will drop everything to be with her and make love happen.

These challenges are happening because of a lack of awareness about what men really respond to, how to approach men in a way that makes men respond with love, and how to be your best, most attractive self.

I’m going to show you how you can change your story for the better, even if you’ve been dealing with these challenges for most or all of your life… and especially if you’re in a situation like this right now.

How Do I Understand These Problems So Well?

Because I’ve been in all of these situations… but from the guy’s side.

And I’m not “proud” of that by any means.


I’ve done some terrible things in my past and have broken hearts.


I’m not trying to sound arrogant, but I’ve had many women want to date me. These women were often nice and even beautiful.


The problem was, I just didn’t have the right feelings for her. It didn’t have anything to do with her looks, age, status or income.


Truth is, I’ve dated women who were much older or younger than me, weren’t high status or wealthy, and weren’t conventionally beautiful and even overweight… and I’ve found this is true of most men.

The reality is, if a woman is able to make a man feel that special bond inside, nothing on the outside matters at all.


The outside only starts to matters when he’s not feeling it inside.


It wasn’t until later when I met a spiritual and relationship master who “enlightened” me that I could share the delicate layers of what causes the male heart to respond with love.


These were things that I was previously unaware of, and most guys are the same. Most men aren’t able to have an honest conversation about what makes them “tick” because they’re not aware enough to.


So, let’s start this conversation by talking about why men often seem “wishy-washy” about dating and relationships, why it can be difficult for most “average women” to get a high quality guy into a relationship.

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Why Today's Men Are “Wishy-Washy” About Relationships

Many nice, smart women get lukewarm responses with men and end up staying single.


Or worse, they get into a vague, wishy-washy “are we or aren’t we” situation of having no idea where you stand with him.


When a woman is with a man who gives mixed signals, it can keep her up at night obsessing about the situation.

It can happen to any woman, even intelligent and beautiful women like yourself.

He tells you how much you mean to him, but then he does something that makes you question that, like not call you for a week.


The truth is if you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, you’re probably not doing what is necessary to push him over the “hump” from wanting to have fun, be “free” and take things casually to wanting to start a serious relationship with you.


Is he just a fun loving guy? A player?  He’s too young or old? A guy who’s wild and doesn’t want to settle down yet?


Look, he’s not brain-dead. Well, he might be a little, I’m not sure.


But when a guy meets a woman who knocks him off his feet, he’s going to do everything in his power to make her his girlfriend no matter where he is in life.


Now, I have no doubt you’re an intelligent, good woman who deserves a great relationship, otherwise you wouldn’t be here trying to better your life.


I know this because you’re here now trying to better your life, and you love learning about interesting subjects.


But usually women end up in situations like this because the guy truly doesn’t feel that special feeling he needs to dive into a relationship.


And this may have nothing to do with you personally.


What it comes down to is…

He's looking for specific qualities that trigger him to commit... and a lack of qualities that lower his interest

You may very well look like and be as successful as Angelina Jolie, but if this is happening to you, the end result will be the same.


Even the best excuse a guy has as to why he can’t be in a relationship is still an excuse, and as I’m sure you know guys and full of them.




Because men are afraid to hurt women’s feelings by telling them the cold harsh truth.


“I don’t really see a future with you”.


Thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way *even if the guy is already thinking this way.*


In many ways, guys are like dogs (no not like that;)).


What I mean is they can change their mind in a split second about a situation if they get inspired to feel a new and different way about things.


In fact, many guys out there end up with women who they felt like this about at some point, but *later changed their mind*.


But there’s also many women out there who end up empty-handed.


It’s possible to flip that “switch” in his mind to cause him to want more and want to connect with you on a deeper, emotional and psychic spiritual level.


Right now, I’m about the show you how women get themselves into this situation without realizing it.

4 Mistakes Women Make When Meeting & Dating Men

Through coaching many women over the last decade and from my personal experiences, I’ve found that single women tend to make four common mistakes with men.


These mistakes are so dangerous that they often cause men to never develop attraction and love… or they cause men to drop off the face of the earth.

Let’s get into it.

Insecurity While Single

Dealing with the insecurity of being single is one of the toughest parts of being single.


It’s this insecurity that causes women to take many fear-based leaps in actions and judgments that cause men to feel uncomfortable about getting more serious and pull their energy away.


It also causes women to enter a mode of trying to push men and love out of their lives out of frustration and even anger.

For as emotionless and cold men can sometimes appear, men are actually very sensitive to a woman’s energy.


Many women try to convince themselves that they hate men when secretly they deeply long for love.


When a woman is ready to meet a guy and bring him into her life, she’s often very afraid to have the relationship not workout and end up single again.


While these feelings are understandable, this fear of getting hurt and feelings of not being enough will inevitably cause a self-fulfilling prophecy that causes men to “get confused” and lose interest.

Not Creating Enough Desire For A Relationship

Most women know that men don’t just want a pretty face. But most women easily forget this fact when interacting with men.


Simple fact is, most of today’s women are unsure of what men want beyond looks.


Many women wind up ignoring critical factors that make men want a relationship.


Many women get fixated on the fear and worry of his disinterested behavior (i.e. not texting often). In other words, they focus on their own feelings rather than taking the right actions to inspire him to want a relationship.



Men respond with attraction on a physical, emotional, psychological, and psychic spiritual level.



Typically, you need at least 3 out of 4 of these level for him to desire a relationship.


Physical attraction is usually easy. If he’s even talking to you, he’s physically attracted.


But most women fail to create emotional, psychological or spiritual desire in men.


In fact, many women often do things to ruin a man’s potential interest.


Some women do nothing when faced with “hot and cold” signals or lukewarm responses from men. 


On the other hand, some women overpursue when feeling anxious, which can push the guy away.


Most women spark interest in men completely by accident.


Most women don’t know what they did to make the guy like them and often lose the attraction.


When a man desires you emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, there are no  obstacle, excuse or life challenge that will stop him from being with you.

Using Jealousy, Playing Hard To Get & Other Games

Some women use games, emotional manipulation or “tests” because most women are shit scared of getting hurt or used.


This is why many women push away love on a subconscious level without realizing it.


But women who use games are also deeply afraid “maybe I am not enough”.


These two feelings together push women to use games.


Many women don’t even realize when they’re using a game. 


It can be as simple as, “He’s not going to call me? Ok, then I’m not going to call him.”


Many dating teachers prey on this fear and tell women that guys “like it” when they play games.


The reality is quite the opposite, when quality men start to feel an emotional tugging in their gut from a woman who is playing a game with them, makes them pull away.


High quality men respect themselves and don’t like to put themselves in situations where they feel played with.


So they will often leave the situation.

"The Talk" Gone Wrong

Many women rush into having “the talk” when they feel confused, emotional and out of sorts about a situation and need to know “what are we”.

But without knowing it, by having the talk on this fear based level, they are virtually ruin any chance of making a relationship happen.

It makes the guy feel pressured and stressed about being with you, and this is not the way you want the guy to feel.

Really, what I think you want is for him to feel INSPIRED about wanting to start a relationship with you.

But the way many women handle a talk about becoming boyfriend/girlfriend often puts the guy on the spot and virtually forces him to either make up an excuse or tell her that he’s not ready for a relationship altogether.

The bottomline is, if you even feel a need to have a talk, chances are you’re not going to get the answer you want because there shouldn’t be a need to have a talk.

Things should be flowing effortlessly and you should feel comfortable with how things are going.

If you feel the need to have the talk, it means that other things  going on between you two are not happening the right way, and it’s those things that need attention.

Dating vs. Relationships
(What Men Need To Go From "Just Dating" To Relationship)

By now, I hope you’re starting to get the picture that men need more than just shiny, round body parts, a “sassy, independent personality” or even a “good girl” to want a relationship.



As much as a good woman you may be, for a man to want a relationship, you must inspire him on a psychological, emotional and psychic-spiritual level to want a relationship.

Many of today’s women have extreme trouble with this.


Today’s men are different than the men of yesteryear.


Most men today will casually date a woman for *completely different* reasons than he will start a relationship with her.


A woman who is “relationships material” for him has special qualities that a woman he will see casually doesn’t.


If a woman reveals that she HAS these special qualities, he will think “relationship” with little pink hearts in his eyes.


Most women simply don’t trigger this feeling in most desirable guys.


Like I mentioned above, many women often drain a man’s emotional reserves until he doesn’t feel like dating her anymore.

What Men Need When Dating​ A Woman

There’s one thing that must change if a woman wants to make a man want a relationship.

Her mindset and attitude about dating.

This affects more than most women want to believe.

You must move from insecurity, fear of the future, or the pain that has been caused by men’s brainless actions in the past, and move onto a new path.

It’s time to let go of old negative feelings and get an inspired, deliberate plan of action.

It’s time to get motivated and allow yourself to see your dream come true of making this relationship happen and leaving behind this old period of your life.

Moving From Single (Or “Friends With Benefits” & No Direction) To Committed Relationship

For some women, knowing what to do as they move along from being single to dating a guy and then into a relationship comes from easily and naturally.

This isn’t the case with every woman today.


A lot of that has to do with the fact that our current dating climate and what is expected of us is very, very confusing.


Things are far from the age of chivalry, dating for months before having sex, and where it was “okay” to be honest about your feelings.


We have to adapt to the new climate or end up lonely.


But I know the kind of women I teach feel weird about “changing” into some superficial shallow girl just to attract all the boy.


The way I’ve discovered for women is so great because it allows you to be the deepest version of yourself and attract men into relationships at the same time.

Yes, this can be done!


And here is my answer.

Date Him No More,
Make Him All Yours!

It’s my goal to end the problems that you’re facing with meeting, dating and starting relationships with today’s men.


I believe many of the problems you face with men are NEW problems of the 21st century that women have never seen in all of history.


These are challenges that most women and their family and friends are also at a loss with themselves no matter how hard they try to show otherwise.


With that in mind, I felt it was my duty to bring light into this confusing part of history between men and women.


So that’s why I finally decided to created a program for single women dealing with these problems with today’s men.

I wanted to bring the best information forward that no one else was talking about.

My program is called “Date Him No More, Make Him All Yours”, because it’s all about knowing how to make a man want a relationship.


It’s my answer to your toughest challenges about being single, dating men and moving past dating and getting a guy into a real relationship.

Details About The Program

Section 1 - Introduction

  • What turns off most men instantly
  • History of relationships & why things have changed between men and women
  • What men used to like, but no longer respond to in women
  • What conversations women have with themselves that make or break their chances with a guy
  • How to deal with neediness and "control" your emotions
  • The 3 stages of dating and relationships and how to move through them effortlessly
  • Why some women feel not enough for the guy they truly want
  • Why men say things like “I’m not looking for a relationship right now” and what to do about it

Section 2 - Attracting Men

  • The most power attraction factor there is & how to utilize it
  • Success stories from women
  • Why most men don’t trust women & what to do about it
  • Understanding the essence of Yin Feminine energy
  • Creating the purest level of attraction possible
  • Why men are afraid of emotions & what to do about it
  • What "energy" will push away good guys law of attraction
  • The "law of attraction" and dating

Section 3 - Qualifying Men

  • How to attract the RIGHT man
  • What most women believe they do right when meeting a man, but actually get wrong
  • The big mistakes women make when choosing a guy they like
  • The early moment between a man and woman that determines whether things get romantic or not
  • Why some women attract players and guys who won't commit
  • Why "testing" men is a mistake
  • How to change from being afraid and insecure when single to feeling confident and relaxed
  • Making the right "checklist" of the things that will ensure a successful relationship

Section 4 - Meeting Men

  • How to make men approach you
  • The importance (or not) of beauty and how much of it you need to be successful
  • How high quality guys view beautiful women vs. average looking women
  • What "average" women need to do to get women to warm up
  • Men's deepest fear about women
  • The big mistake women make that causes men to not approach
  • How to make a man feel the desire to approach and get to know you

Section 5 - Getting Serious

  • The Big Secret - what make a man want a relationship & how to make it happen
  • The secret of going from a dating or "friends with benefits" situation into a relationship
  • How most women prevent men from wanting to commit to a relationship with them
  • How to create an ongoing positive experience with a man that will make him want to keep coming back for more and more
  • How to make think in his own mind to want to date you instead of "forcing" him
  • How to bring the energy from fun and sex up to the level of deep love
  • What he’s looking for unconsciously in a woman

Section 6 - Games vs. Integrity

  • Playing coy and "hard to get vs. true integrity and let go
  • Debunking common dating advice: how being a challenging will screw up your chances with a guy
  • Why some men lose interest after they win you over or have sex with you
  • Specificall how most women mess up their chances with high quality guys
  • How to prevent men from losing interest even before you meet him
  • Powerful affirmations to boost your results with men significantly

Section 7 Q&A - Moving Away From Being Alone

  • How many women end up single and STAY single and how to break the chains of staying single
  • How to overcome the FEAR of men
  • How to value your opinion of yourself more than the opinion of men
  • How to appear "not desperate" and handle the feelings of desperation, obsession and neediness
  • How to conquer shyness and where shyness comes from
  • What types of women men typically want to spend their time around and how to brings these qualities out in yourself in the right way

Section 8 Q&A - Moving Away From Abuse

  • How to prevent getting emotionally abused or used by men
  • How to qualify men properly
  • How to attract high quality men into your life who won't abuse or mistreat you
  • How women are tricked into believing that love is about men pleasing women
  • Why many women neglect building emotional depth in their dating situations and what you can do about

Section 9 Q&A - Attracting Highly Desirable Men

  • What attractive and successful men desire in women and how to make one thing you are attractive
  • How long to wait before you have sex with a man
  • The single most important factor when it comes to attracting a desirable man
  • How women self-sabotage their chances of attracting a high quality man and what to do about it to prevent this from happening to you
  • The single quality that causes desirable men to NOT pursue you if they see you have it

Section 10 - The Talk

  • Exactly what to say when you have the talk
  • How to make men chase you
  • What it means if a guy says he's into you, but his actions don't match
  • Why men don't love "bitches"
  • What to do if things are becoming more intimate between you and a guy, but a relationship isn't happening
  • What to do to avoid a man from anticipating "the talk" and preparing to shoot you down
  • The secrets of a man's core desires exposed
  • how to make a man truly feel that you truly love him
  • The source of all emotional pain in dating and relationships, and how to alleviate it

Section 11 - Respect Building

  • If you've been burned by men: How to regain your trust and respect for men
  • How to make men respect you
  • How to become powerful and confident with men in a feminine way
  • What important quality men have extreme admiration for in women and how to amplify this quality in yourself
  • What to do when you start getting success with men (many women become afraid of losing their newfound success and inadvertently sabotage the situation.

And much, much more....

How Is This Program Different Than All Of The Others?

Let’s stop the hype-train for a second.


There are many books and programs out there all promising to give you a better love life.


So, what is so special about this program?


Let me give you a few reason, because I believe in this program and I want you to believe that it can give you the relationship you want (if you are committed to seeing results).


I warn you not to cringe too much, because this is the section where I’m going to “toot my own horn” and stroke my ego a bit.

No Games, Tricks Or Manipulations In This Program

I rarely find dating advice that doesn’t teach women to play some game or another.



Because most dating “gurus” don’t know how to create things like true love, attraction and intimacy without the “crutch” of games.


I’ve come to find that most women don’t like the feeling of being dishonest and playing games.


It’s actually not necessary to play games with men to get them to love you. In most, if not all, situations games or can be counterproductive.


So, it’s for these reasons that I don’t and will never teach games in any of my programs.


I’m happy to say, I get a level of respect and admiration from my students that not many other dating and relationship coaches get, and for that I’m extremely grateful.

I Understand What The Guys You Want Wants

In many ways, I’m probably similar to the guy you want to date.


And if I’m not, I’ve interviewed a guy like him, because I’ve talked to many, many guys learning about their dating preferences and needs.


While there are intelligent female “dating gurus” out there, they often don’t deliver a solid understanding of the male mind.


While male relationship experts often lack understanding of the psycho/spiritual underpinnings of male and female connections.

Most "Effective" Advice Out There Came From Me

I won’t point fingers or blow my up my ego (much), but my material has been copied and plagiarized time and again since I’ve been giving dating and relationship advice.


I have a large following, and with that comes copy cats.


But I’m not mad at all about it because truth is truth, and the more truth there is out there, the better.


It’s up to you where you get your information from, but personally speaking, I’m always interested in going to the source.

This Program Is More Comprehensive Than Other Programs

I think you’ll find after listening to this program, especially if you’ve listen to and enjoyed my other programs, that you just simply learn much more about deeper level things than you ever have about how to be successful with dating men.


You’re just simply going to learn more about men, male psychology and how to be the woman who will attract a high caliber man into your life.

Let's Start This Journey Together

After going through this program, you’re going to have a much deeper concept of how to attract an amazing man into your life, get out of a “friends with benefits situation or stuck in casual dating situation and move into a real relationship.

To be honest, it’s not rocket science at all.


I think it’s easy for many people to sit back and want what we want, but it’s a more rare individual who actually takes the actions to get what they want.


And with this program, rest assure the right actions are in here.


You just simply need the commitment to say “Ok, I’m going to do what it takes to get my love life successful because it is extremely important to me.”


You just have to ask yourself, how much is your love life really worth to you?


I could have easily charged upwards of $250 for this program.


That seems to be the going rate, if you know what I mean.


But I truly want make sure this program is affordable and that whatever struggles you’re going through with men can end here.


That’s why I’ve priced this program at just 5 payments of $16.97, or 1 payment of $89.85 (USD).

Try "Date Him No More, Make Him All Yours" NOW

Make Men Want You & Want To Start A Relationship With You...

It’s time to get inspired that you can make the relationship you long for happen.

This frustration you’re feel ing will be replaced with a feeling of “I am worthy of love, I can do anything I set my mind to” especially when you have him by your side.

You’re love life is about to become relaxed, cuddly, warm, and you’re about to start enjoying life much much more instead of grinding through.

But in order for that to start, you’ve got to take a big step from simply wanting that to being committed to doing what it takes to get that.

When you find that determination in yourself, you will be inspired and take control of your life to get the experience with a man you deserve.

I can virtually guarantee that if you implement the material in this program, you will quickly start seeing men open up to you and respond with interest and desire to be your boyfriend.

Take the next step. Commit to your success, and I’ll be there the whole way through holding your hand.

Choose your payment option below to get started on your journey now.

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