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If You Don't Give Men The Heart-Awakening Sex They Need To STAY Committed & In Love, You're Risking Men Getting Bored & Eventually Leaving

Don’t Believe It? To Make A Relationship Truly Successful, You Must Give Men Amazing Sex. Here’s Why & How To Drive A Man Crazy With Desire For You By Changing How You Approach The Bedroom

Dear Friend,

We both know how important great, regular sex is to a successful relationship and for a man to stay committed. Sex has the potential to be the single most emotionally bonding event in a relationship.

But it’s also a topic riddled with confusion, frustration and many misunderstandings (and downright lies) that too many women don’t fully understand.

I have some points I’d like to run by you, and these points can potentially indicate deeper and even serious issues with your love life.

You Feel Self-Conscious During Sex

You enjoy sex, but you can’t seem to get out of your head when in the bedroom with a man. You find yourself obsessing over if you look sexy to him, if you look ugly or if you’re making him feel good. You feel more tension than you should be feeling in such a loving act, and you know this is hindering your “performance” when it comes to making him feel good.

Men Become Bored/Disinterested Sexually

You two are not having sex as regularly as you used to and should be. He can “get it up” for you (or maybe not), but you feel like he’s not feeling as much pleasure as he could and should be. You two are more or less comfortable with each other, maybe “too” comfortable, but you don’t know how to bring back that sexual “spark” you two need into the bedroom and you can’t understand why he doesn’t want you like he used to. You fear he’s going to start to (or already does) desire other women.

You Have Trouble Achieving Orgasm & Enjoying The Sexual Act

You’ve always felt a sort of “block” when it comes to enjoying sex, but no matter how hard you try to be in the moment and enjoy sex, you can’t. In the privacy of “self-love”, enjoying an orgasm or three is no problem. But in the presence of a naked man in your bed, something stops you from enjoying fully. And it seems that he doesn’t help the situation. You wish you knew how to steer him in the right direction, rather than feeling like all he’s doing is masturbating inside of you.

Men Seem More Complicated To Satisfy Then You First Believed

You’ve been taught by magazines, television and your friends and family that men just want one thing… but as you’ve come to find, men seem much more complicated to truly please than you imagined. You feel that every other woman is able to satisfy men, but for some reason you have trouble.

Besides Men Wanting Your Body, You Don't Know What You're "Supposed To Do" In Bed

Other than lying on your back like a stiff corpse and taking it, you don’t really know what you should be doing in the sack. You hear Sex and the City type stories from friends rocking a guy to his core, but you don’t know what that looks like and don’t feel you have that “rock star” competency to pull it off.

Many Relationship Issues Can Be Fixed With Better Sex

When you’re having a bad week, a little Vitamin “D” can work wonders. But you can’t figure out how to administer your Vitamin “V” to him. You know intuitively that if things were going better in the bedroom, things would be going better in your relationship.

It can be very difficult opening up about the topic of sex.

Sex is an extremely sensitive topic for many, especially when you have insecurities around not feeling like the “sex goddess” that men seem to desire.

However if you allow yourself to open up about this topic with me, you’re going to open yourself up to the possibility of FIXING these issues and filling a deep hole that has been leaking happiness out of your life and holding you back from achieving the dream relationship you deserve.

The question is, how do you turn a man on so much that he’s fantasizing about you all the time, can’t get enough of you and is dreaming about getting closer and closer with you?

Do Men Really Only Want One Thing?

We know that women collectively carry a believe that men are dogs that want only one thing.

But as you may have found, this believe doesn’t always hold true.

If all men wanted was meaningless sex with a variety of partners all the time, then we would never see great guys choosing to commit to women and start great relationships, marriages, etc.

But just the opposite is true. We see many, many guys choosing to commit to women and stay with them for the long-term and are very happy with their choice.

In fact, when asked if they would prefer to be single and sleep around with different women or stay in a committed relationship with one woman they really love, most guys’ answer is absolutely to stay with one woman.

So why do men commit to some women and not others? Well, the truth is there are many reasons, but here’s a big one. What’s so important to understand, and this must not be overlooked, is men need a deeply fulfilling sexual relationship with their girlfriend to STAY happy long into a relationship.

A lot of this is due to the amount of “monogamy hormones” like oxytocin and P.E.A. the guy is experiencing that come with a deeply satisfying sex life with a given woman.

This can pose a challenge for women who go into relationships not understanding what men truly want.

I’ve talked extensively in my other programs about why that is from a relationship dynamics perspective, but is there another reason why men stay with certain women? A reason that has to do with what is going on… inside the bedroom?

What Do Men Really Want In The Bedroom?

By now, I hope you’re starting to get the picture that when it comes to sex, men are looking for more than just intercourse with a pinup model.

For a man, sex is not just a physical act but also a psychological, emotional and spiritual act.

When a man enters a relationship and the sexual act, he’s subconsciously hoping for a deep sexual bond that will shatter the chains of his heart, mind and soul and send him into into the ethers of ecstatic pleasure.

Most men are not at all aware of the potentiality of their own pleasure.

The phenomenon of the “player” is a man who is lost and who’s heart has shut down because he hasn’t experienced ecstasy level, mind-freeing sex.

Sex, if approached in the right way, can be the gates of heaven where you and your man meet “god” together.

If sex is approached in this way with this higher perspective, it can mean a relationship and love life filled with love, happiness and a man who’s absolutely in love you for the long-haul.

Sex is the very core of a relationship and where most distrust, disrespect and neurotic behaviors form.

Unfortunately, most people approach sex like animals, slaves to their loins.

If sex isn’t allowed to grow beyond the animals urges and instincts, you’ll never experience the type of relationship with a man that you long for deep in your heart.

The key is understanding how to crack through to not only a man’s physical needs, but also his psychological, emotional and spiritual sexual needs.

Why Consistent, Amazing Sex Is The Key To Lasting, Healthy Relationships With Men

After ten years of coaching women with relationships, I’ve come to understand a foundational understanding about relationships.

Sexual dysfunction is at the root of all relationship dysfunction and neurosis.

Go figure, right?

If you’re sex life is messy (not in the good way), there’s a good chance your emotions will be imbalanced, which will transfer into your relationship making you more prone to oversensitivity, thus unconsciously contributing to problems developing in your love life.

Sexual dysfunction is at the heart of all neurosis.

When a man is not sexually satisfied (not only in his body but also his mind and soul), you’ll see him become more irritable, angry snappy and even start to pull away.

This can lead to arguments, explosive fights, passive aggressiveness and resentment… all the while you could be having mind blowing sex instead.

Why Most "Bedroom Advice" Doesn't Impress Men

We’ve seen the magazine and website articles with hot topic sex advice with the many tips and tricks to pleasing men in the bedroom.

We are a culture both obsessed with and deeply afraid of sex.

But when this topic of “sex tips” comes up with the many women I’ve coached, the consistent theme is that this advice doesn’t seem to help.


From my observations over the years, I’ve found is that most women aren’t porn stars.

In fact, many women are quite shy in the bedroom, so if you give them techniques for the bedroom that are designed for an acrobat in the bedroom, they will never use them or won’t use them properly.

The deeper issue with most “sex advice” is that it mostly focuses on surface level techniques and doesn’t focus on changing your approach to sex from the roots upward.

Once you’ve changed things from the ground up, it’s possible to go back and use some of those techniques to enhance things in the bedroom… but not before you’ve changed how you approach the bedroom to begin with.

Techniques are like the frosting on a cake. If you don’t know how to bake a bake first though, the frosting is wasted… unless you feel like going to town on said frosting.

The point is, though, you have to have the foundation set up correctly, or using sex techniques is like trying to start a fire with no wood, or building a house on quicksand.

There is one more problem with this advice, which I believe most magazines and websites are completely unaware… and that has to do with WHY you’re looking for sex advice in the first place.

When you go into the bedroom preparing to give him the blowjob of his life, but you’re making THESE mistakes, and more, you don’t have a true understanding of what makes men feel true ecstasy bodily, psychically and spiritually, you’re going to run into disappointed and frustration because nothing is working.

4 Mistakes That Ruin Sex Even Before Getting In Bed

I’ve found that there are four underlying mistakes that most women consistently make when it comes to thinking about and approaching sex.

It’s here, right at the very beginning of how one thinks about sex, where most women begin their failure with sex, and ultimately their relationships.

1. Getting Stuck In The Head

One of the biggest issues most women face when engaged in the act is THINKING TOO MUCH.

She’s thinking about looking sexy, if he’s feeling good, if she’ll feel closer with him after, where the relationship is going, if he’s just using her for sex, why she’s not feeling enough pleasure etc. etc.

You end up thinking about everything except what you are doing and accepting whatever is happening. Many women TRY to get absorbed in the moment but unsuccessfully.

This has a lot to with subconscious psychological blocks in your mind. Knowing how to get out your mind and fully back into your body while in the bedroom is essential.

2. Fear Of Being Seen As Being Slutty/Too Innocent

Many women paralyze themselves from taking action by thinking too much.

“Do I lay in bed and let him have his way with me, or should I try to rock him like a porn star?” Most women don’t feel the sexual confidence or competency to “rock him like a porn star”.

The problem is, when you think so much that you paralyze yourself from taking action, you can’t take the appropriate actions to give him a satisfying time in bed. The truth is that men in general like the right balance of innocent sex goddess.

When you understand what men want in the bedroom, giving him what he needs become easy and intuitive.

3. Using Sex As A Tool

I’ve met many women who have an ingrained habit of thinking about how can sex be used or even withheld to get a man more in love, to get more affection and commitment.

Some women do this just to create straight up drama in their lives. Not only is this an unhealthy mindset to hold relationship-wise, it can actually affect your “performance” in the bedroom.

What happens when you approach sex with this mindset is you develop a “dishonest vibe” during sex. Since sex is playing with very, very subtle and sensitive energies, your partner will intuitively feel things about you that he won’t necessarily be able to put into words.

This can cause men to feel deep, unconscious feelings of distrust for you if you’re not careful and cause him to never fully take his armor off with you. There will always be a “hole” in your relationship with him.

4. Expecting Him To Do All Of The Work

There are many women, when left feeling unsatisfied after a sexual experience, who tend to want to blame the man’s lack of endurance, speed, size, dedication, sensitivity to her needs etc. 

While this could be partly to blame, what I’ve found to be the underlying problem is not the man’s short comings, but typically the woman’s insensitivity to pleasure.

Most of these problems on his end are typically solved with some simple heart-centered communication (“Manhandling Formula” in Relationship Goddess).

But I’ve found that even if a man were to touch a woman in all the right places, be sensitive to her needs and be hung like a horse, most women would likely not only start to get a rash but more importantly still be left feeling unfilled.

She’d then start to feel depressed that nobody can please her and that she is simply insensitive. This is nobody’s fault.

Insensitivity is the result of a body that is under too much TENSION. Life is fucking hard! But with this said, you must be wiling to take responsibility for your own sex life and how much pleasure you experience from it.

Tension in the body doesn’t just come and go. Tension STACKS UP and stores in specific locations. You’re likely walking around with years, if not decades worth of tension in your body that is affecting your ability to enjoy sex.

This lack of enjoyment around sex transfers to HIS feelings about sex with you… we get what we give, and having sex with someone who isn’t enjoying it is not a great experience.

To fix a sex life that’s not working, you must take responsibility for your own sex life and making it pleasurable, happy and enjoyable… because no one else will.

You must be releasing this tension in the body in the right ways and from the right locations, or you won’t be able to enjoy sex at it’s highest peaks.

How Most Women Leave Men Unfulfilled In The Bedroom

It’s hard for many women to “buy” that they need more than a vagina to make a man happy in the bedroom.

But here’s the truth, and not many men will say anything about it out of shame.

An erection doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s truly enjoying the sexual act.

The erection is just the tip of the iceberg… so to speak.

There’s a spectrum of the amount of pleasure a man can experience during sex, and if you’re only grazing the bottom end of the scale, you’re leaving him feeling deeply unfulfilled after sex.

Here is an extremely important point to understand.

If you’ve ever seen a man turn over and go to sleep immediately or rush you out the door after sex, it’s because he’s experiencing a hormonal shift that is making him feel uncomfortable and want to be alone.

This is one reason why men are constantly seeking new sexual partners.

Personally, I’ve experienced this feeling before, and it’s an unsettling feeling that most women can’t understand.

It is literally a biological reaction telling the man to find another woman.

Biologically speaking, an erection and the ensuing localized orgasm is a simple reaction to stimuli. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he is deeply enjoying the sex.

And this is where most women go wrong.

Most women don’t understand how to sexually penetrate through a man’s biological reaction and touch him emotionally and spiritually… and give him an orgasm that moves through his entire body into his heart and then soul.

This is why it’s so important to take sex beyond the ordinary biological functions.

Most men themselves aren’t even aware of the fact that they can achieve full body orgasms… not the localized genital orgasm which 95% of men experience.

Most women assume that if a man can get an erection and orgasm, that’s enough.

Men don’t have sexual issues right? They want it 24 hours a day and it feels good 100% of the time no matter what, right?

The reality is sexual dysfunction in men is very common, and these problems often become more pronounced as men get older.

Many men end up in their 50’s and 60’s with erectile dysfunction, painful/uncomfortable orgasms and often times an addiction to sex and finding new sexual partners.

Fact is, men are rife with sexual challenges, and if you don’t understand them, you could accidentally ruin your experience with him in the bedroom.

You will see problems move into your relationship with him.

Most men’s sexual issues are preventable and curable, but you have to know the right way how to treat men in the bedroom.

How To Overhaul Your Sex Life

The good news is, even if you’re man isn’t sexually satisfied by you right now and your sex life isn’t want you dreamed it could be, there is a huge opportunity to CHANGE that.

If you can learn how to penetrate a man’s soul through sex and allow him to experience levels of ecstasy he never knew possible, not only will it shift his hormones, it will change his entire perspective of you for the better.

Knowing how to get your partner deeply in love with you because you can pleasure them on the deepest levels of their being is not only critically important to a successful relationship, it’s also an amazing feeling of empowerment knowing that you have the ability to make your partner FEEL so deeply.

And I want to make that knowledge available to you.

This is why I created my latest audio program “Bedroom Goddess”.

This is a short and sweet 80 minute program packed with information that is going to clear up the confusion around the topic of “sex with men”.

It’s going to clear all of the confusion up about what men truly want in the bedroom, and make things VERY SIMPLE and clear to understand.

The truth is, sex is really not that complicated or difficult.

It is the media, books, magazines and other forms of entertainment that has overcomplicated sex while simultaneous omitting important truths (intentionally or not) about sex.

This program is going to change all of that for you and make things very clear and easy to understand.

Here are just a few of the things you’re going to learn in my brand new program:

Why This Program Is Different

If it’s not already clear, this program is not a cheap gimmick full of cheap tricks.

My goal is to raise the bar to the mountain peaks of what is possible through sex.

And let me tell, you there is SO MUCH that is possible through sex if you know what you are doing.

In my opinion, this program is the real deal.

You won’t find another program like this one out there unfortunately.

It takes the right perspective to be able to have the deeper insights into sex and relationships, and for whatever reason, I’ve been lucky enough to develop these insights and share them with you.


Audio Program
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Final Thoughts

Deep and penetratingly pleasurable sex is as valuable to a relationship as a devotional commitment. Even if things are not going well in your current situation, with the right knowledge it is possible to change all of that.

We must get past our shame, guilt and fears around sex and come to grips with this and start taking the right action towards the bedroom. Once we do, we open ourselves up to understanding the deeper secrets about sex.

That’s why this program is so important. I’m not joking when I say I could price this program at $200. The information in the program is just worth it.

But I’m not an “elitist”. I want as many people as possible to be able to benefit from this program, so that’s why I’ve priced “Bedroom Goddess” at just $39.97.

Sex is the barometer of the relationship and can predict how your relationship will turnout.

If your sex life is not where you know it should be, then it’s time to get it handled now before your issues with your love life get worse.

Bedroom Goddess
Risk Free

This program will change not just your bedroom experience sex but relationship as well.

It will help transform whatever situation you’re going through and guide you to being the most desirable woman in the bedroom he knows… which of course translates to much more.

Like all of my programs, I’ve made this a risk-free offer for you to try for fifteen days at my risk.

That means you can try “Bedroom Goddess” and if you didn’t find it was for you, I’ll give you your money back no questions asked.

If you decide you like it, your credit or debit card will be billed as normal. I make this low-risk because I believe in this material.

I’ve found the answers to creating a fantastic bedroom experience, and you won’t find this information anywhere else.

My priority is to get you the very best success in your love life.

When you click the orange button below, you will be take to a secure order form where you can order your program. Click this button to order and download “Bedroom Goddess” now:

It’s important that you implement what you learn as soon as you can.

The sooner you use the information in this program, the better your results will.

You will start to see your man:

Good sex is essential for these to happen.

You will have the relationship that all of your friends are jealous of, and then you’ll have the problem of consoling your friends with their problematic love lives.

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late...

If you’re dealing with issues around sex with men, or you can see issues in your relationship that you know would be fixed with better sex, don’t wait for the problem to “fix itself” because chances are it won’t.

It takes someone willing to take strong action and make things happen to fix a problem happening in love.

Go Here To Download “Bedroom Goddess” Now Risk-Free

Love is only for those who are truly motivated to do whatever it takes to find happiness and success. Waiting versus taking immediate and driven action now is what separates the winners from the losers.

Thank you for reading, and I wish you all of the best of luck to you in love and life.


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