Man and woman are attracted to each other for one simple reason, polarity.

But there in lies a problem. Men and women are attracted to each other because they are opposite energies of each other. But because men and women are opposites, there is bound to be friction between them!

Men and women see the world in completely different ways.

Men are always thinking about the future, goals, plans and ambitions.

Women are thinking about things more tangible, here and now, relationships, people, school drama.Men have a sense of direction, women have no idea which way north is.

Men are more powerful and women are more loving.

A man is not very here and now. A woman sucks him into the now more than anything else. And there is nothing that can give a woman a better sense of purpose and direction in life than a man.

One one hand, polarity brings men and women together, and on the other hand, it is what causes the most friction.

Polarity is very passionate. If you want passion in your relationship, polarity is the first thing to get handled. This is why you can see two lovers fighting 'til dawn one second and then having wild make up sex the next. And they always say their make up sex is the very best!

The fighting and love are on very similar energies. It on the same energy path as a matter of fact. That's why if you fall in love, you are doomed from the very start. The fights will happen. There's no way around it! It's in the very nature of things.

There comes a time when the heat of the love turns sour and becomes anger. Then the couple starts fighting at the drop of a hat. Eventually, they can't stand each other.

The same polarity that brought them together now creates fricition. Men and women are opposites so it's only natural when people see thing in very opposing ways, they fight. Hence you will never see more arguing and fighting than in a relationship.

You would think after thousands of year of being and loving each other, someone, man or woman, would have come to know each other a little better! And yet the strangest thing is men and women live as if they are on two separate planets. They are NOT from two separate planets, but they act like it!

So the question naturally arises “How do I stop the fighting and arguing in a relationship?”

The only way to do so is by beginning to understand your opposite.When the passion of the polarity is turned into compassion, a change happens. His masculine energy begins to heal you rather than insult you.

Women always tell me “He doesn't understand me!” The man sees the feminine energy as insulting when his love goes sour. And the case is not so different in reverse. In fact, that's why the focus of attention is there, because these women are trying to learn how to understand him themselves.

The change comes in the form of meditation. It has to be meditation. There is no other way. Any other form that will ever work will only be a form of meditation. So why not head towards the very source?

Meditation can HEAL your relationship. It heals it because of the compassion and awareness it promotes.

So a word to the wise – *MEDITATE*. 😉

And when I say meditation, I mean meditation on the heart. This is the whole meaning when I say “heart consciousness”. I might as well rename it “How to understand men consciousness”!

Meditation is what builds you a little Venusian space shuttle to head over to Mars, pick up the men and then drive back to earth!

If you don't know where to start, start out by doing some Yoga classes at your local Yoga center.

Then the polarity, instead of becoming sour and full of anger, becomes reborn with love every moment.

The past baggage falls away, the guilt falls away, the blame falls away and all that is left is love and polarity.

Two lovers become like a yin yang, pulling together but buffered with love and compassion for the other.

If you have a meditation you would like to reveal, I would love to hear them. I have a lot of people asking me for different meditations so please post them if you would like to share!

With honor,