4 Secrets About How To Save A Relationship With Your Boyfriend

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Brandon Martin's 4 Secrets To How To Save A Relationship With Your Boyfriend Quickly Even When He Wants Out & You Have Screwed Up Bad And Things Seem Hopeless....

I’m about to share with you four powerful secrets about how save a relationship with your boyfriend even if he wants out.

I’m going to show you how to get the love, respect, trust and appreciation you deserve from your boyfriend or husband.

I’ve shared my tips and secrets with thousands of women around the world. Secrets about how men think and feel, why men do things like pull away or shut down… and what a woman can do to spark deep levels of love and affection, and commitment in her boyfriend.

What I’ve learn after coaching students from students to surgeons is that no matter what walk of life you’re from, men can cause pain and frustration if you don’t handle them properly.

When you’re with a man who stops appreciating you and starts acting like a jackass…

That’s about the time that most women give up and lose at love and start asking the question “what am I doing so wrong? How do I save this relationship?”

If you’re like the many women I’ve coached over the years, you’ve experienced this.

But fortunately I have good news for you today.

After years of investigating relationship dynamics and meeting with many experts about saving relationships, I’ve found that 99% of bad situations with men can be turned around even when your man wants out.

You can get more love, affection and intimacy from your boyfriend or husband than you thought possible… and have your dream relationship if you know these secrets and apply them.

It’s actually simple to do just by making a few adjustments to the way you approach your boyfriend and the relationship.

Unfortunately, most women will never know how to save their relationships.

Look. Men start acting stupid for specific reasons. 

And if you understand why men fall out of love, lose interest or become cold, you can learn how to get the love, attention, connection and admiration back that you’re currently not getting.

1. Men Experience Love & Relationships Differently Than Women

After years coaching many different women, I discovered a mistake most women make that stops them cold from even starting to know how to save a relationship.

It’s an innocent mistake…

But this mistake leads men to feel misunderstood and frustrated… which causes them to pull away, lose attraction and even fall out of love and start acting like jackasses.

I’m willing to bet you are doing it too.

If you stop doing this you can then learn how to save your relationship and REVERSE the damage with in your relationship with your boyfriend or husband. You will see instant positive changes in his energy towards you.

The mistake is most women tend to assume that men think about and experience love, attraction and relationships the same way they do as women.

Most women value things like openness, affection, intimacy, sharing, connection, commitment and security in relationships.

These are all fantastic things. The problem is men tend to prioritize differently in relationships.

Somethings most men value are things like unpredictability, independence, respect and challenge.

This (helps) explains the caveman fascination with fast cars, football and video games…

Do you see a pattern here?

Men have different expectations for a relationship than women.

Most men secretly hope to have a girlfriend who is unpredictable, independent, who they respect and who will challenge them to grow to the next level of their personal evolution.

The take away? Most guys  hope to have a girlfriend who understands him.

When men end up unfulfilled because of a simple misunderstanding, things can unravel quickly.

Then you will see your boyfriend:

Really, you deserve much, much better than this!

If you are make the wrong assumptions about how men “should” be… not how they actually are, chances are you’ll run into big problems.

If you aren’t fulfilling what men need at their core, you’re going to find that guys pull away, shut down and lose interest in you.

You just need to learn how to properly challenge men, be unpredictable, and learn what causes a man to RESPECT a woman.

2. Why Men Lose Attraction & Fall Out Of Love In Relationships Or Marriages

I get asked all the time by women wanting to know how to save their relationships and marriages this question:

“Brandon, why do men get into relationship and then lose interest and fall out of love?”

In almost every case, it’s 100% possible to stop a man from losing attraction, save the relationship and make him feel deep love, respect and attraction for you again.

One huge challenge that causes many women to lose love, attraction and a strong bond with men is they simply don’t understand men’s love and attraction mechanisms.

This has a lot to do with what women are told as girls about how men are “supposed” to be.

Men are more complicated than most people realize… including men themselves.

The old notion that men “only want one thing” has been passed over, and today we know that men have a deep, widely misunderstood complexity.

If you’re neglecting his needs and emotions as a man, you’re bound to see him lose attraction, act distant and even fall out of love.

The trick to saving a relationship is to understand what he truly needs, not what you think he needs.

Where the fog gets thicker is what men say they want and what men actually respond to emotionally are often completely different things.

A man may say he wants a big breasted skinny blonde… It’s hard to imagine that man has actually landed on the moon.

But the truth, is he may be far more happy and in love with a more or less “average” women if she pushes the right emotional buttons in him.

What are those women doing that most others aren’t?

Men can be insensitive assholes… but if you learn what men universally need at their emotional core to feel satisfied by a woman, you can save a relationship situation.

At the end of this article, I’ll explain how you can get my detailed secrets on male psychology for free.

3. Most Of What You've Been Taught About Men In Relationships Is Wrong

Television, romance novels, gossip magazines, and other women have done a fantastic job at royally confusing most women on how to save a relationship.

Why don’t boyfriends act the way everyone says they are supposed to?

Women are more confused about men and love than ever, and more than ever women are asking “what the hell do men want?”

Men don’t behave, think or respond to the things that most people SAY they do.

What I’ve found after years of sifting through misinformation on men is that most “advice” out there is either outdated or inaccurate.

How do men really feel about love and relationships?

After years of talking with guys on the subject, I’ve come to some answers.

Men LOVE love and relationships.

In fact, most men want to find one woman who they can spend their life with and be in love with forever.

The problem is… many men aren’t finding the type of woman that truly inspire them.

How you save a relationship is by bringing forth those qualities that initially inspired your man to be with you in the first place.

4. When You Need To Know How To Save A Relationship, Ask For Help

I’ve seen too many good women do this… 

Go on for too long in terrible circumstances in their relationships without getting real help.

They’re not getting the love, affection, connection, intimacy and romance they DESERVE and are going through a very painful, dark, confusing nightmare alone.

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Turn things around today. Your love life depends on it.

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