“Finally… An Opportunity To Get Trained In Man And Relationship Skills By A World’s Leading Relationship Expert… In Person…”

Read On To Find Out How To Never Again Worry About Men Leaving You, Disrespecting You Or Falling Out Of Love With You..

Dear friend, Let me ask you a few questions:
  • Do you find it difficult to keep long term results with men in relationships even after using tricks and techniques that worked?
  • Have you ever been with a man who you deeply loved who suddenly became numb… he stopped giving you attention, phone calls and said “I love you” as if he was just going through the motions… and you had no idea how to stop it or even WHY it was happening in the first place?
  • Have you ever felt like you just don’t “get” men and the whole “having a boyfriend” thing baffles you to where you’d rather just not deal with it?
  • Do you ever have problems with men getting insecure, needy or lazy when you need him to “be a man”?
  • Have you ever gotten overly emotional with a man, and after expressing your feelings he seemed to withdraw… You tried to communicate with him but he just didn’t want to listen?
  • Has a man you were deeply in love with ever shut down from you and what you feared most came true… he became bored and unattracted to you… he was cold to you but “hot” with others and it made you feel worthless and unappreciated and you didn’t know what to do about it?
  • Can you remember a time when things were going great with a guy but abruptly turned into an up and down “rollercoaster” you couldn’t stop… you feared the wheels suddenly STOPPING at any time and him dropped a bombshell that it’s over… and you find yourself fantasizing about leaving first to save yourself the pain?
  • Do men ever put other women ahead of you?
  • Have you wanted a deeper connection with a man but he just didn’t share your same level of enthusiasm… you talked with him about it but he gave you lame excuses, brushed you off and told you to “have faith” and then got even more distant afterwards and you never figured out why?
  • Have you ever tried dressing sexy or acting aloof to get a man’s attention back, but afterwards things went back to exactly the same and things seemed more hopeless than ever?
  • Has a man ever unexpectedly lost that “spark” when he looked into your eyes and went days without really taking you in and you feared it was because he didn’t love you anymore or he found someone else… then he looks at you like you’re just a “friend” and you’re incapable of getting his love, undivided attention and respect?
  • Do men ever withdraw from you and you told yourself it was HIS problem, but secretly you knew you didn’t know how to handle boyfriends?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions, then I have news for you:

If you can’t make a man feel that “special feeling” for you, then he won’t find you attractive and fall in love with you.

And if you don’t properly handle a man, he will pull away and “shop” for other women until he finds one that bites… even if he loves you.

Men are stupid sometimes.

Most women innocently provoke little behaviors in men that cause them to do stupid things in relationships, and eventually leave.

There’s nothing more painful, especially when he’s being a jackass and isn’t helping the situation.

However, if you learn what I’m about to show you to drive a man wild with desire for his girlfriend… so much so that he can’t sleep at night and is overpowered by his love for you… you can drive him hopelessly in love with you before he’s completely out of reach.

I’m about to expose the most shocking thing you’ve ever read to not only find the perfect relationship, but also getting him thanking god almighty every night for his luck in finding an amazing catch of a woman like yourself.

It IS possible to evoke a man’s powerful side AND his passionate, thoughtful side for you.

It’s possible in every man and for any woman to do it… you just have to know how and what to do.

Here’s What’s Going On

For a very limited time only, I am doing personalized 1-on-1 coaching.

I will be having students meeting in Los Angeles to where they will spend 3 days with me personally coaching them on their personal love life situations.

Here’s How It Works

For the 1-On-1 live coaching I am taking applications for registration. Those who are accepted in will spend a weekend with me coaching them on their exact love life problems with men and relationships. The application for registration link is here: When you are accepted you will receive a personal email from me notifying you of your acceptance

What’s Included

  • 1 day of personal “You” coaching… a $3,497 value
  • 1 day of personal “Him” coaching… a $3,497 value
  • 1 day of personal “Your relationship” coaching… a $3,497 value
  • Female relationship mentor and coaching… a $1,997 value
  • 6 monthly phone coaching sessions… a $597 value
Total value of this program… $13, 085. The total value of this program is $13,085. But because this a “pilot” program and the first time I’ve ever done a training like this in the public I’m lowering the price significantly. Your investment… 3 easy payments of $667. That’s a full pay of $1997 These numbers sound high, but if we take them apart, this is ACTUAL value. Before I began teaching publicly, for a training like this I charge $3,500 a day... and I walked away with many happy customers.

Let’s Cut The BS And Talk About Reality

The fact is it’s not what you know, it’s about getting yourself to do it in the long run. I hate to be so blunt about this, but the fact is we both know that you’re not living at your highest potential for love. What I want to reinforce more than anything is that change requires a commitment and love for yourself, before anything else… even before me, or men.

Let’s Wrap This Up

The sad fact is, most women will go through their entire lives not knowing anyone who can help them to understand their love life. And most of the time when they do find someone, they aren’t willing to take the risk, financially and emotionally. But we both know that we only pay for what we TRULY value… and vice versa. And that’s why I’m doing this coaching for limited time.

You’re going to wake up next him in the morning and have him cuddling with you all morning long and actually feel happy waking up.

He’s going to support and respect you and back you up when you’re insecure and want to face off against the world together.

You’re going to feel his love and his deep intimacy, something most women will never be fortunate enough to experience.

OR he could leave you for another woman who CAN make it happen while you end up alone and feeling hopeless that you’ll ever find a great thing.

The choice is yours.

What kind of power do you want with men, not just being pushed and pulled by circumstances?

What’s your ideal man if you could simply choose him, like choosing a color for your boudoir?

Do you want him to look at you with that undeniable glimmer in his eye?

Take care of you like you are his to protect?

Will you feel like the woman who deserves it? Will he feel fortunate to have you?

Just click the link below to be sent to application page to apply for coaching with me, and we will face you’re deepest fears together.

Your friend,

Brandon p.s. If you feel like applying would be the right decision for you, don’t wate too long to apply.  We will stop taking applications at March 9th at 12:00 AM PST or by the time we get enough applicants, which ever comes first.