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Here's a little story.

A feminine woman walks into a pet shop looking to buy a brand new puppy.

She takes a look around the litter and they're all cute, but she sees EXACTLY the one that she wants immediately.

She takes it home, names it “Fluffball” and falls in love with the puppy.

Now, a man walks in to the same puppy store and looks at the litter of puppies…but there's something different about the way he approaches the puppies, he's not really sure which one he wants.

In fact, he wants to take ALL of the puppies home with him and “try” them all out.

He's unsure about committing to one particular puppy so quickly.

Why is it so hard for a man just to want one woman, where as it's so easy for a woman to want just one man?

Here's a sobering fact: you will generally want love more than a man will if you don't know how to get him to “learn” to love you.

And men generally want to have more sexual partners than women.

The reason for this?


It's a well known fact that men think about sex all the time.

It has become an obsession.


Because sex is not something they shouldn't think about. It's something that's suppose to happen naturally, WITHOUT any thinking involved.

In the animal kingdom, animals mate and there is no thinking, there is only “doing” (each other).

In the human world, we have religion, society, parents and TV all condemning sex.

The absolutely natural, spontaneous event of sex has become an obsession because it has been REJECTED.

Surprisingly the world has looked down upon men enjoying sex.

You and I know that sexual energy is a very powerful energy and if it's pushed down, it has to go SOMEWHERE.

So that energy goes from the crotch to the CRANIUM.

When we reject sex as natural, we begin to think about it all the time rather than experiencing it naturally.

Sex is EVERYWHERE: advertisements, TV, Britney Spears etc. and it has such a profound effect on people because it is a condemned “taboo”.

Thing is, there is a lot guilt around sex.

It's almost unbelievable.

The point is, men are especially swamped in sexual obsession.


In general, it's more difficult for a man to get sexual partners than a woman.

Psychologists say that men throughout their lifetime will have 7 sexual partners on average and women 14.

No matter how you spin in, a girl simply has to be skinny and normal looking and she could walk down the street, ask any random guy to spend the night and nine times out of ten he will say “yes please!”

A man can't do this!

If a man were to walk down the street asking girls to spend the night, nine times out of ten he would be slapped!

We both know that women make it “difficult” for a man to get sex.

Most women have been taught all of their lives to do this from when they a little girl.

You don't know what he'll do once you say “yes”.

Once you say “yes”, you have given away all of your chips…HOPING that he will make a commitment afterwards.

And when a man doesn't need it so badly, it makes a woman crazy.

And you think by “holding out” from him it will make him want you even more too…but it never works out in the long run.

Sure it gets a man immediately interested, but as you something is missing.

It does something interesting to a man's psychology.

He becomes obsessed with “conquests”…and the problem is many women encourage it!

Women become teases.

I don't say that you are a tease, but many women are.

A woman will dress and act sexually without any intention of actually following through on it just to get a man to want her.

This drives men even deeper into their madness of their sexual obsession…which causes them to get the “wandering eye” later in a relationship.

Then when you finally DO have sex with a man, he is quick to leave…


Because he has “conquered” you.

You must approach this situation in an entirely NEW way if you would like men to stop using you for sex.

For a man to commit, you must learn how to calm his feverish obsession.

You ALLOW him to fall in love with you by becoming the woman he WANTS and WILL WANT for a long time.

A good start is by learning the 12 things that make a woman irresistible.

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