Yes and no.

In the traditional sense, no.

A woman who does not meditate lets her emotions run her entire life. If she does not meditate, her life in in complete flux, 24/7, even while she is fast asleep!

She’s angry, upset, excited, elated, paranoid, jealous, afraid and loving all before the hat even hits the floor. She is so emotional that she doesn’t even have time to think about how emotional she is.

This is NOT what a man likes.

However, when a woman begins to meditate, her emotions do something very interesting – She becomes focused and directed on the VALUABLE emotions. A man LOVES an emotional woman who is focused on joy, love, excitement, gratitude, passion. These are the emotions that come from meditation.

Without meditation, there is only emotional chaos.

Meditation is becoming aware of the emotions without any effort, without any doing or forcing. There is only watching like watching a bonfire burning away. You are not waiting for anything to happen, you just simply look upon your thought, emotions, your body and you are detached, aloof from them. You are no longer a part of them.

When meditation comes into focus, the emotions come into focus, and those long standing ones that we desire so much – love and happiness – present themselves.

But an emotional woman who does not meditate is completely lost. She has absolutely no sense of direction, and so she looks for a man to take care of that job for her. She hopes that a strong, confident man will give her direction. But the man can only do so much because he is not her. Usually, a man will get fed up if the woman is too emotional. He will say she is “psycho” or crazy.

And she won’t even understand how lost she is until she begins to meditate.

She has to take responsibility for her own life.

When a woman meditates, she desires these things out of a man but she acquires a sense of SELF POWER. She never had it before she meditated, but now that she has, she can see the world through clear eyes. A man calls a mediative woman “amazing”.

The sort of emotionalism that comes through meditation is absolutely fresh. Instead of going to the grocery store and picking through a bunch of month old moldy, broken open, shriveled up tomatoes, there is a fresh batch of organic, heirloom tomatoes in beautiful greens, oranges, reds and yellows.

Once an emotional woman meditates, a man becomes positively addicted to her emotions.

I’d love to hear any comments from my male readers to help enlighten my female readers. In the end I’m just one guy!

With honor,