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  • Why men really leave relationships
  • 7 BIG MISTAKES women make after a breakup
  • 2 SECRETS that will cause him to come running back to you
  • Turning The Tables: Make him want you as badly as you want him
  • How to make him REMEMBER his loving feelings for you

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  • The ultimate “quick” method to avoiding fights and drama by getting a guy to WANT to open up to you effortlessly – “The Manhandling Formula” – that women successful with men use every time to get a guy to be intimate anytime, anywhere. (Not only does it open him up instantly but also gets him turned on for reaching inside to his core). Pg. 222
  • How get a man in love with you effortlessly in a way that makes him want you even more just for being YOU without changing a thing.
  • How to easily make a deep connection between yours and his heart without risking your heart in a way that he’ll thank you for doing it. Pg. 22
  • A tricked learned from bisexual women that guarantees any woman who uses it to become attractive to a boyfriend even LONG into a relationship.
  • How to securely fall in love fearlessly without worrying about being blinded by love or getting taken advantage of.
  • The speedy way to get him “in love” with you more deeply and than any woman he’s ever known and have him see you as the woman of his dreams and want to make you happy and be a man for. Pg. 32
  • How to effortlessly change a man into the man of your dreams with one simple change in your relationship (this is so powerful that it works on even the most macho, stubborn men).
  • How to quickly get an inside look at your boyfriend’s mind to know how he thinks to easily make him happy with you and want to start doing nice things for you that he would do for Angelina Jolie.
  • How to instantly cause a man to open up and be vulnerable only with you without having to be “smoking hot”.
  • How to get a man to act the way he acts towards a beautiful woman with YOU without having to be physically attractive.
  • How to get an insider’s look at what he REALLY thinks about and how to start seeing him thinking about YOU more.
  • How to get him almost feverishly obsessing over YOU and on his mind constantly with one simple tactic.
  • How you can have him see it in his own best interest to put YOU as a priority in his top three priorities in life easily. Pg. 122
  • How to easily engage his primal instincts to get him naturally, sexually attracted to you not only in the moment, but even for the long-term (hint: it doesn’t involve physical beauty or “physical attraction”). Pg. 81
  • Exactly what you are doing to make him see you as “not the one” and what you can do to STOP this and get him seeing you as a godsend. Pg. 110
  • How to get a man to appreciate your presence on even the smallest levels without even forcing him to.
  • A man’s deepest, darkest desires EXPOSED and how to use them to get an almost unfair advantage in getting him “love sick” and getting his complete and undivided attention on you. Pg. 138
  • How to find out if he is or has cheated on you and what you can do to immediately seal the leak, handle the pain and how to continue the relationship the RIGHT way so that you’ll never get taken advantaged of again (even by “macho jerk” types). Pg. 215
  • What to do if YOU have cheated on him and how to handle this situation the RIGHT way so that you keep the relationship and he actually THANKS you for coming clean. Pg. 220
  • What to do if you have created a web of lies you’re afraid of getting found out about and how to release the burden of the lies and save your relationship.
  • How to once and for all END his “commitment-phobia” with one simple sentence. Use this technique and he’ll NEVER worry about you “clinging” or getting needy even if you are and you’ll never worry about him leaving. (He’ll stay for as long as you want and crack open the door to getting HIM to make the decision to commit for good). Pg. 194
  • Exactly how to get control of out of control emotions using ancient Yoga techniques that bring emotional harmony with a man in a relationship.
  • How to cause a man to put his emotions on the line for you… and how to do it in a way that avoids fear or hurt feelings. (If you do this correctly you’ll never be more happy in a relationship and bring happiness to your man). Pg. 186
  • How to get a man more emotionally competent and getting you to be emotional in all the RIGHT ways.
  • “The Secret Relationship Weapon” – know and apply it and you’ll never have conflict, drama or fights with a man ever again. You’ll inspire him to be a better man and have happiness in the relationship as a constant. Pg. 194
  • How, why and when men cheat and what you can to not only stop a man from ever cheating on you but even stop him from even thinking about looking at other women. Pg. 217
  • Why men are emotionally cold and numb and how to immediately change the emotional climate in an emotionally blocked man to good sensitivity towards YOU and your feelings. Pg. 148
  • How to make get an emotionally sensitive man to “man up” and be more positive, powerful and your dream man.
  • How to balance your sexual energy and become one of the most attractive women he’s ever known and wants to direct all of his sexual energy to and stop giving it to other women (and you don’t have to be physically beautiful to do it either) Pg. 34
  • Why you worry about your love life and exactly what you can do to end all worry concerning your life life by applying this section. Pg. 55.
  • “Section II: Man-Handling This section we go into the ins and out of exactly what a man thinks, why he thinks it and how you can apply it to your relationship.” Pg. 121
  • The “3 phases” every relationship goes through from pain to bliss. Where are you?And how to get to easily move to where you want to be and never worry about “dragging” him along. He’ll want to go with you. Pg. 173
  • And much, much more…

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  • Inside the male mind - & how to get his LOVE
  • 3 MISTAKES that make men pull away
  • Why men quit giving AFFECTION
  • How to get his mind OBSESSED with only you & stop his "wandering eye"
  • 2 qualities that tell men you're "the one"
  • 6 SECRETS that inspire men to fully open up

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Exclusive Male Psychology Secrets
Inside the male heart... and how to get his love and attraction
3 mistakes that make men pull away
Why men quit giving affection
How to get his mind obsessed with only you... and stop his "wandering eye"
2 qualities that tell men you're "the one"
6 secrets that inspire men to fully open up