Comments Policy | Yintegrity

I’d like to take a few minutes just to talk about leaving comments on Yintegrity as the month or so I’ve had quite a few conversations with readers that have left me wondering if we’re all on the same page.

I’m beginning to see that there is a variety of ways in which readers view and use the comments sections of blogs.

These range from not commenting at all to abusing them completely with personal shots at other readers as well as myself. I don’t mind so much towards myself, but I want to keep those who decide to take a step forward in leaving a comment to feel absolutely safe doing so.

Along the spectrum between not commenting and hateful comments are tons of different approaches to commenting by readers. Each blogger has their own standards of what is and isn’t acceptable on their blog – some allow virtually any comment – others have language standards etc.

I’m totally fine with the variety of approaches to your comments – however I want to communicate to readers of Yintegrity where I stand:

1. I *love* comments on this blog – they are as important as anything I write myself. They add tremendous value to the knowledge and community that we have here. If you want to comment, I welcome it with open arms Feel free to have your say. I love your comments and I want to hear what you have to say, whether it is from an amateur stance or an expert. Post your comments and I will do everything possible to make sure you are safe to do so and I will do my best to reply back to them.
2. I disallow personal shots – If there are any personal shots taken at other readers, comments or even me, I will not post your comment. This is a place for peace, understanding and compassion, not idiocy and hatred. I’m not against challenging each other, questioning and a general search for truth, and if you disagree with me, I welcome it with open arms, but there is no reason to take personal shots, not unless you’re completely stupid. I won’t allow them. If you want to be a buffoon and post hate messages, there are 100,000 other blogs to do so on.

3. I delete spam – I have an awesome spam filter that automatically catches spam. It’s like the “spam terminator”. I hate spam if any slip through the cracks I just delete it.

4. Relevant links in comments are encouraged – if you want to point to a relevant link on your own or another’s site in a comment then please feel absolutely free to. It adds to the conversation and improves the blog.

5. Irrelevant links are not encouraged – if you leave a comment with a link in it that has no relevance to the post you’re commenting on it will probably be deleted. If you link, it should have something to do with the actual post. Spammy linking in comments has no integrity and I don’t go for them.

It’s not my intention to come down hard on readers – but I want my readers to feel absolutely comfortable commenting freely. I spend a lot of time on this place. There is a fine line between what is and isn’t acceptable for a comment on this blog and I want to be very clear about what that is. I wish I didn’t have to have a comments policy – but if it means keeping the idiots at bay and keeping my readers safe, I have no problem.

My advice to those commenting on this blog (not just mine) is that in a sense you’re visiting someone else’s home when you leave a comment. Do you want to leave a trail in the world with a little love or hate?