The Biology Of Playing Hard To Get

Do you ever hold back your feelings until you can figure out his true feelings?

There is a very deep biological reason for playing out this fear-based game.

Here’s an interesting secret about relationships that most men and women don’t know.

Most of what people do in relationships is because of their biological instincts to have babies.

Now whether you actually have babies is a different story.

Our modern society has made it easy to avoid having children.

But our GENES are millions of years older than Planned Parenthood. Ha ha.

One of our genes primary desires is to reproduce.

Biologically speaking 10,000 + years ago out in the wild, playing “hard to pet” served to not committing to having a man’s babies unless you knew for sure he was emotionally committed to you and would stick around to provide for the children.

If you had sex with a man who didn’t love you and became emotionally involved and had his children, you could be left to raise the children alone.

10,000 + years ago out in the wild this could mean death.

But with modern society, are these fearful “instincts” to play aloof and hard to get useful?


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