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4 Expert Secrets to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Quickly & Effectively

“My boyfriend broke up with me and I want him back!”

A breakup with the man you love is one of the most confusing, frustrating and devastating situation a woman can go through.

It seems like no matter what you do or how hard you try, you can’t get your ex-boyfriend back.

He seems to have lost the feelings he once had for you and there’s no chance of getting it back.

This type of situation can APPEAR hopeless.

But there is GOOD news – there is a way you can get him running back to you in a heartbeat.

I’ve spent more than 10 years coaching thousands of women from all around the world to successfully get their ex-boyfriends back. I have shared my expert knowledge with numerous women about how to get an ex boyfriend back.

I’ve researched the psychology behind breakups, why men leave relationships, why men choose certain women and not others, and what a woman can do to make her ex thirst for a relationship again… even if she’s really screwed up in her situation.

I spend my life coaching women in their relationships, dating and breakups and give them the “key” to lasting love with men.

Learn How to Get Your Guy Back

I need to tell you something right now...

I don’t “B.S.” or console too much about how hard it must be.

Regardless of however much you whine, “my boyfriend broke up with me and I want him back,” don’t expect me to coddle you.

We both already know you’re in a heart-wrenching situation and you need help badly.

We need to get down to business and talk about exactly what you need to do to get your ex-boyfriend back.

We need to get down to business and talk about exactly what you need to do to get your ex-boyfriend back.

Sound good?


Learn How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend

  • Why men really leave relationships
  • Why men really leave relationships and 7 big mistakes women make after a breakup
  • 2 SECRETS that will cause him to come running back to you
  • How to make him want you as badly as you want him
  • How to make him REMEMBER his loving feelings for you

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The fact is that it is possible to get him running back to you.


It’s easier than you may believe to make him feel that “spark” again and want to be with you… even after he’s said something as brutal as “I don’t love you anymore”.


I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes many, many times… often in not normal circumstances.

You just have to change your approach to your situation.


You must understand and accept that at some level, you’re valuable enough for him to have once chosen to be with you.

And you’re an intelligent, driven woman with admirable qualities because you’re here seeking answers from people with different perspectives to yours and your friends to achieve your goal of getting your ex back.

And he could just as easily choose you again if you demonstrate the right qualities.

So with that in mind, it’s completely possible to get your ex boyfriend back if you know how to do it.


Men experience love in a completely different way than you do as a woman.

It’s important to learn what your ex-boyfriend wants and what causes him to fall in love – that’s how you get him running back to you.

This misunderstanding is the source of all of your pain and frustration right now.

When you have the right understanding and knowledge, your actions will follow automatically.

The reason, by the way, why men say things like “I don’t love you anymore” or “I don’t want a relationship with you” has nothing to do with how he really feels.

This is his logic speaking.


But if you can target his EMOTIONS instead, you can surprise even him about how his feelings for you.


You have to avoid the “traps” that most women fall into that prevent men from coming back after a breakup, and you also have to know what to do to spark his interest again.


These techniques I’m about to share with you about how to get your guy back are very powerful, so please use them carefully.


Most importantly of all, if you actually want to stand any chance of getting your ex-boyfriend back in your arms again one day, you have to take your level commitment from interested to committed to doing whatever it takes to bring him back.


You won’t get far with a half-hearted effort.


Let’s get into it.

Men experience love in a completely different way than you do as a woman.

1. Target His Subconscious Desires

Men subconsciously desire challenge, and it’s such a deep and powerful process that it goes below his awareness into his subconscious mind.


After years of studying psychology, I’ve found that on some deep subconscious level, he never wants to “win” completely. He always subconsciously wants some sort of gap.




It’s basic male psychology that men VALUE that which is harder to achieve.


If you ask a man directly if this is true, he may tell you “no”.


Many men believe that they want an easy, relaxed life, and while there’s nothing wrong with having a relaxed life, men don’t always respond to a woman who he doesn’t have to do much to achieve.


That’s his LOGICAL side talking, not his emotional side… and if you watch what men SAY they want and what they ACTUALLY respond to, you will find two very different things.


If he knows that he has you completely, he’s very likely to immediately lose interested, ESPECIALLY in a breakup situation because he’s already decided he doesn’t want to be with you anymore.

Here's what he REALLY wants...

He wants the chase, the mystery, the excitement.


That’s why it’s important to plant the seed of doubt in his mind.

When he knows that you want you him and you can’t live without him, there is no challenge or mystery left.


Not only that, but you’re also allowing him to feel COMFORTABLE with the breakup.


It’s much easier for him to leave when he knows that you can’t live life normally without him.


If you begin to become slightly less available to him, you will start noticing a BIG difference in his attitude towards you.


BUT… you have to pull it off in the RIGHT way or you could end up hurting the situation, and add to the fact that it can be tricky to pull this off in a breakup situation given the fact that you two probably have much more limited contact now.


In my free “Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back” eLetter I’m going to help you with the details of the “how to’s” of how to pull this off correctly.

2. Be Unpredictable In A Breakup

Men become bored, passionless and “commitment-phobic” when they know what’s going to happen.


Just the opposite is true.



When a man doesn’t know what a woman’s next move will be, he becomes alive, alert and suddenly drawn in.

Why do you think guys wish to bring women into their lives in the first place? Am I right?



A man brings a woman into his life in the hopes that she will bring adventure, excitement and unpredictability into his life (if you don’t feel like you have these qualities, don’t worry it’s very easy to create this).



In the context of this breakup, being unpredictable can create a sort of OBSESSION around you in his mind.


That’s because he doesn’t know where you are, what you’re doing, if you like him or don’t like him, and you’re acting differently than he’s used to.



Psychologically speaking, men become obsessive about something when it’s unpredictable and they can’t control it.



But you must understand how much is needed for your situation. Too much and you can upset him, not enough and you won’t spark any fire in him.



You must find the BALANCE – that’s how you get him running back to you.



Again, that’s what my “Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back” eLetter helps you do.

3. Make Him Uncertain Of Your Feelings

One of the biggest mistakes most women make with getting their ex-boyfriend back is letting you know that YOU WANT TO BE WITH HIM…


Now listen, I know that you love him. And I know you want to be with him, and you DESERVE to be with the man you love.


The problem is on an EMOTIONAL level, telling him you want to be with him gives him a sense of COMFORT for breaking up with.


Please read the above sentence again so it really sinks in… I’ll wait….


He may be a great guy, but even so in the back of his mind he knows he’s always got you in his back pocket if things don’t work out for him so he’s free to move as far away from you as he wants.


It’s essential if you want your man back to take this feeling of comfort away.


You have to give him a feeling of uncertainty to get him running back to you.


And it’s not difficult with the tools I will give you in my “Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back” eLetter.

4. He Wants A Girlfriend Who Is Non-Needy

One of the most attractive traits you can possess is truly not needing a man… ESPECIALLY if a man has broken up with you.


When you have an abundance mentality, you’re unafraid of losing him, and you have a positive mentality that things WILL work out for you in the future, that’s when you will be MOST LIKELY to get this man.


It’s this attitude that captivates his interest.


Right now, you’re probably very afraid of losing him and all sorts of fears are running through your head…

For example…

  • "Does he still love me?"
  • "Is he going to find someone else?
  • "Am I going to be alone forever?"

You must do yourself a favor and stop thinking in this way and think more POSITIVELY.


When he starts to get the feeling that you could take him or leave him, and he starts getting the sense from you that you know you deserve love and you can have someone very special, he will start trying to get YOUR attention instead of the other way around.


Your attitude trickles into your actions:

a. In all of your interactions with him you're now relaxed, happy and carefree... instead of tense, worried and holding on.

Men are attuned to female energy.


On a subconscious level, we INSTANTLY recognize a woman’s energy… even if her words contradict it.


If you want to stand any chance of getting this man back, you must be spontaneous, unpredictable, happy, light-hearted, feminine and have a sense of humor.


You can’t be those things if you are afraid to lose him and are attached to the outcome. You might even end up losing him.

b. You're allowing him to truly rethink things.

At this point, I’m willing to bet he hasn’t thought about things AT ALL.


You’ve sort of pressured him too much to think about the relationship. Perhaps not even with anything you’ve said directly, but your “energy” has said it for you.


The more you have “relationship” on your mind, the more you’re going to stop him from truly rethinking things.

Instead he will leap to conclusions and become stubborn about his decisions.


It’s the same thing when a child asks for a toy over and over again and the parent keeps saying “no” over and over again.


Soon all the child has to say is “can I-” and the parent shouts “ugh, No!”


It becomes a reflex. The parent isn’t even thinking about WHY they are saying “no” anymore.


The child will get the toy INDIRECTLY by being good and accomplishing goals.


Just how you will get the relationship back by going about it indirectly by exhibiting all of those qualities I mentioned above… But not directly.


So you might be thinking “HOW do I show him all of this?”.


That is what my best-selling audio program “Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back” is for.


Inside, I show exactly what to do in each breakup situation (no matter how unique the situation appears on the surface, there are only about 9 situations all breakups fall into) and how to get your guy back.

There are root causes that all breakups fit into, and I go through each of those situations in detail and show you exactly what to do to get him back, including (but not limited to):

  • Long Term Relationships (4 months +)
  • Short Term Relationships (Less than 4 months)
  • Marriage and Divorce
  • Long Distance Relationships
  • Issues with cheating, jealousy and flirting
  • and much more...

My eLetter is completely free, and inside I will show you strategies and insights into your breakup that you won’t get anywhere else that will get you results with getting your man back.


I will illustrate how you can get him running back to you and falling head over heels in love with you again.

Learn How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back Now

Inside you will learn these secrets about how to get your ex boyfriend back...

  • Why men really leave relationships
  • 7 BIG MISTAKES most women make after a breakup
  • 2 SECRETS that will cause him to come running back to you
  • Turning The Tables: Make him want you as badly as you want him
  • How to make him REMEMBER his loving feelings for you

Read my FREE "Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back" eLetter & learn exclusive secrets about how to get your ex-boyfriend back as fast as possible.

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