4 More Things To Make A Woman Irresistible To Men

Knowing how to be irresistible to men is not only critical to making a man crave a relationship with you, it’s essential for keeping men working to make a relationship full of love.


Many women end up with men who show a lack interest, which is hurtful, confusing and upsetting.


But today I’m going to show you four ways you can be irresistible to any man who you are dating or want to date.


I’ve been teaching these “secrets” to being irresistible to men for more than ten years and have coached thousands of women around the world… from “average women” to surgeons, all the way to rock stars.

Today’s 21st century dating world is very, very tough for women and much different than how things used to be.


Dating men has changed dramatically over the past few decades and continues to change everyday.


If you don’t know what you’re doing with today’s men, you’ll quickly fall behind and have men falling out of love, getting cold, showing interest to other women etc.


You will feel lost, upset or confused dealing with men and choose the wrong actions, which will further push men away.

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How To Understand Male Psychology In Dating Situations To Be Irresistible To Men

Some women have a hard time being told they don’t understand men… but many women end up chasing men who they don’t understand.


Some women believe they understand men even when men consistently show billboard-sized signs of lack of interest, like being distant, making excuses, not wanting to take things to the next level etc. etc.


This creates what psychologists call “cognitive dissonance”: in other words a woman believes she understands a man, but he’s not showing the level of love and interest she should be if he truly found her irresistible.


This causes confusion and frustration.


This lack of understanding men causes women to not get the love, attention and respect they truly deserve… whether a relationship is 10 days or 10 years old… and can lead to men pulling away, showing less and less interest or even jumping ship.

99% of women obsess over a man’s mind, behavioral patterns and overanalyze the sh** out of every little thing he does without any confidence that they truly understand him.


The big question is – what do men really want… and what do men not want?


In my experience coaching many women for many years, not understanding male psychology leads to women making common mistakes that they don’t realize they’re making.


If a woman simply understands men and their emotions on a more profound level, she will easily AVOID making common mistakes all other women make and set herself apart.


Makes sense, right?


Many women unknowingly do things to cause men to lose attraction, love and affection…


For example, even though a man should be a woman’s “rock”, many women will overburden a man with feelings she wants to handle but he’s unable to deal with.

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  • 3 MISTAKES that make men pull away
  • Why men quit giving AFFECTION
  • How to get his mind OBSESSED with only you & stop his "wandering eye"
  • 2 qualities that tell men you're "the one"
  • 6 SECRETS to inspire men to open up
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Most women don’t understand the difficulty men have processing feelings.



Men are trained from an early age to repress emotions to appear strong and never express weakness. Whether this is “right or wrong” is not the point. The point is this is how most men are and it must be accepted.


I’ll introduce one essential tip now that will immediately begin to make you more irresistible to men no matter what situation you are in.


Every problem you will ever have with men can be solved by you becoming relaxed.


It’s not about becoming more beautiful, beating out other women or even having the right words to say.


It’s all about who you are as “energy”.


This is my biggest “secrets” to success with men in relationships.


But allowing yourself to believe that and knowing how to become relaxed in the face of stress is another challenge!

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Never Take His Behavior Personally

I’ve come to learn that some women take a man’s careless words or actions to mean something about her…. whether it be something careless he said, a stray glance at another woman or a decision he won’t make.


Many women feel that guys do this because of the guy, and if the guy was more thoughtful, she wouldn’t be upset.


But the truth is, some women react negatively like this because they have undealt with insecurities about her looks, personality etc. And whether or not she is “good enough” for him.


This causes women to be overly-sensitive to his words and actions and makes her believe most or all of what he says or does “means” something about her.


This in itself is not the problem.


The real problem is about how many women react when they take something personally that a man does.


Most women react with:

  •      wanting to “have a talk”

  •      starting a fight/drama

  •      Getting emotionally cold/pull away

All of these things are not the reason why men wan to be with a woman in the first place, especially if what he did actually wasn’t about you at all.


In fact, most of the stupid things that men do like:

  •      not calling back quickly

  •      not complimenting you

  •      staring at another woman

  •      saying crude or hurtful things

etc. etc.


are not actually about you at all.


If you take something personally that wasn’t meant for you, it will cause a man to pull his hair out of his head.


If this happens again and again, it will lead to men pulling away or even leaving a dating situation.


A woman who most men will find irresistible will not take too many things personally.


This allows her to stay relaxed, joyful and exhibit all of the quality that make men unable to resist a woman.

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How To Make Him Feel An Irresistible Emotional Connection With You

Most women have difficulty understanding what makes men feel emotional (aside from Call of Duty, Budweiser or football).


This has partly to do with the fact that many women don’t know how to make men open up emotionally.


Many women have a deep fear that men just want sex… and once he’s satisfied, he’s onto the next woman.


I’ll be honest… This can be true for most “average” women the guy meets who don’t understand men.


But the deeper truth is, men are very emotional and deep in their hearts are hoping to find one special woman to form a deep emotional connection with.


How is it that most women never tap into this part of men?


Most women start on the wrong foot with men by focusing too much on their own feelings of love (or pain) about him and the relationship.


This cause women to carve out the relationship entirely around her emotions, level of attraction and hurt feelings… and neglect his feelings.


I’ve coached enough women to know that most women make these two critical mistakes:


1. Believing she already understands what men want.

2. Focusing on her own emotional experience of pain or happiness


You can see with this combo, many women are out of touch with how to make a man feel attraction, in love and feel an emotional, psychic and spiritual connection.


The side effect this has on men is it makes men feel that you will never be able to “get” him if he ever opens up to you.


To make a man open up to you and create an emotional connection, you need him to see you as different from all the other girls who don’t understand men.

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Get Curious & Committed To Understanding Men

Growing your interest and committing to learning men deeply is possibly the most powerful thing you can do to be absolutely irresistible to men.


It’s not just because you will understand men, but the loving way a man responds to you when you deeply understand him is something most women only read about in romance novels…

But in those novels women  don’t understand men and the guy’s interest is fantasy, not reality. 


If you’re reading this, then I know you are special, curious and want to understand men and have a happy, loving love life with men who appreciate you, love you and respect you.


You truly deserve this.


You’re just the type of women I’d love to join my eLetter to learn men on a much deeper level… which most women will never get and will unfortunately have trouble getting and keeping love from men perhaps for their entire lives.


Effortless, loving relationships with men is something only reserved for the most curious, open and intelligent women (intelligence has many flavors!)

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