12 Things A Woman Does That Men Find Irresistible

How To Be Irresistible To Men & make men chase you for commitment

Hey, Brandon here, and I’d like to show you how to be irresistible to men.

The secret to being irresistible to men isn’t about looking “hot”, getting men jealous or even confessing your feelings to him.

It’s about understanding how men work, and how to trigger a long lasting EMOTIONAL CONNECTION in men, whenever you want.

These days I have thousands of students, but I recently coached a gal who was dating a guy who told her he just wanted to keep things “casual”.

So I told her to do and say a few things, and within a day he was asking her to be his girlfriend and she was getting the affection, attention, connection and cuddles longterm that she wanted.

Keep in mind, this woman was “average”. Okay… no “supermodel”.

But she got the guy other women dreamed of being with. 

Now other women:

They try for weeks, months or even YEARS and wind up with very little.

The question is, what did she say to him?

And how did I figure this stuff out?

I know you want a man in your life who finds you completely irresistible.

All women do.

But what do most women do about it?

They let “fate” decide, which usually leads to very little.

Sure, some women hit the “man jackpot” but this rarely happens by accident.

In fact, most women give up and never find the type of lasting connection they deserve. 

They settle for Mr. Wrong, a guy who has gone cold … or worse… no man at all.

Most women will scan this article, cherry pick information and leave returning to a life of settling for far less love than they deserve.

I’d like to ask you, are serious about knowing how to make a man find you irresistible?

Then save this page now and read it at least five times over the next week.

The secrets I’m about to share with you to being irresistible to men are incredibly powerful. 

I’ve been researching relationship dynamics between men and women for years, and I’ve read every book imaginable.

I’ve found what works and thrown out everything that doesn’t and created this website along with my best selling eBook Become his Goddess

These are secrets ANY woman can use to become irresistible to “Mr. Right”, which most experts simply don’t know.

Unless you know how to be irresistible to men, you’ll probably deal with loneliness, men losing interest, falling out of love and avoiding commitment.

1. Childlike Energy

Many women believe they already know what men want.

For example, some women think their looks are the most important factor in attraction.

But if that’s true, great guys would avoid relationships with “average” looking women… but we know that’s not true. 

I’ve discovered that most women find male psychology and emotions confusing, and what makes a man choose one woman over another.

This leads to frustration not getting love from men.

Who could blame women?

Learn How To Make Men Fall In Love You & Only You

Many men lead women to think that looks are everything.


After years talking to men about they find irresistible in women, I discovered "odd" qualities men never tell women that they want.

What most men secretly find irresistible in women is child-like energy.

Most women are told they should act mature, so why be childlike?

Most of today’s women are “burnt out” from bad experiences with men, stress and being over worked from school, work and other obligations.

Today’s dating climate is tough on women.

The problem is, no matter how much you and I know this, men lack interest in women who aren’t childlike.

Listen closely to this “secret” about men.

What makes a woman irresistible to men is childlike, playful, innocent energy. This is one reason why men choose one woman over another.

A girl playing on the playground…

She simply plays in the sand, swings on the swings and counts the grains of sand in her hand. She is alive and lives in the now.

I’m always amazed when I see 18-year-old girls who seem like they’re 48, and then when I see 48-year-old women who feel 18.

It’s a matter of learning what “energy” men emotionally respond to in women.

2. Why Getting "Overly-Emotional" Makes Men Get Distant

After years observing women interact with men, I discovered most guys act like cavemen when it comes to feelings.

When men do brainless things like not call/text back for hours, act distant or not give attention, many women understandably feel hurt.

Most women don’t know what to do when a man doesn’t show love on his own. And they think they have to “force” love out of him… but they don’t want to have to force him!

Let’s be honest. 

Most normal women try to “control” their feelings for a while but eventually end up lashing out or “give him a taste of his own medicine” out of resentment

This is understandable, but the problem is this. 

If you’re doing this, you’re killing your bond with him.


Most men don’t know when if they hurt women because men experience emotions in a much different way.

When women react emotionally, men often feel like it’s “out of nowhere”.

On top of that, some women don’t voice their feelings and become secretly resentful, and men sense this “energy drain”.

This often causes men to pull away, get distant or even leave because most men don’t understand female emotions or what the hell is going on.

Here’s what men really want in a woman.

Almost all men crave an ongoing experience of light-heartedness, humor and relaxed energy in women … ESPECIALLY when things get rough.

This combination is like a billboard mounted to a woman’s forehead that screams, “I’m the one!”

This type of woman is rare and makes a woman exceptionally desirable to men.

If you lead with a sense of humor when things don’t go well, it can instantly turn a situation around and spark emotional attraction that is irresistible to men.

If you’re in a situation like this, you need to  learn how to reverse this before things gets worse.

3. Express Playfulness (& Other Healthy Emotions)

When guys act like cavemen and get distant, not call/text back or other hurtful things, most women’s negative emotions stack up, and they understandably eventually lash out.

Something as small as this can make a man get distant emotionally and kill his attraction altogether.


“Feelings” scare the hell out guys.

Now, instead of trying to “change” this about men (which ain’t happening in this lifetime) I think we need to start accepting men as they, which will ultimately unlock the blocks you’ve had with men.

The reality is, men universally seek out women who expresses positive emotions.

I’m not exaggerating when I ay the following:

A woman who continuously expresses positive emotion like playfulness and a sense of humor is more attractive to men than beauty queens, models or actresses. 

This is why you see many attractive men end up with “average” looking women.

This type of woman has the power to get a man literally addicted because most women start out playful, but quickly become overly serious in relationships.

This is almost always a deciding factor in why men choose one woman over another.

All men secretly hope to meet a woman who adds emotional value to his life.

This takes a meaningful readjustment of the way you approach men to be truly irresistible to men.

4. Men Crave Women who Don't Resist His "Path"

Let’s face it. 

Many women today have a borderline A.D.D. situation going on… oh hey look a butterfly… err back on track.

But seriously, it can be cute to some guys at first.

In fact, I find it hilarious and love to make light-hearted fun of women like this. But “A.D.D.” can turn into impatience, 

For men, this can turn into a feeling that this particular woman doesn’t “match” his life path.

Here’s a secret about men that most of today’s women don’t know.

Men are purpose and goal-oriented. 

In fact, a man’s path is the most important thing in his whole life.

It could be that he wants to start a business, be a firefighter or even start a family.

The point is it’s up to each man what he wants to create in his life. 

And if a man feels a particular woman doesn’t fit that vision he wants to create, it could kill his romantic feelings for her. 

When a man meets a woman, he secretly hopes that she will relax with his path and stay present with him each step of the way.

If she does, he will literally feel that she completes him.

5. How Body Language Affects Attractiveness

So many women ask me “what do I say to him to make him want me?”
But behavioral psychologists have recently found that…

Body language accounts for 55% of all communication, while vocal tonality accounts for 38%.

This means… words are only 7% of all communication.

93% of the things we communicate are through body language and vocal tone alone.

Instead of focusing on just 7% of communication, I suggest that you can create deeper attraction and interest with men by focusing on the other 93%.

Body language is a fascinating topic to me, and I’d like to give you my “Magic Body Language Formula” that tells men you’re irresistible and you know it.

a. Lead with your hips.

Why not lead with the one thing we know guys want?

You may have mixed feelings about her (I’m not her biggest fan either), but Paris Hilton is a master of irresistible body language.

Walking this way conveys sexuality, confidence and feminine energy

This alone can instantly get a guy’s attention.

b. Arch your lower back.

Hunching sub-communicates low self-esteem, which many men will avoid.

Shoulders should be rolled back a bit as to not hide your chest (no matter the size) and to avoid hunching.

c. Raise your chin.

A chin up in the air conveys self-confidence and happiness instantly.

This also helps focus your body to stand straight up, as if you’re laying vertically on a bed.

d. Show your beautiful pearly whites.

What makes a woman irresistible is a winning smile.


Because smiling conveys confidence, positivity and playfulness…. extremely irresistible qualities to men.

When we in a positive mood, we naturally smile more. 

But you can simply choose to smile more to be more attractive to men.

When you have this body language, it’s as close to “magic” as it gets to becoming irresistible to men.

6. Take Care Of Your "Looks" But Don't Obsess

Beauty, healthy hair, good-looking skin, well-done makeup, healthy weight; these are the superficial things men find irresistible.

But after interviewing thousands of guys, I’ve discovered something surprising you should know about

Most guys aren’t looking for “supermodel” good looks.

In fact, if a man is “talking” to you, he’s attracted to you enough to fall in love.

But for many women, that never happens because they don’t know about the secrets we’re talking about here.

Many women get tripped up believing that beauty is everything.

Have you ever stopped to think…. what is beauty?

I believe beauty is the outward expression of what I call Yin Femininity. 

Men find Yin Femininity irresistible like NOTHING else.

But becoming obsessed with looks is quite an ugly thing, is it not?

You can become an insecure rollercoaster seeking approval. 

When you chase validation, you can’t be irresistible.

Here’s what I believe women need:

Balance, balance, balanceee.

Like I said before, looks alone are simply not enough to make men find a woman irresistible.

7. men Want women Who Brings Them Into The NOW

I bet you are a goal driven, beautiful, intelligent woman.

However, many smart women get tripped up thinking too much… often about the past or worrying about the future.

Getting stuck in the head worrying about the future kills attraction with men.

Being stuck in past regrets also keeps you out of the now and out of a man’s heart.

Most women are so busy thinking that they miss their chance to create that special emotional bond with a man that only happens in the now moment.

Men can FEEL when a woman isn’t present, which is the opposite of what men want.

A woman who is “here now” and present is sharp, responsive, witty and keeps a man emotionally engaged.

A man can look into her eyes and see that she is with him here and now. This allows him to fall in love.

A woman who is in the “now” is completely attractive and irresistible to men.

Most men never find this woman, so when she does come, well, let’s just say… have you ever heard of those stories about guys proposing after dating for three months?

Every woman has the ability to cultivate this aspect of herself… you just have to learn how.which 

8. Why Most Men Avoid neediness

Many women fall into a big trap….

They confuse neediness for love.

I’ve come to discover that neediness can disguise itself as “love”.

Let me explain.

I think we can agree that true love is when we think about another’s happiness before our own.

But neediness is a painful fixation on how our own needs are not being met.

Love feels blissful while neediness is fear-based and hurts.

This is a distinction many, many women never make.

Many women blame “love” for hurting them but in reality, NEEDINESS is the real culprit.

Many guys are very sensitive to neediness.

If a woman starts to become needy with a guy and starts worrying that she’s not getting enough of his attention, he’ll likely pull away.

That’s because he can sense she’s acting with desperation, sadness or a “controlling” attitude that comes from neediness.

What most men find irresistible and is a woman who LOVES rather than needs him.

Need is not being able to live without him, while love is wanting him to be an addition to your life.

A confident woman who fearlessly loves gets the love from the man she wants. 

Women who are needy, on the other hand, find it difficult to get the love they deserve.

It is possible to develop high levels confidence with men if you know how.

If you deal with neediness and want to become free of fear, anxiety, neediness, self-doubt or jealousy, I highly recommend you check out my emotional balancing tips.

9. Men Desire A Nurturing woman

Most men say they want to be independent, which is true.

But I’ve found that most men secretly want to feel taken care of as well.

To most women, It’s a natural female, motherly instinct to nurture.

The problem is when men do hurtful things, many women pull back this quality out of  insecurity or anger.

The Indian mystic Osho once said “a man’s life is a journey to find the happiness he once felt inside the womb of his mother.” 

Deep stuff.

So, could you imagine if you were able to make him feel the happiness he once felt in his mother’s womb?

There are ways to make him feel this way that I don’t have time to get into now (you can learn more in my products and programs).

Most guys do want a tiny bit of mommy in their ideal woman.

But because of society, “responsibilities” and the resentment they build towards men, many women lose touch with this part of themselves.

Instead, many women get into a mode of thinking men are almost as enemies who they need to play games with in order to get their love.

If you’re not nurturing him, there’s a good chance men will distrust your ability to fulfill them emotionally.

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10. Create The Right "sexual" Connection

There’s no denying it…

Sex is a powerful, emotionally bonding event.

And mastering the bedroom can trigger a men to open their hearts to you… if you do THIS one thing that most women never do.

Most magazines promote bedroom “tricks” … like “practice swallowing 30 eggs in one go”.

But there’s something easier and far more effective you can do to be irresistible in bed that most women never think about… 

And it happens before you ever get in bed.

I call this “Create An Emotional Environment”. 

Whether you know it or not, you’re creating an “environment” every time you get in bed.

Why is this important?

The environment is the “emotional energetic” background in which the sex takes place.

Most women create an environment in bed that STOPS men from opening up.

Many women unknowingly create tension by worrying about how they look or if they’re “pleasing” him.

Other women do things that make men feel “this is only sex”.

But if you create the RIGHT environment that allows men to open up, you can cause men to feel you’re “different”. 

It’s easier than you might think to master the bedroom with men, you just have to know how.

11. Become The Embodiment of Love

Most women are afraid of:

Care to add to this list of truths?

Fear and the desperate, impulsive behaviors it manifests can kill men’s attraction. 

That’s because men are universally drawn to women who express the type of relaxed, trusting “energy” that love manifests.

Unfortunately, most women live in constant worry, self-judgment, guilt or anxiety, and it’s no mystery why.

It’s because most women don’t know how to get what they want from men.

And this causes many women to adopt a fear-based approach to men, where they feel ‘not enough” for the man they really want.

Then they feel the need to use games in order to secure him, which never works.

They end up psyching themselves out that they’re losing him, and do things like talk to another men as “backup” and feel guilt about it.

Their energy gets drained trying to “figure out” each of his behaviors instead of enjoying being with him.

Worse yet, there’s so much “advice” out there that encourage fear-based tactics, like using jealousy.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

What I’ve found over the years is that what makes a woman truly irresistible and desirable is embodying a love-based energy.

When you base your actions with men off of love-based energy, you act in ways that attract love from men effortlessly.

Most men only find women who sees dance, celebration and music (and lets go of worry, panic or neediness) every three to six years on average.

Love is the most powerful energy in the universe and is the core of Yin Feminine energy, which is the most irresistible energy to men there is.

12. Avoid Manipulation, Jealousy Ploys, Or Games

Why do most women FAIL to make men attracted and stay in love?

Some women would say lack of confidence, or not being pretty enough.

Other women would say the problem is men.

But, what I’ve found is that there’s one quality that men look that many women don’t have.

And unfortunately because they lack this quality, men pull away and never open up.

That quality is integrity.

Integrity means not using dishonest, manipulative games.

Some women will try to make a guy jealous by posting a photo with another guy thinking it’s going to amplify his attraction… but instead he pulls away and starts acting like a jerk.

On one hand, women are tenacious and will do everything to get what they want.

But on the other, you can destroy a man’s trust like this.

Most women play games because they simply don’t know what else to do to. Deep down, they think they’re not enough to keep the guy attracted on their own and fear losing him.

But most guys have experience with women playing games. Some of my friends pull away from women at the first sign of dishonesty.

Look, I get it.

Many women have been hurt by men and just want to make sure he stays around.

But the problem is, this destroys trust and the possibility he will open up… and most guys actually WANT to open up with a woman. 

But they never do if they feel a woman is playing games.

Most men feel a woman who stands for love and doesn’t play games is a beacon of light.

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