Relationship Goddess: The Secrets To Reviving A Relationship With A Man

These “Boyfriend Handling” Secrets Have Been Proven In 4 Worse-Case Relationship Scenarios In A Row, Bringing A Cold Boyfriend To Become Addicted After Nearly Leaving For Good…An Abusive Husband To Change Into “Mr. Right”…4 Dates In 5 Hour To A Woman Dateless For 6 Years…And A Man To Fall Back In Love 2 Years After Leaving Forever

Is This Really Possible? The Answer is “Yes”. As You Read On You’re Going To Find Out How You Can Get Your Man “Head Over Heals” For YOU, Communicating With You Deeply And Then Use That Lovesick Bond To Quickly Create An Unbreakable Connection He’ll Want Forever — Even If You’ve Gotten Emotional With Him To The Point Of Things Ending…And Even If Things Seem Completely Hopeless…

Dear Friend,

I’d like to ask you a few questions and try to look inside your heart and answer them as honestly as you can:

  • Have you ever been deeply in love with a man who suddenly became cold? After being in a relationship with him for a while, he stopped showing interest, giving you attention and didn’t seem to REALLY care about you anymore… you had no idea how to stop it, what he was thinking.
  • Have you ever gotten overly emotional with a man over the warmth he wasn’t giving you, and after expressing your feelings he started pulling away… you tried to talk with him about what you were feeling but he didn’t seem to care shut down emotionally?
  • Have you ever met a man you quickly developed an instant connection with, you slept with him, then he started acting aloof or even disappearing altogether?
  • Has a man you were in love with ever shut down from you, he seemed to become bored and uninterested in you… he was cold to you but “hot” with others and it made you feel worthless, unappreciated and you didn’t know what to do about it?
  • Have you ever wanted take things to the next level with a man but he didn’t seem to share your same level of interest…you talked with him about it but he gave you excuses, brushed you off and told you things like “have faith” and then got more distant afterward?
  • Have you ever tried doing things like dressing sexy or acting hard to get to get a man’s attention back, but afterward things were exactly the same and seemed more hopeless than ever?
  • Has your man unexpectedly lost that “spark” when he looked into your eyes and doesn’t look at you like he loves you anymore… you feared it was because he doesn’t love you anymore, or he wants to move on… he looks at you as if you were just a “friend” and you felt incapable of getting his love, undivided attention and respect?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then I have important news for you:

If you don’t properly handle a man and know how to make him feel a positive emotional response for you, you risk him withdrawing and even “shopping” for another woman… even if he loves you.

Without knowing it, most women push the wrong buttons in men that cause men to do stupid things in relationships, and even eventually leave.

There’s nothing more painful, especially when he’s being a jackass and isn’t opening up about the situation.

But if you learn what I’m about to share with you to drive a man wild with desire for his girlfriend…so much so that he can’t sleep at night at the thought of how lucky he is to have found such a woman…you can get him hopelessly in love and devoted to you.

How does a woman get more love, commitment and be more desirable to the man she wants in her life?

How do you get that type of relationship that is like a “fairytale” dream to most people?

People get weird over what I’m about to show you, especially when…

The 4 Worst Boyfriend Problems You’ve Ever Seen Vanish

I’m about to take you deep inside the confusing world of the male heart.

I have four shocking stories of women I personally coached who not only created the “perfect” relationship, but also got their men thanking god every night for their luck in finding an amazing catch.

It is possible to evoke any man’s powerful side AND his passionate, thoughtful, sincere side for you, even if he’s gotten distant or bored, and it’s possible for ANY woman to do it…you just have to know how and what to do.

The “True Story” Behind The Biggest Relationship Turnarounds

You’ve heard what happened “behind the scenes” of my own near relationship disaster and triumph.

And the reason why I told you the truth behind that story is to show you that miracles can and do happen.

We’re only at the beginning and you’ve already heard some far out things. If I were you I’d probably be thinking…

This Is All A Bunch Of Hype

And I could understand that thought.

Look, if I hadn’t experienced this for myself, I wouldn’t believe it myself.

So let me help you to understand by giving you the inside stories of the big successes and near heartbreaks of

What Happened To The 4 Most Hopeless Women I’ve Ever Met

The first thing I ever did when I started showing women how to get more success with men was take a handful of students to teach personally.

Up until then, the “Relationship Goddess” was just an undefined idea in my head that I was kind of reluctant to tell anybody about.

But when I finally started helping my first four students, I didn’t realize that I would be working with the four worst love lives I had ever seen.

I want to share with you these four stories and I think you’re going to learn quite a bit.

You may have heard people point to these stories, but let me let you in as to what we’re really talking about:

  • Bonny – Single without a date for almost six years
  • Sheila – Boyfriend of 4 years suddenly pulling away shutting her out completely and ready to breakup
  • Gretchen – On the verge of divorce with a possessive, controlling, angry, “abusive” husband
  • Teri – Wanted an ex boyfriend she was still in love with after two years of being broken up

They were all women with good hearts… but they were just doing certain important things wrong when it came to relating with men.

Sometimes just changing one little thing can change everything in relationships.

I got to work with Sheila first, and to say the least…

Sheila Was An Emotional Wreck Over Her Withdrawing Boyfriend

I saw it in her eyes that she had no idea what to do about her man who was losing interest and withdrawing, not to mention the embarrassment she felt for coming forward for help (which in the end was probably the deciding factor that saved her).

She told me she was depressed, she disliked the person she had become and felt like she was the one doing all of the work and getting nothing in return, but also felt like she couldn’t do anything right.

She said she was afraid it would never workout for her, and that men were destined to not value her.

Her man barely called anymore and had even been seen with another women.

I told her that men respond to internal energy more than “physical attraction”. If her internal energy was in being overly-emotional, argumentative, analytical and fear-based, those are some of the things men pull away from.

She looked at me skeptically.

The problem was instead of actually working on the cause of the problem, Sheila was “working” for the sake of working.

Sheila was working “hard” rather than working smart.


The problem is “work” alone won’t inspire love in a man.

In fact this can push a man away very easily because a man is not looking for a relationship to be “work”.

You must put in the right work, and when you do you inevitably put in less work, which is what all men want.

Her energy was fear-based and she didn’t understand that was causing her man to pull away.

Make sense?

Honestly, I thought she had just wasted $7,000…and I was about to refund her money!

But after she went home, out of my amazement three days later I got an email…

Sheila Got Her Man More In Love Than She Had Known Since The First Month They Fell For Each Other

It happened so fast she said she ended up getting him “too” in love with her and he started becoming attached and needy!

She actually made the changes and was rewarded with results.

It Worked Almost Too Good

Just imagine having to learn how to make a man more independent after being so withdrawn.

That’s a high quality problem.

And I actually managed to scrape up that email for you:

“Brandon! I’ve been trying to send you this email all day! My mind has just been buzzing with so much excitement and joy its been hard for me to do well, anything! ha :) After I got home and I saw him for the first time, things were ENTIRELY different. Just putting my energy in the right place made him worlds more attracted to me!

It was so unbelievable seeing him be so warm around me. Just like when we first met, and just that taste of love, I got from him thanks to you. I just knew I had to keep going! So I began manhandling him like crazy and I don’t know exactly what happened in him but something biggggg changed, and now he’s acting with me more deeply then when we first got together. it’s like heee actually matured!! Its beyond anything I could’ve ever even imagined, and its only been about three days! I feel like he really WANTS to be with me now, and I’ve never felt so beautiful and relaxed in my entire life!! You’re a miracle worker Brandon! I feel so much hope for our relationship and I feel if I keep up doing all that you have taught me and really dedicate myself to him hat eventually we’ll form a connection with each other that is unbreakable. But for now I’m just going to live in the moment and enjoy every second we have together :). I cant thank you enough for all the time and energy you invested into my relationship, and for really believing in me! Thank You Brandon!! I’ll definitely be keeping in touch with with you to let you know how things are going with Charlie.


The Possessive, Abusive Husband

Gretchen told me that although her man’s emotions were unstable, and that he would get angry when she tried to have “talks” with him about the relationship and would end up shutting her out, she knew he had a good heart and was the best thing that ever happened to her, and she was desperate to make the relationship what it once was.

Before Gretchen and her husband married, he was actually a great guy. You might even say he was “Mr. Right”.

But Mr. Right turned into Mr. Wrong — distant, unaffectionate, lazy, controlling and even emotionally abusive… He got upset at her for the smallest things and would never talk about.

I simply advised that she needed to end the relationship.

But she couldn’t agree to that.

I wanted to see if he was good for her or if she was just emotionally addicted to an abuser, but the weird thing he wasn’t that bad of a guy.

One problem was she was too focused on the past and what they used to have instead of planting new seeds right now.

In fact, because Gretchen was fantasizing about the past so much and how great things used to be, she was upset that it wasn’t like that anymore and resented him for him not doing anything about it, she was sending a clear message to her husband that she was not “long-term marriage material”.

He was regretting getting married and felt “trapped”.

Most men need a woman who can help him to enjoy right now.

When a man is with a woman who doesn’t understand this, he will often push her away.

Gretchen eventually revealed to me that she felt very guilty after getting married.

As we got deeper I found that she was flirting with other men, and this was turning her frustrating marriage into a nightmare.

I got deep into teaching her the relationship goddess fundamentals.

As we bid farewell she seemed to be seeing things in a new light, but I felt doubt she would find the strength to use what she had learned, because who knows what would happen if she didn’t when she got back.

I was worried for her.

But my worry turned into pride when Gretchen emailed me saying…

He Hired A Skywriter Who Wrote “I’m Sorry Gretch, I Love You So Much”

.It’s still hard for me to believe that actually happened.

Now that’s commitment…not some B.S. flowers and chocolates to try to “patch” things up… and going back to “the same old” the next day.

And just like with Sheila, Gretchen’s man ended up getting “too” loving for her taste, so again I went back and showed her how to keep him in love at the right level.

Let’s real talk for a second.

We’ve both heard about “miraculous” relationship turnarounds where people make it seem like two words made a man want to put a ring on her finger.

But, that’s not real life.

These changes don’t happen overnight.

It takes commitment and consistency to see positive changes in how men relate to you.

“Quick fixes” exist, yes, but my experience is they don’t work long-term.

I hate to say that because even I wish it were different!

From the many women I’ve coached, women who don’t put in the work usually fail with men.

It was at this point that I started getting “haters”.

People called me a scam, a fraud you name it.

It seems like when you start getting results in the public eye it triggers people’s limiting beliefs about what can be accomplished.



It would have been easy to just ignore those people, but I wanted to prove them wrong.

How The Relationship Goddess Formula Brought In 5 Dates In 4 Hours…To A Woman Dateless For 6 Years

Now you might say “It’s because you were there to push her Brandon”, but once I showed Bonny the relationship goddess basics, she took them and ran.

Bonny was the first woman to prove to me how easy it actually was.

She was a middle-aged (but young at heart) woman living in a suburban condo in Glendale.

When we sat down together, I immediately knew why she was dateless.

Attraction is based on the meeting of opposite energies.

When a woman is “yin” feminine, this is the type of energy that attracts confident, masculine, sensitive men.

She was turning men off before she even had a chance, and because of this…

She Lived In Constant Fear Of Ending Up Alone For The Rest Of Her Life

One reason why I like Relationship Goddess is that it demonstrates exactly how to live with courage and act in ways you never thought you could, like being “ballsy” with men.

So after going through the Relationship Goddess techniques all day, working through her insecurities and transforming from “normal woman” to goddess, she was ready to go bag a high class man.

We went out to The Standard in Hollywood that night, and when we got there she immediately froze.

Seeing all of the attractive men she would like to talk to, her body was froze with fear, very similar to baby Simba in the Lion King seeing the Wildebeests running down the cliffside.

Here’s What She Was Doing Wrong

Why do so many women “freeze up” with fear when they want to go talk to a man they find attractive?

When you look too far into the future and “sell in advance” and start think about a possible future with a man, not only do men pick up on this energy and hope that you don’t talk to them, but you also make it more difficult on yourself to actually talk to men

Selling into the future, whether it be the short term of simply getting a guy to like you, or long term of settling down and having a fairytale relationship, will cause you to tense up and not be present with men.

Being present is how you get men to want you.

She was shaky like a newborn fawn taking its first steps…but once we got past that hurdle and she began to relax, her energy became present and she was approaching men like she never had done before.

Her energy was now causing men to be OPEN to her approach, and she had men approaching her by the end of the night, which hadn’t happened to her in years.

When you take a risk, the payoff is incredible.

By the end of the night she got herself two dates.

Bonny emailed me a week later that she went out with the girls Saturday night and got…

5 Dates In a 4 Hour Night!

I was in total disbelief!

This lady with a six year love drought was now a maniac with men.

I think we need a new name for Bonny’s life… maybe the Bachelorette Lifestyle!

She didn’t even need a TV crew…

I’ll work on it.

But seriously, it turned out that one of those guys was particularly special to her and I hear they are still together and happy to this day.

If you’ve been there and have been stuck with men, not being able to approach them and having no good men approaching you…

Here’s How We Did It

This should prove without doubt that you can do anything you want if you put your heart into it.

All we had to do was change Bonny’s mindset from a weak one to a powerful goddess mindset.

Once she was feeling like a goddess… game over for any man in there because men respond to energy more than anything else.

You have to work on the core energy inside before you start seeing results on the outside.

This is just the way it is.

Unfortunately most women never think of it this way and hold a very needy energy  — they’re tense, nervous, anxious — and this energy leads men to become uninterested.

Goddess energy is cool, relaxed, confident, loving, powerful.

Bonny hadn’t had a date in SIX YEARS, but within days, the relationship goddess formula changed her energy and immediately we saw big changes in men’s reactions towards her. They were interested to the point of…

Men Begging To Take Her Home

Now those kind of men weren’t what we call “boyfriend material” (they were no slobs though)…but this was a drastic change compared to a six year drought with no love.

For my money, it proved that any woman can be a goddess with men.

Things were great until…

I Was “Tricked” Into Bringing An Ex-Boyfriend Back Two Years After Leaving

‘m talking about the guy so easy to fall in love with who can make you feel like the only woman on earth… and leaves out of the blue.

I’m the guy who’s been bringing these guys back to women, getting them in love, committed and telling women how to keep them for good, for one because I used to be that guy.

This situation was pure Relationship Goddess from start to finish.

I Never Wanted To Do It

After just going through three women in a row, I was exhausted! (not like that perv :-))

I was ready to spring a surprise vacation with my girl to France, tour the Louvre and have dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

But fate had other plans.

Teri was on her way out here to LA and I thought I’d teach her what I know while I packed for France.

Sounds like a good plan, no?

Well, Teri gets here and tells me that she wants her boyfriend back who she hasn’t so much as said a single word to since two years after…

He Left For Another Woman

Keep in mind, Yintegrity was still “off the beaten track”, so she was really on a wing and a prayer with me.

I honestly didn’t know if I was going to be able to help with such a drastic circumstance.

I didn’t know if Teri was in love or if I needed to call the loony bin to have them pick her up, but it turned out that Teri was serious about.

Getting Back The Love Of Her Life

She was so sweet, so sincere and I’m guessing that any woman she met wanted immediately to be her bestie.

The only contact information we had for her man was his email address, so we decided to start there.

I started writing out a very detailed heartfelt email to Teri after a day long coaching session, with all of the relationship goddess fundamentals and directions of what she needed to say to her ex boyfriend to get him in love with her again.

So I sent her the email, but when I was looking at the message I just sent, the email address WASN’T Teri’s…

I Accidentally Sent The Email DIRECTLY To Teri’s Ex-Boyfriend!


Out of my exhaustion I had the wrong email address in the “address” bar.

I couldn’t even BELIEVE what I had just done!

I couldn’t help but feel terrible that I had just singlehandedly ruined any chance Teri would have of getting back with the love of her life.

A day went by without a response back. Two days… Three days…

At that point I was sure that I had messed up big time.

Just as I was going to break the news to Teri three days later, I saw an email sitting in my inbox.

He responded back…and I couldn’t believe what he said

“Teri I Should Never Have Left You. I’m Sorry I Didn’t Write Sooner But Seeing You’re Email I Just Was Speechless. Where Are You, I’m Coming To You Right Now.”

Talk about a wing and a prayer.

I couldn’t believe he didn’t notice my email address, the directions to using the email, the secret use of words I showed her, or any of the other weird things in that email!

I guess what they is true… men can be pretty dense sometimes.

Or perhaps he just read a few lines and didn’t need to read the rest. I guess we’ll never know.

But one thing was for sure…

The Relationship Goddess Fundamentals Work

By the way, I got an email from Teri recently saying that they’re still together and she’s never been happier.

Before we go on, one thing you must see is how Relationship Goddess has worked for other women.

When I released my first book “The Future Of Femininity”…

I Was Scared Out Of My Mind

I had no idea what would happen because:

  1. I was a man coming forward to woman about the secrets to getting love from men
  1. I had only gotten success in my own love life and a few other women around me
  1. I had NO IDEA how women would receive me
  1. The pressure to “put out” was getting unbearable

To make things worse I kept getting all these calls from people telling me not to release it.

What the hell!

As you can imagine, I had my doubts.

But I decided to release about 100 copies of “The Future Of Femininity” anyway and waited nervously as a few copies were sold for replies on how it work out for them…and I waited…and waited…and I got no replies. I didn’t heard so much as a god damn peep out of anyone, and it had been almost a week.

I started thinking…

“Maybe I Got Lucky… Maybe This Is NOT For Everyone”


I’ll never forget what happened next.

After I released those copies of “The Future Of Femininity” to the public, seven days later, I hadn’t heard from anyone all week.

But when I woke up that morning to check my inbox I found…

94 Emails From Women With MAJOR Breakthroughs With Men

It was like god almighty came down and flooded my inbox with emails from almost all of the women who purchased my book in my inbox all in one day.

Que the “Twi Light Zone” music.

And many of these women were in bad situations, but the success rate was staggering.

And these women didn’t even pay me $3,500 a day like the first group. They just bought that 147 page eBook.

It was…

Proof That Relationship Goddess Works Like Nothing You’ve Seen

But there’s something very important I need to tell you before going on.

Sheila had just kept the man of her life from leaving, Gretchen’s now had Mr. Right, Bonny found “the one” and Teri had just gotten her ex back.

My inbox was flooded with tons of similar stories.

And while there were tons of successes, there were more QUESTIONS than I could handle.

I’m talking thousands of questions.

That’s when I decided to turn the old book into “Relationship Goddess” and answer all of the questions.

It’s the most condensed, powerful and uncensored material out there that guarantees success in love with men.

I want to show you

Examples Of How Relationship Goddess Changes Everything Around

We both know that men don’t exactly make things “easy” in relationships.

It’s confusing when things are going great and out of NOWHERE he withdraws or puts up a “Great Wall of China”.

Have you ever walked down the street with a man holding hands enjoying each other when suddenly he gently turned his head as an attractive woman came walking by? You weren’t sure if you were just being paranoid or if he was unconsciously saying he wasn’t interested in you anymore?

The worst part is not knowing what he’s REALLY thinking… and unsure you’d actually want to know.

Men do weird, stupid and immature things in relationships. It can make you feel like awkward “friends” rather than lovers.

Here’s what most women don’t know about what men want, that causes men to lose interest

Men Crave A Goddess Woman

What I’ve learned from talking with hundreds of guys is that men make an unconscious decision to close off from women who send them subtle “wrong” signals in their attitude, body language and energy.

Men always unconsciously look at these signals and when they see them in a woman, they will shut down from her and “shop” for other women, turn emotionally cold and even emotionally violent and controlling.

Chances are if he’s “hot and cold”, then he doesn’t see you as a goddess, and if you don’t start sending men the RIGHT signals, he never will.

Here’s what I mean.

1. A “Wrong Signal” That Turns A Man Off Instantly

A “wrong” signal is when a man says to a woman “That girl over there is hot” and our friend the woman says “You think she’s prettier than me? You don’t find me attractive anymore do you. I hate you…”

What does this do to a man?

When a woman says this, she sends a clear message to him that she’s not “girlfriend material”.

To a man, girlfriend material is things like femininity, confidence and “yin” energy.

When a woman reacts this way, she demonstrates loud and clear that she is insecure, needy, afraid and isn’t feminine… which causes a man to lose that “special feeling” for her.

2. A “RIGHT” Signal That Turns A Man On Instantly

When a man says “That girl over there is hot” and the woman says “Yeah she is kind of cute”, this tells a man “I’m confident, I’m feminine, I’m attractive, I’m a freakin’ goddess”.

The energy behind it is calm, GODDESS energy.

While this doesn’t make “logical” sense, men are insatiably attracted to what I call “goddess” energy.

When you do this the right way (and it’s easy), you cause him to RESPECT you because now he feels twice as comfortable with you.

The problem is not only do most women not know why men act the way they do, but they have no clue that what they’re doing provokes it…and mistakenly think it’s all his fault.

Have you ever wondered why do men do stupid, careless things?

The reason is he doesn’t feel that special connection and desire to be romantic with you anymore even though he wants to subconsciously, and he doesn’t know how to bring it back… or even think it’s possible.

If a man felt that special feeling for you, he wouldn’t think twice about being the man of your dreams.

The good news is most men want a special connection with one woman and men are actually EASY to turn around at any time.

When a man starts sees you as a goddess, you trigger his gut biological and mental processes to start seeing you as “the one”.


A goddess woman says all the right things to what makes a man want a relationship in his psychology, and she is RARE, and it’s a damn shame. Sadly most men look for that one special woman and never find her.

Without knowing it you may be inadvertently leading him to lose attraction, interest and love for you even though he may want things to work with you and is waiting for the day that it does.

All you want is a great thing with a great guy, and an intelligent woman like yourself DESERVES that.

But, if you keep sending him the wrong signals, he will eventually slam the door on you for good.

I’ve seen it happen to one too many unsuspecting women.

When you send a man the right signals, you keep him PEAKED in desire for you all the time….and the best part is it’s not hard.

So what causes men to invest his WHOLE HEART into a one woman and withdraw from others?

The Secret To Grabbing YOUR Love Life By The Balls And Becoming A “Relationship Goddess”

In the past few years of helping women from all over the world get success with men, I’ve noticed a pattern that even happens to good-hearted women.

They self-sabotage when faced with a man problem and inadvertently make things twice as difficult on themselves.

I realized this: women who are successful with men rarely share their true secrets with women who don’t have the success they want.

Have you ever seen that girl who has men pining over her day and night…her phone seems to ring off the hook with great guys wanting to date her?

Not only does she have men wanting her but at the amount she wants.

It seems like she was born with psychic powers.

The thing is it’s no accident, and she wasn’t born that way either.

She does, says and thinks things that most women don’t.

The problem is, no one’s ever told you which step to take first to make that happen in your life and it’s agonizing feeling like you’ll never get it.

The second big discovery I had was a woman’s looks are not important to getting men interested.

This was trippy for me to learn as a MAN.

But everywhere I looked, I started seeing average looking women in relationships with attractive men. And I even noticed in in my own life!

What were these women doing (other than voodoo)?

After years uncovering the truth of relationships from in depth study of psychology, biology, sociology, sexuality, spirituality, shamanism…and hanging out with relationship experts from Los Angeles, Montreal, Australia and the U.K., I figured it out almost by accident.

The answer is so elusive yet so obvious.

A woman has far more success with men if she actually knows how to interact with men.

If you’re finally ready to take charge of your love life and get your man madly in love with you, inspire steamy sexual chemistry long into a relationship, take that chemistry up to the heart, create an unbreakable bond…and start looking forward to the future instead of dreading it…

I’ve just finished a brand new book designed for any woman to become a “goddess” with men in a relationships who gets love, attention and admiration effortlessly…and never worries about men pulling away or leaving.

My new book is called “Relationship Goddess”.

This is an “eBook”, which means you can download it to your computer and be reading it within seconds. (Any computer windows or mac is compatible).

This book is more like an experimental “Jimi Hendrix Experience” – just flow, fun and a way to do things with men that is proven to work by many successes from women with the same root problems with men as yourself.

It’s a method that’s guaranteed to work by the laws of nature and was derived from the experience of masters of relationships and love…it’s no crap-fest written by some 83 year old TV doctor.

Experience has taught me that if you want to heal your love life, the most sensitive situation there is, you need something of incredible value…even something second rate will leave you stranded…and that’s why I wrote this book.

We’ve been through crazy successes from women who used Relationship Goddess, but now I thought it’d be cool to show you what a few guys had to say about it, so here’s what they had to say unedited.

“Brandon, first I just had to say that I’m a guy and I found out that my girlfriend was using your relationship goddess book with me. When she told me, I have to admit that at first I was a little angry at you, but I looked at your book and saw that it was actually very intelligent information. To give you some background, I was actually thinking about breaking it off with suzie. I felt kindof like i ;was being tied down and I honestly wanted to sew my wild seed see my options. to make a long story short, i don’t any desire to do that anymore, and it’s because of your heart consciousness lessons. Very interesting stuff. it’s really a great book and i think every woman out there needs to read this book you have here. Because was getting tired of being unattracted to women, not that i’m gay or anything. Anyway, i guess thank you a bunch for giving me an attractive girlfriend back.

take care,”

George from Cincinnati, Ohio

“Being a man who found out later that my girlfriend had been using the tips in your book, I’m almost baffled that this stuff worked so well on me! I feel kind of used, in the good way! But what I really have to tell you Brandon that I appreciate is that you didn’t give my girlfriend jedi mind tricks to trick me into staying with her. You actually showed her how to be a great woman I want to spend a lot of my time with again, and for I have to sincerely thank you.

Thanks again man,”

Tim from Sacramento CA, U.S.A.

“As a man, while reading the ebook, it helped me clarify the kinds of qualities and behaviors I want to look for in women. Just reading about the feminine qualities a balanced woman has made me feel more masculine and polarized. Definitively a top 5 must reads for all future girlfriends of mine.”

Johnny from Los Angeles CA, U.S.A.

“Relationship goddess is about transcending ego-centric relationships, and moving onto more heart-centered attraction models. Unlike the previous relationship approaches which tried to be logical and intellectualize attraction, relationship goddess offers a more realistic approach for women’s relationships with men. And maybe a little bit for the guys too.”

Rick from Miami FL, U.S.A.

“The guy at Yintegrity understand the ONLY way to go about relationships and life in general: truth and honesty, starting with yourself. For both women and men, problems finally dissolve and life becomes this amazingly fun and abundant journey it’s meant to be.”

Daniel from San Francisco CA, U.S.A.

“Even though I have not read the ebook I am an avid reader of the newsletters. The newsletters are platinum so I feel with 1000000% sincerity that the e-book is quadruple platinum. The material should be taught to every woman on the planet… If you want to be part of the next wave of Human Conscientious then Yintegrity is for you. Rise above mediocrity and achieve greatness………. spiritual greatness.”

Ronald from Nottingham, England

“After my girlfriend read through your ebook, I really realised how most women are really being these days. In fact on some levels it really upsets me, and on other levels the ebook really helped me to connect with women on a level I had never known before. As a scientist I had tried to reason with everything in a logical way, as that was the only way I really new and believed in. But through this ebook I jumped to another level, I realised that logic was only half of what I had to learn. I was missing the other half, but at the time I didn’t know this. After this realisation, I was able to connect on a whole different level to what I had previously felt possible. If I had been taught this before at school I would have saved a lot of heartache. Thank you for being such a generous and considerate being.

You Rock!”

Sam from Northampton, England

Who would have thought…men actually thanking me for teaching their girlfriends how to be goddesses.

Pretty cool huh?

Now, we haven’t gone through exactly what we’re talking about in Relationship Goddess, so now I’d like to take you through…

Just A Few Secrets You’re Going to Discover In Relationship Goddess…
  • The ultimate “quick” method to avoiding fights and drama by getting a guy to WANT to open up to you effortlessly – “The Manhandling Formula” – that women successful with men use every time to get a guy to be intimate anytime, anywhere. (Not only does it open him up instantly but also gets him turned on for reaching inside to his core). Pg. 222
  • How get a man in love with you effortlessly in a way that makes him want you even more just for being YOU without changing a thing.
  • How to easily make a deep connection between yours and his heart without risking your heart in a way that he’ll thank you for doing it. Pg. 22
  • A tricked learned from bisexual women that guarantees any woman who uses it to become attractive to a boyfriend even LONG into a relationship.
  • How to securely fall in love fearlesslywithout worrying about being blinded by love or getting taken advantage of.
  • The speedy way to get him “in love” with you more deeply and than any woman he’s ever known and have him see you as the woman of his dreams and want to make you happy and be a man for. Pg. 32
  • How to effortlessly change a man into the man of your dreams with one simple change in your relationship (this is so powerful that it works on even the most macho, stubborn men).
  • How to quickly get an inside look at your boyfriend’s mind to know how he thinks to easily make him happy with you and want to start doing nice things for you that he would do for Angelina Jolie.
  • How to instantly cause a man to open up and be vulnerable only with you without having to be “smoking hot”.
  • How to get a man to act the way he acts towards a beautiful woman with YOU without having to be physically attractive.
  • How to get an insider’s look at what he REALLY thinks about and how to start seeing him thinking about YOU more.
  • How to get him almost feverishly obsessing over YOU and on his mind constantly with one simple tactic.
  • How you can have him see it in his own best interest to put YOU as a priority in his top three priorities in life easily. Pg. 122
  • How to easily engage his primal instincts to get him naturally, sexually attracted to you not only in the moment, but even for the long-term (hint: it doesn’t involve physical beauty or “physical attraction”). Pg. 81
  • Exactly what you are doing to make him see you as “not the one” and what you can do to STOP this and get him seeing you as a godsend. Pg. 110
  • How to get a man to appreciate your presence on even the smallest levels without even forcing him to.
  • A man’s deepest, darkest desires EXPOSED and how to use them to get an almost unfair advantage in getting him “love sick” and getting his complete and undivided attention on you. Pg. 138
  • How to find out if he is or has cheated on you and what you can do to immediately seal the leak, handle the pain and how to continue the relationship the RIGHT way so that you’ll never get taken advantaged of again (even by “macho jerk” types). Pg. 215
  • What to do if YOU have cheated on him and how to handle this situation the RIGHT way so that you keep the relationship and he actually THANKS you for coming clean. Pg. 220
  • What to do if you have created a web of lies you’re afraid of getting found out about and how to release the burden of the lies and save your relationship.
  • How to once and for all END his “commitmentphobia” with one simple sentence. Use this technique and he’ll NEVER worry about you “clinging” or getting needy even if you are and you’ll never worry about him leaving. (He’ll stay for as long as you want and crack open the door to getting HIM to make the decision to commit for good). Pg. 194
  • Exactly how to get control of your out of control emotions using ancient Yoga techniques that bring emotional harmony with a man in a relationship.
  • How to cause a man to put his emotions on the line for you… and how to do it in a way that avoids fear or hurt feelings. (If you do this correctly you’ll never be more happy in a relationship and bring happiness to your man). Pg. 186
  • How to get a man more emotionally competent and getting you to be emotional in all the RIGHT ways.
  • “The Secret Relationship Weapon” – know and apply it and you’ll never have conflict, drama or fights with a man ever again. You’ll inspire him to be a better man and have happiness in the relationship as a constant. Pg. 194
  • How, why and when men cheat and what you can to not only stop a man from ever cheating on you but even stop him from even thinking about looking at other women. Pg. 217
  • Why men are emotionally cold and numb and how to immediately change the emotional climate in an emotionally blocked man to good sensitivity towards YOU and your feelings. Pg. 148
  • How to make get an emotionally sensitive man to “man up” and be more positive, powerful and your dream man.
  • How to balance your sexual energy and become one of the most attractive women he’s ever known and wants to direct all of his sexual energy to and stop giving it to other women (and you don’t have to be physically beautiful to do it either) Pg. 34
  • Why you worry about your love life and exactly what you can do to end all worry concerning your life life by applying this section. Pg. 55.
  • “Section II: Man-Handling This section we go into the ins and out of exactly what a man thinks, why he thinks it and how you can apply it to your relationship.” Pg. 121
  • The “3 phases” every relationship goes through from pain to bliss. Where are you?And how to get to easily move to where you want to be and never worry about “dragging” him along. He’ll want to go with you. Pg. 173
  • And much, much, much, much, MUCH more…

Here’s a question I get a lot:

“This All Sounds Good Brandon, But Is This Really For Me And My Personal Situation?”

And you’d be right to ask, because Relationship Goddess isn’t for everybody.

If you have a man who’s in love with you long into a relationship without resistance and you don’t worry about him leaving, this eBook isn’t for you.

If you never get emotional, jealous, angry, or worried over man situations…and you’re sex life is right where you want it, then this eBook isn’t for you.

If you make good decisions in stressful situations like arguments that result in your boyfriend becoming more attracted to you, then this eBook isn’t for you.

On the other hand, there are certain chronic issues that plague most women’s experiences in relationship that just don’t “go away”.

Read through the list below and if you’ve experienced one of these situations, I highly recommend Relationship Goddess for you.

However, if you read through and start tallying up more, you NEED to soak up every page of this book immediately:

  • If you’re frustrated that he never listens to you when you tell him how you feel, and he gets even more distant from you afterward.
  • If you’ve ever been with a man who turned emotionally cold on you… no matter what you tried he didn’t warm back up… and you got frustrated, confused and didn’t know what to do.
  • If you go through “hot and cold” spells with men and can’t get him stable with you…or have him saying “it’s us against the world”.
  • If your emotions dominate you until it’s too late and cause you to do things that lead men to lose respect, love and affection for you.
  • If you find that men are initially attracted to you and find it easy to get into relationships, but in the relationship men give you less and less of their time, affection, and energy.
  • If you feel great when getting to know a man and building a connection, but when in a relationship your negative emotions like jealousy, anger and fear take you over and damage things.
  • If men are attracted to you and enjoy you sexually but are reluctant to commit and often leave before you have a chance at a lasting and deep heart-connected connection.
  • If you feel frustrated with a man because you can’t make things more intimate and real.
  • If you’re in a relationship that has become more painful than pleasurable and you’re confused about what is happening and fear losing it at anytime.
  • If things look bad and you’re scared that things will end badly and you’ll end up heartbroken, alone and will never end up with a great guy.

The point is I don’t need to tell you whether or not you need Relationship Goddess. If you need it then you know you it.

There’s a good chance that the one thing you need most is inside this book, and I want to make sure you have it available, because you must…

Become A Relationship Goddess To Make Him LOVE You

If you’re what I call a “relationship goddess” with a man, he has no choice but to love you.

It might sound unrealistic, but you’ve seen the evidence yourself.

Once you understand men and what causes them to fall in love, you stop having all of those problems.

Look, men and women have known each other for maybe millions of years and STILL can’t get along… weird isn’t it?

Now is your opportunity to change ALL of that regardless of where your man is at emotionally and what “issues” he has.

I’ve spent years scouring the globe for the answers, coaching thousands of women including celebrities, and I’ve put everything I’ve found that works and packed it into this book. You’re could be just minutes away from learning these powerful secrets and having the ability to make men give you non-stop affection, commitment, love and attention.

After reading my eBook, I guarantee you’ll never again worry about your man leaving you, falling out of love, shutting down, getting upset or angry at you, or ending up alone.

This information is the most powerful material I personally have ever come across on bringing a man to love you and getting him to be a great boyfriend… I say this because I deeply care about your success in your love life.

I’m extremely excited to “bare all” and see you finally get the attention, love, affection and respect from your man that you DESERVE.

Closing Thoughts

I have a silly, but very real question to ask you.

What would you give right now to wake up tomorrow morning to breakfast in bed, a note on your pillow with instructions for you for a treasure hunt during the day ended at sunset with a beautiful candle lit dinner, wine and loving glances, with your man in love with you?

Well, the fact is you couldn’t put a price on that… well, maybe a valuable organ… like a kidney.

What if he would simply look into your eyes and say “I love you” just one more time and REALLY mean it from the bottom of his heart without ANY BS and be willing to do whatever it takes to begin to heal things with you?

Would $1,000 be worth it just to see your man start to be your dream man?

Hell YEAH.

I know that when you look back at this time in your life and you decided to empower yourself, not only are you not going believe how easy it was, but you’re going to feel proud of yourself for making it happen.

And of course it won’t cost you $10,000, $1,000 or even $100.

Potentially $500 blown on a new outfit and a night of drinks to just forget the pain of losing him for a night of losing yourself, OR…

Are you going to invest in yourself to become a Relationship Goddess and get the validation from HIM?

When you know how to speak the language of a man’s heart to have him take off his armor, he’ll never avoid looking into your eyes deeply and saying “I love you”.

I’ve priced this eBook package in the past for $49.97, and I’ve had many happy customers. But now, because I want you to be able to truly benefit from the information in this book, I’ve priced this eBook package at just $22.97.

You’ll Also Get These Three FREE Bonuses Just For Trying My eBook…

In this bonus eBooklet “Secrets Of Commitment: Turning His Resistance Into Burning Desire To Commit His Heart To You And ONLY You”, I show you exactly why men avoid commitment, what specific words most women use around the subject that send a man packing and what words to substitute to get him liking the idea (hint: one of those words is in the title of this eBooklet!), how to “reframe” his mind to actually start enjoying the idea of committing long-term with you, and the “magic formula” to get him begging to commit his heart to you and stay with you for good, the way he would if you were Angelina Jolie.

In this next bonus “The 4 Personality Types Your Man Finds Naturally Attractive” I take you through the different personality types that your man finds NATURALLY and magnetically attractive by the laws of nature, and how to develop your own natural personality to become insatiably desirable and attractive to your man on a biological, psychological, emotional and spiritual level. I also share with you why you attract the type of men that you do, and how you can become irresistible to the man you most desire… which eventually even helping to transform your current boyfriend’s personality into your “dream man”: listening to you, caring for you and adapting a “us against the whole world” attitude.

FREE Unlimited Access To Customers ONLY Support Community

The one thing that my successful students have that women who struggle with men don’t (and it’s no surprise to me) is having a group of positive, motivated, like-minded people surrounding you who will push you to the next level.

My marketing friends say a membership like this should be charged at least $29.97 a month.

That’s $359.64 a year, and it would be well worth it.

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These bonuses are a $86.00+ value alone, but I’m giving this all to you FREE in this package, because I want you to have a full spectrum of education in men, attraction, love, relationships, intimacy, heart-connection, communication and sexuality that no woman has ever had the opportunity to have.

Here’s What To Do Next…


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Download the eBook and bonus materials to your hard-drive and make sure you back it up on to a disc.

For the next week, start by reading the main material for a half hour a day from front to back and when you have finished the eBook, spend particular time on the sections that really stick out at you as most important.

Don’t try too hard to understand it, just relax and let the material soak into your brain. The material is designed to work for you, so by the end of the week your boyfriend will be more loving, affection, attentive and will want to be a man for you.

You’re transaction is completely secure.

It only takes a minute and then you will be deep into the secrets of being a goddess with men in relationships.

Try “Relationship Goddess” FREE For 7 Days

The information contained in this book will change your love life in ways you can’t imagine yet.

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I want you to take action, that’s why I’ve gone ahead and made this a RISK-FREE offer for you to try for a whole seven days at MY risk.

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I couldn’t possibly make it more easy or low risk for you to try this book, and I’ve done that because I’m 100% confident that everything in this book works, and I’ve seen with my own eyes work in every circumstances and it will work for YOU too.

And hey, I’m not against you looking for results another way, I support you any way you take.

But I have searched for the answers, and I know that you won’t find a more complete, compact and easy to use “relationship how-to manual” than this.

You are going to see the results in your relationship.

There might just be ONE missing piece inside that will change your love life, and I want you to make damn sure you have it at your disposal, so I’m going to let you read it free for seven days.

My number one priority is in getting you the very best success in love and your relationships.

Click this button to download “Relationship Goddess” for a 7 day free trial:

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You’re going to wake up next him in the morning and have him cuddling with you all morning long and actually feel happy waking up.

He’s going to support and respect you and back you up when you’re insecure and and feel low…he will want to face off against the world together.

You’re going to feel his love and deep intimacy, something most women will never be fortunate enough to experience.

OR he could leave you for another woman who CAN make it happen while you end up alone feeling hopeless that you’ll ever find a great thing.

The choice is yours.

What kind of power do you want with men, not just being pushed and pulled by circumstances?

What’s your ideal man if you could simply choose him, like choosing a color for your boudoir?

Do you want him to look at you with that undeniable glimmer in his eye?

Take care of you like you are his to protect?

Will you feel like the woman who deserves it? Will he feel fortunate to have you?

Just click here to get your “Relationship Goddess” 7-day free trial (no brainer).

You’ll thank yourself later. :-)

With love and honor,







P.S. Don’t let your relationships fail and let your man fall out of love with you. I guarantee you’ll have him telling you from the bottom of his heart how much you mean to him and you won’t end up completely alone. This eBook will show you the way to getting that deep emotional connection with a man you’ve always wanted but didn’t know how to get. I say that with 100% integrity.

More Unedited Quotes From Readers…

The only reason for this email is to say thank you thank you thank you thank you!! My boyfriend and I have been going downhill for 7 months. He just continued to pull his love and attention away from me while are connection was continually degrading. That’s about the time I started looking for help. Unlike a lot of the other relationships I’ve been in, I really wanted this one to last and I didn’t want to give up. That’s when I found your book, and I have to say, there is nobody else out there who gets it like you do. I didn’t even get myself the way you were getting me! hahaha!! Anyway to make a long story short your book helped me to understand him and myself, which turned out to be most important for us. After that it was just a matter of putting the puzzle pieces together (as you say), and now just a few weeks later we have never been more in love and connected!

Thank you so much Brandon, you truly are amazing at what you do.”

Catherine from New York, NY, U.S.A.

“Brandon, from the moment I began reading relationship goddess, I knew I had found something like nothing else I’ve seen before.. The way you describe men in the manhandling section, i’ve never heard the mysteries of why guys act like guys made so clearly before and why they act the way they do. You finally decoded the mystery for me!

I know that after reading it, I knew exactly how to get my man to be better boyfriend and not to be so disconnected with me, like we’re not even together! You asked me how he’s acting since I purchased your e-book a week ago, and I’m happy to report that we’re really in love with each other! You’ll be happy to know he’s more intimate, caring and affection with me like I’m his little doll. Sometimes he does gets a little upset at me, but Brandon if you saw the way things were before, you would surely think ia miracle has happened (but then again you probably see it all the time).

Anyway I don’t want to waste too much of your time, so from my heart to yours thank you.

Cindy from Melbourne, Australia

Brandon, I just want to say that i got you’re book because my boyfriend (now my ex) had left me. I had no idea what I was going to do, and I honestly felt like I was going to die from pain. I hope you know what I mean.

Luckily (thank god) I found you. I can’t tell me how much you and you’re products have saved my life. They have given me a new focus, and really what you’re book did was helped me to become a better and desirable woman.

Now you’ll be pleased to know that I have two men on my plate who are fighting over me to sweep me off my feet (who are much better than mr. ex) and I have to tell you Brandon that I haven’t felt this happy in a long time, and it’s all thanks to you (and me).

I just want to say thank you so much Brandon because you’ve given me another chance at life. :-) With all the love, respect and loyalty in the world.


Hannah from Anchorage AL, U.S.A.

“Yintegrity gave me a REAL imagination and a VIVID picture of how my role as a woman should be. Getting into this concept felt like coming home from a looong, dismal and abstruse journey.

After years of struggle, entire bathtubs full of tears, desperation, depression, feelings and thoughts of insecurity, of being misunderstood and not belonging anywhere, I decided to finally take matters into my own hands instead of accusing others for my sorrows. Had I only known before that a woman’s life is designed to be soft, kind, playful and flowing… From learning about the yin and yang principle I learned about ME, understanding, forgiving and loving me as I am.

I bet you know situations when you were confronted with something about yourself and it felt damn uncomfortable. I used to yell “Noooo, you’re wrong! It’s not like that with me!!“ Haha – in 99.9% I was facing an inevitable truth about myself.

And shall I tell you what has changed since Yintegrity? I am grateful for the chance to become a better woman and say ‘Thank you’.”

Maja from Berlin, Germany

“Before Yintegrity, I was one of those people who thought that playing jealousy games and lying to your significant other are the only ways to mantain a relationship, thus it was no surprise that I’ve rarely had fulfilling relationships. When I got the eBook, I realised that it had a lot to do with me learning all the wrong things and not loving myself enough so I had a mindset overhaul and now my relationships are loads better and I feel great! Thanks Brandon!”

Allie from Houston TX, U.S.A.

“This eBook has opened my eyes on so many levels. Afterwards I allowed myself to love me so much more. I had so much self-esteem afterwards that instead of sleeping I was lying in my bed shaking and giggling and jumping around for about two hours…I’m NOT Kidding. If you want to get rid of the self-doubts all the time then go and get this eBook.
Thank you Brandon! I appreciate it so much!”

-Denise from New York City NY, U.S.A.

Hi Brandon,

Many many thanks for this ebook. I am going to take on board everything you have suggested and put your ideas into action. To be honest, I had no idea if this e book was going work for me, but after just reading your e book a couple of times I felt a sense of calm that I’ve not had in over a year. This book is going to make the road much easier.

Rachel from Fullham, England

“I have met Brandon… and I vouch, they seem ridiculously happy….I love this stuff! Though I am a guy, my thing is I tell every girl I am interested in about Yintegrity with the hopes that girl will be willing to sit down, talk about Yin-Yang philosophy. Ultimately, its my goal to find a girl who can dig Yintegrity philosophy and talk maturely about it. I tell all my guy friends to do this too. Having a girl willing to A) actually read a book on my suggestion and B) get into it and discuss it thoroughly is a great sign for me as a guy.

The book itself goes into details and the introduction is extremely eloquently written, and the rest of the book is a huge trip for me… Very interesting read and I know it’s true…”

– Eric from Orange CA, U.S.A.

“Hey Brandon,GREAT JOB! The book is fantastic, you are amazing!! Seriously, it’s really, really good, and I have read A LOT of books on relationships – this is seriously one of the most profound and helpful I have read.Again, it is EXCELLENT. And huge kudos for a such evolved YOUNG people. You give me (and many, many others!) hope!! My very best wishes… and here’s to better relationships.(Virtually jumps up and down with excitement!)
Love and hugs,”

Ginny from Frankfurt, Germany

“Thanks a million! I am sooo soooo sooooooo in love with yintegrity! Where has this info been all my life? Seriously! You are brilliant. I only wish all women could know about this.Thanks also for the prompt reply and checking up on the status of my order. I really appreciate it. The professionalism and the way yall conduct business is just great. I wish you all nothing but success, love, prosperity, joy and peace.

Take Care,”

Dewan :) from Texas, U.S.A.

“Hi Brandon,It was one of the most amazing things I have ever read. I’m going to definitely ask my partner to read it as we both have big trust issues and get into huge fights about petty things thank you so much.”

Cathy from Minneapolis MI, U.S.A.


Thanks a lot!

What a nice present will that be for my girlfriend tonight ;-)”

Jerry from Holland, Netherlands

“Hey Brandon,

I really enjoyed reading your book. Reading it gave me an overwhelming sense of excitement and optimism.

You rock!”

Peggy from London, England

“Hi Brandon,

Thanks again for your book… What I like about it is that while being funny, you don’t talk to your readers like they’re losers. YoSu don’t say things to women such as “are you tired of getting dumped/ disrespected.” That’s insulting. I bought the book because I want to advance my knowledge, not because I’m sitting on my bed crying because last week’s one night stand never called me back, and I was too drunk to realize that he never even took my number in the first place!!!

Best of luck,”

Marjorie from Atlanta GA, U.S.A.

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