12 Things A Woman Does That Men Find Irresistible

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What makes a man feel a woman is psychologically and emotionally irresistible?

Why do so many of today women experience men suddenly becoming disinterested, pulling away or shutting down… and what can you do about it?

After nearly 10 years of coaching women from around the world, from housewives to surgeons and even celebrities and years of research into relationship dynamics between men and women, I’ve discovered secrets about male psychology, which I’ve found most “experts” don’t talk about… that cause that special “spark” to make men feel irresistibly attracted to a woman.

Thing is, being “irresistible” is not what most women think it is: being young, beautiful or being a strong “bitch”  who doesn’t take shit from anyone.

Being irresistible has to do with what ongoing emotional experience you are giving a man.

If you’ve been having trouble keeping men interested, you’re either doing something that takes away from that emotional experience or not doing something to create enough of a positive emotional experience.

It’s important that you learn how to be irresistible to men in today’s competitive dating world.

Being in the top 5% of women will change everything in your love life and make things effortless.

Unless you understand how to become IRRESISTIBLE to a man, you’ll likely deal with him losing interest, falling out of love or avoiding commitment.

What Men Find Irresistible Secret #12:
Stop Being Overly-Sensitive & Dramatic

What I’ve found after observing thousands of women interact with men is that when men do stupid things like act unthoughtful or not give attention, many women become obsessed over if things are “okay”, hurt, and overly-emotional.

Many women become upset and tense in reaction to men being unthoughtful.

Now, men sometimes do hurtful and brainless things, and your freedom to feel what you’re feeling.

The problem is, allowing your emotions to control your actions with a man can seriously hurt his level of trust, respect and emotional attraction for you.

Worry and upset feelings don’t spark irresistible desire. Unfortunately, if you don’t handle these feelings properly they will eventually make him lose attraction for you even if he’s in the wrong.

In the world of attraction, “right and wrong” don’t matter. What matters is are your actions sparking an emotional connection in his subconscious mind?

When a man does hurtful things like act unaffectionate or distant, most women tend to lose that light-hearted spark they originally brought to the table.

From there, most women either try to logically “convince” men to feel love, try to change his behaviors by manipulating his feelings or become passive aggressive and “give him a taste of his own medicine”.

The reason why this never works is because most men don’t initially realize when they have hurt you! Men are pretty dense about female emotions and pull away slowly after this scenario happens a few times because they don’t get what is happening.

Men simply see a complicated woman who they have no idea how to deal with.

So what creates emotional attraction in a man?

Well, if I gave away my best secrets they wouldn’t be very valuable, right?

But, here’s a tip.

Men universally crave women who stay light-hearted and relaxed… ESPECIALLY when things get rough. Unfortunately this is very rare for a man to find, and it’s equally difficult for women to learn how to do this if they have a history getting overly-emotional.

But humor and light-heartdeness is like a BILLBOARD mounted to a woman’s forehead that says “I’m the one!”

Men feel this on a subconscious gut level.

If you become worried or upset and react emotionally because of it, unfortunately your man will eventually lose attraction and pull away… like I said, even if you’re “right”.

If you lead with a sense of humor when things are not going well, it can instantly turn your love life around and spark emotional attraction again.

You need to take action and learn how to reverse this and become irresistible to him before things gets worse.

What Men Find Irresistible Secret #11:
Be “Youthful”, Not Hardened & Manly

Most women believe that attraction is based on a woman’s body: weight, breast size, bone structure etc.

While this does plays a role in attraction, there is much more to be understood about WHY men experience attraction for some women and not for others.

Here’s a tip about male psychology that most women will never understand.

Men universally desire youthfulness in a woman.

What exactly does “youthfulness” mean?

Youthfulness is an attitude. It consists of things like innocence and childlike energy, and this is something that stimulates men on a subconscious level.

Here’s why this is extremely important to understand.

Most women become burnt out from their obligations to school, work, family etc. and most importantly their bad past experiences with men.

I get it. It’s TOUGH for woman in today’s dating world.

The problem is, focusing on the past won’t make a man feel emotional attraction for you NOW.

This is difficult for many women to grasp because women have been repeatedly taught that attraction comes down to breast size and how thin you are…

From the many, many women I’ve coached over the years, I’ve proven that attraction has MOSTLY to do with “inner energy”.

And that’s good news because that means you have the power to change a man’s level of desire for you.

Men subconsciously sense when a woman is fresh and has kept herself separate from the negativity of other’s opinions and when a woman has allowed herself to become burnt out, burdened with obligations and has lost touch with the little girl within.

A child playing on the playground hasn’t been burdened by the world’s “adulthood” and “responsibilities” yet.

All she cares about is PLAYING… in the sand, swinging on the swings and having fun. She is fresh, she doesn’t hold onto the past and isn’t worried about the future.

It’s one thing be responsible and another to allow it to define you.

I’m always amazed when I see 18-year-old girls who seem like they’re 48, and then when I see 48-year-old women who feel 18.

It’s a matter of learning what type of “energy” men emotionally respond to in a woman.

What Men Find Irresistible Secret #10:
Add Grace To Your Body Language

Behavioral psychologists say that body language makes up for 55% of all communication in relationships… vocal tonality comes in second with 38%.

And the actual words we use to talk? A whopping 7%.

Pay close attention… words are only 7% of ALL communication.

That means that 93% of the signals we give and receive are based on body language and vocal tonality.

Most women start out asking me “what do I SAY to him to make him want me?”.

But if you focus on only 7% of communication, you’re missing 93% of the puzzle!

I don’t have time right now to get too deep into this, but here’s the “magic formula” for body language that subconsciously tell all men that you’re irresistible and you know it.

Hips loose and pushed a bit forward, arch in the lower back allowing weight to release off your upper-back, shoulders and upper back relaxed back, chest present, chin up, standing straight up.

A smile tells a man on a gut level that you’re receptive and no smile says you’re “untouchable”.

You may have mixed feelings towards her (and I’m not her biggest fan either), but Paris Hilton has great body language.

When you learn how to have powerful body language, it’s as close to “magic” as it gets to seeing men respond INSTANTLY with attraction.

What Men Find Irresistible Secret #9:
Stop Emotional Volatility

When men do things like become distant, not call or text back or anything else hurtful, most women allow their negative emotions to build up and inadvertently explode them on the guy.

While you and I know that you don’t mean to do this, something as simple as this can make a man start to lose trust, respect and attraction. This is where you’ll see men start to pull away, become angry or leave.

Most women don’t understand that becoming emotional freaks most men out and causes them to close down out of fear.

Most women TRY to “control” their emotions, but their emotions always come out sooner or later, whether directly through crying or anger, or indirectly through aloofness or other games.

Expressing positive emotions in the right way has the power to get a man literally addicted to you.

It just takes a meaningful readjustment of the way you’ve always approached men and relationships.

What Men Find Irresistible Secret #8:
Stop Being Impatient

Let’s face it, most women today have a borderline A.D.D. situation going on…

But seriously, A.D.D. can be cute to some guys at first (I find it hilarious and love to make light-hearted fun of women like this) but impatience can slowly turn into unnecessary frustration and emotional aggression when things don’t happen fast enough.

What I’m talking about is relaxing more and being more open to going with the flow of your relationship with him. This is the same attitude that rockstars have, and rockstars, whether male or female, are some of the most irresistible people on the planet.

Why is patience so valuable to become irresistible to men? The simple reason is it’s RARE and sub-communicates confidence and desirability.

Here’s a clue about men that most women will never understand.

Men are purpose and goal-oriented… Men value the vision they want to create in life above all else. It could be that he wants to start a family, travel the world, build a business… it could be anything.

The point is when a man meets a woman, he secretly hopes that she will relax with his path. If she does he will literally feel that she completes him.

It’s just a matter of knowing how to communicate this to him.

What Men Find Irresistible Secret #7: 
Don’t Look Like A Slob

While I talk a lot about “inner” game, it is expecting too much to think men will chase down Jabba the Hutt because of its “personality”.

Beauty, healthy hair, good-looking skin, well-done makeup, healthy weight; these are the more superficial things men adore.

Most men are not looking for a super model. They just want you to care about your presentation.

Now where most women get tripped up is believing that external beauty is everything… it is not.

Look, I’ve coached supermodels who have trouble with men.

Let me ask you something. Have you ever thought about… what is beauty?

It’s a question I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about, and I’ve come to an interesting and useful theory.

Physical beauty is the OUTWARD expression of the energy of femininity, which men are attracted to like NOTHING else (we’ll talk about this more later on). This is why beauty is so powerful to men.

But it’s not healthy to get fixated on looks, else you become an insecure ROLLERCOASTER seeking approval from men. When you’re chasing after his validation, you can’t be irresistible.

Here’s what I believe is needed ===> Balance, balance, balance.

Put some weight onto the other leg of INNER beauty. The fact is inner is just as important as outer.

There is a way to becoming internally beautiful to men in a way that makes men RESPOND like crazy.

What Men Find Irresistible Secret #6: 
Be “Here Now” Not Then There

You are intelligent, I already know this simply because you’re here looking for the answers to your tough love life challenges, which is an intelligent thing to do, and it’s rare.

Where many smart women get tripped up is thinking too much about all of the bad stuff that’s happened past or obsessively worrying about the future. If you’re doing this there’s a good chance you’re have trouble with sparking attraction with men.

Well, I don’t necessarily mean book intellect, “street smarts” or being a philosopher.

A woman who is “here now”. She is sharp, responsive, alive, witty and keeps a man on his toes.

A woman who is present, who a man can look into her eyes and see that she is with him right here and now and not thinking about a millions thoughts is catnip to the male mind.

She responds to the moment… and this is an ability that every woman has.

A woman who is in the “now” opens the door to becoming more attractive, desirable and irresistible to a man.

Unfortunately, most men never find this kind of women, so when she does come, well let’s just say, have you ever heard of those stories about guys proposing in the first three months?

There is a way to cultivate this aspect of yourself, and I believe you DO have this inside you… you just have to learn how to release it.

What Men Find Irresistible Secret #5:
Stop Being “Needy” & Get Passionate Instead

Many women fall into the trap of confusing loving someone for being attached and needing that person.

I’ve come to discover that attachment can disguise itself as “love”.

Let me explain..

Loving someone is when you think about the other person’s needs and happiness. Attachment is when you obsess over how YOUR needs are not being fulfilled by this person.

Love is fearless and feels joyful while attachment is fear-based and feels painful.

Most guys can sense neediness, which usually causes them to run the other direction.

I only know this by talking to thousands of guys about this.

But they can also sense a girl who WANTS rather than needs.

What is the difference between want and need?

Need is not being able to live without a man, while want is being secure in yourself but wanting him to be an addition to your life.

A woman who has the self-confidence enough to want, to desire, and not be attached gets the love from any man she wants.

Most women are in fact needy, and it’s not their fault (it has to do with many factors), but it is completely possible to learn to have confidence and security in yourself.

If you deal with neediness on a day-to-day basis and want to learn how to become self-confident and free of fear, anxiety, neediness, self-doubt or jealousy, then check out my emotional balancing tips.

What Men Find Irresistible Secret #4:
Nurture Him

Most men enjoy independence in a woman, but men also secretly like to feel taken care of as well.

To most women this comes naturally. The problem is when a man does something hurtful to a woman, she has a tendency to begin to withhold this quality out of either fear or anger.

An enlightened Indian mystic named Osho once said “a man’s life is a journey to find the happiness he once felt inside the womb of his mother.”

Deep stuff.

But could you imagine what would happen if you were able to make him feel the happiness he once felt in his mother’s womb?

Is it even possible?

There are ways to make him feel this way that I don’t have time to get into now (you can learn more in my products and programs).

But I want to talk about a quality I call “nurturance”.

Nurturance is a basic female instincts that comes down to motherliness.

Most guys do want a tiny bit of mommy in a woman they’re spending their time with.

But because of society, “responsibilities” and the resentment many women feel unconsciously towards men, women end up losing touch with this part of themselves.

If you’re not nurturing to a man, there’s a good chance that he will feel a level of distrust in your ability to fulfill him emotionally.

What Men Find Irresistible Secret #3:
Don’t Be A “Dead Lay”

Sexual repression makes people very… VERY angry and afraid.

Scientists, presidents, poets, hot guys and musicians all agree.

By sexually adventurous I do NOT mean having a foursome at a Hollywood bar bathroom stall.

Sexual adventurousness simply mean creating a RELAXED energy around sex instead of rejecting or fearing it… and never using or withholding it to make a man give you love. That simply won’t make him feel irresistibly in love and attracted to you and may do the opposite.

Many women are sexually frigid and are on some level afraid of sex.

If you are spontaneous sexually, you can cause a man to feel a deep sense that you are different from other girls.

He never knows what’s going to happen next in the bedroom, and what happens in the bedrooms carries into the relationship.

If you’re not adventurous or unpredictable sexually you can cause a man to become bored sexually.

Is it your “job” to fulfill a man sexually?

If you’re in a committed relationship with him and are the vice president of his heart, the answer is “yes”.

Sex is the barometer of a relationship, and what you introduce to it can have a deciding influence on how irresistible your man will find you.

It’s easier than you might think to cultivate this way of being, you just have to know how.

What Men Find Irresistible Secret #2:
Become An Expression Of Love

Love is the most significant word in the English language.

What do I mean about “love” in the context of making men irresistibly attracted and in love with you?

There are two types of people.

One who lives life in fear, and the other who lives life in love.

Most people live in fear. i.e. fear of being left, not being loved, pain, being cheated on, anger, bitterness over the past, worry about the future, and the list goes on.

Believe it or not, living in fear can kill a man’s attraction for you and cause him to pull away.

Men are universally drawn to women who live a life of love, positivity, joy, creativity and keeps worry and fear to a minimum.

Fact is, this type of woman is extremely rare.

Unfortunately most women live in constant fear, worry, self-judgment, guilt and anxiety due to negative experiences in life.

Furthermore, when you base your actions with men off of fear-based  thoughts and emotions, you’re bound to act in a way that predisposes you to lose attraction and love from men.

I can’t stress how important this point is.

Living a life of love and positivity can be learned.

I’m going to share with you a secret that has taken me years to understand.

A woman filled with love in her heart, who sees dance, celebration and music everywhere she goes is one of the most desirable quality a woman can posses with men.

Love is not weakness…. it is PURE POWER.

What Men Find Irresistible Secret #1: 
Have Real Standards That You Stick To

The biggest problem I see where most just fall flat when it comes to being  irresistible to men is lacking integrity. 

Most men want to be a woman who has a set of core, love-centered values and sticks to them 99% of the time.

When a man realizes that you can be swayed from your values, he will feel a lack of trust and respect in you. 

These are two mandatory ingredients to being irresistible to a man.

This could even mean allowing yourself to be “seduced” by a man.

Trust is one of the most important factor to creating an emotional bond.

Now, I’m NOT suggesting you become a “bitch” with men. Being a “bitch” with men will attract more insecure men and repel the confident, attractive ones.

What I’m saying is to have real values, and the most important value is love.

Love is the reason behind everything we do.

Money, power, fame… the desire for love is just underneath all of these things.

Without the backbone of integrity, love will always encounter problems.

Most women never realize why they feel so insecure around guys they’re attracted to. It’s because they never develop a sense of integrity and the feeling of self-power and relaxation that comes with it.

A woman who has real values and sticks up for herself is like a beacon of light to men.

Integrity creates sanity. It’s one of the few things you come into the world with, and its one of the easiest things to take for granted and sell to try to be accepted by others.

This Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

I’ve done my best to condense a lot of very important information into this one article.

There is much more you must understand to make a man feel feel emotional attraction and want to be and stay with you. You must also know what to AVOID that makes men fall out of love, lose attraction, or even leave.

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